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January 25, 2022

Design Themes For 2022 To Pep-Up Your Bedroom

If you’re looking to update your bedroom with new furniture or decor themes, you’d be looking for bedroom decor trends. But don’t get caught up in the cliche, because we’ve put together some awesome tips, trends and themes that no one else will tell you about.

So let’s get you started with redoing your bedroom for this year.

Bring nature inside the bedroom

There are many ways to bring nature inside your bedroom. Of course, the most obvious one is to have plants and pots in the room. But how about we think a bit more creatively?

Not everyone wants live plants inside their bedroom and not everyone can manage to take care of them. And not everyone has a bedroom large enough to turn it into a garden. There are other ways to bring in nature as well as make your room look naturally spacious.

So, here are some other ways to bring the outside, indoors:

  • Got a king size bed in the room? How about you get nature-inspired bedsheets and pillow covers?
  • Think tropical prints, floral patterns, and colors such as greens and blues.
  • If you have a bedside table, keep a small planter with a fresh green plant in it.


Buy this wooden king size bed designed in brown and white. The box storage bed is perfectly functional for those who want to store extra items inside the bed. The contemporary design lends itself well to all modern homes.

Get creative with upholstery

While many people like their bedroom interiors minimal and basic, others like it to be elaborate. An excellent way to enhance decorative bedrooms is through the upholstery on the furniture.

Whether you have a single bed or a double bed, how about you have an upholstered headboard? And when it comes to upholstery, you can get it tailored to your style – plain, textured, patterned, bold bright color or cool pastels.

If you’re looking to add visual interest to your bedroom, get it through upholstery. And not just beds, you can get your lounge chairs upholstered. If you have a bench or an ottoman in the room, or even if you want one wall upholstered, your bedroom is your canvas!

DIY elements

Your bedroom is your personal space. And you can give it an added personal touch with DIY elements. Whether you get a wooden double bed with storage or a metal bed without storage is your personal choice. The real difference is the DIY elements you bring in the room.

Here are some things to try:

  • Paint one wall by yourself with motifs that you like.
  • Commission wall art to an artist of your choice.
  • Look for a wallpaper for the wall against which you place your single bed. Make sure the wallpaper goes well with your bed design.
  • Decide what other furniture you need in the room based on your personal needs – a study table, a bookshelf, etc.


Here’s a bookshelf that can mingle with every bedroom decor. Minimal, simple and functional with multiple shelves to place books, trinkets and decorative pieces, this wooden bookshelf can easily be moved to any part of the room.

Dark color themes

Everyone wants to sleep better. And when it comes to creating an ambience in the bedroom, dark and moody color themes get the highest points. Some ways to create a cozy feel in your bedroom:

  • Think dark wooden double bed with storage, dark colors for bedroom linen, layered curtains with a light and a dark tone.
  • In terms of colors, think grays, browns, blacks, and navy blues.
  • To heighten the darkness, think of thick curtains instead of sheer material.
  • Details such as warm, dull light can create an inviting vibe.

Over to you

We hope we’ve given you some ways to decorate your bedroom with the latest trends. But you don’t have to stick to these – a smart way to go about revamping your bedroom would be to start with the above tips and work around them. To get the furniture you require for your bedroom – a king size bed, bedside tables, lounge chairs – you can explore Nilkamal online furniture store.


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