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February 17, 2022

Furniture Solutions for Small Apartments

We may measure the space of a room from side to side, but our lives within the space are much more than two dimensions. Furnishing this space can be tricky, but there are many inspiring options that work perfectly for smaller spaces! From clever 2 person dining table options to space-saving sofa come bed ideas and wall-mounted shelves, there are so many multifunctional furniture options that are not only smart solutions but will ensure your home looks as beautiful and creative as possible. Therefore, read on and explore these gorgeous additions to a wonderful home!

Planning your home perfectly!

Check out these smart ideas based on where you want to focus your furnishing in your home.

1. Building a gorgeous living room!

Your living room is one of the most entertaining places in your home, no matter how small or big it is. These chic living room ideas can perfectly suit any small area!

  • Sofas or Loveseats

It is best to choose a sofa or a loveseat with lower and thinner arms and a low back for smaller living rooms. This slim profile can make your furniture look lighter and spacious. Getting 2 seater sofas would provide a more spacious feel because of the open space underneath. To add a sense of depth to the room, place a long mirror above your loveseat or the sofa.

Nilkamal's Bestseller Product: Nilkamal Jamaica 2 Seater Sofa (Beige)

  • Sofa Sectional Ideas

Change the setting in your living however you want with modular sectional pieces. These L-shaped sectional sofas can become a room divider, defining the area. The best thing about this type of sofa is that though these are smaller in scale, they still provide you with the freedom to design!

Nilkamal's Bestseller Product: Nilkamal Protean Plus Lounger Left Hand Side Sofa (Brown)

  • Sleeper Sofa (sofa come bed) & Chair Ideas

A sofa that transforms into a bed when you want good sleep is another great furnishing idea for a living room! If you are going for a sofa come bed, you could further choose one with inbuilt storage that will allow you to store blankets, linens, and other necessary items! If you want a smaller sofa come bed with all the traditional functionality, then go for a sleep chair.

Nilkamal's Bestseller Product: Nilkamal Torres Sofa Cum Bed (Brown)

2. Creating an Ideal Bedroom

Consider these innovative furnishing ideas for creating a relaxing retreat!

  • Beds for smaller rooms

When you have a smaller bedroom space, go for bed frames that are thin, sleek, and minimalistic! The best materials would be stainless steel or light words since it provides a thinner silhouette. You can also opt for a foam mattress on top of these beds to make them even more lightweight.

Enhance your storage space by including drawers attached to your bed. You could always make your storage solution under the bed by using the boxes and organisational bins below! You could even sneak in a shoe rack below if space is very important. Sofa come bed is another idea if your apartment does not have a separate living and a bedroom.

Nilkamal's Bestseller Product: Nilkamal New Flint Metal Sofa Cum Bed - Black

  • Armoires and Dressers

When there is no space for a big wardrobe, you could always go for tall dressers of sleek steel or natural wood. This may seem like a simple design, but tall dressers do provide a lot of areas to store your stuff without taking huge floor spaces. An armoire might have more floor area when compared to dressers, but these provide an extra area to store things.

Nilkamal's Bestseller Product: Nilkamal Giovani Dressing Table (Walnut)

  • Clever Night Stands

Larger nightstands can be a great idea since they can act as additional storage while fulfilling their traditional duty. However, if you want a less-cluttered option, go for a wall-mounted nightstand that will save a lot of space below. If you love reading before sleeping, then check out a bookshelf online that fits the area below your wall-mounted nightstand and place it there!

Nilkamal's Bestseller Product: Nilkamal Jaipur Side Table (Brown Maple)

3. Dine like royalty even in smaller spaces!

With functional and modern furniture like these, build a gorgeous dining area!

  • Dining Tables for Smaller spaces

When your dining area is not big enough for walking around without running into your table corners, go for round tables! These make a perfect 2 person dining table and easily provide enough space to slide chairs underneath. Ever wanted your dining area to look less airy and open? Then go for tables with a glass tabletop. You can add to the design factor by going for wood and tables with a glass tabletop.

If a 2 person dining table is what you need for the weekdays, but want to accommodate more guests on the weekends, then go for an extension table! Drop-leaf tables can become a lifesaver when you want more surface area in a hurry!

Nilkamal's Bestseller Product: Nilkamal Shahenshah Kross Legged Table (Pear Wood)

  • Dining chair ideas

If it is only a 2 person dining table, you could always go for a larger chair. However, if you want to seat more people in less space, go for smaller, stackable chairs. These are easy to store, allowing you to have extras for when guests are around. Ever wanted your dining chairs to add to the beauty of your living room when necessary? Check out stylish, fabric cushioned chairs that you could move from room to room!

Nilkamal's Bestseller Product: Nilkamal Zabel Dining Chair (Beech)

  • Dining benches

An easy-to-move solution in your dining area that provides enough space for at least two people is comfy benches! You can easily tuck these under the table after use, and these can be classy additions to your living room when extra seating is required.

Nilkamal's Bestseller Product: Nilkamal Zabel Dining Bench (Beech)

4. Awesome storage ideas!

The key to building a spacious and balanced space is figuring out the optimal storage solutions.

  • Open Storage

Check out the latest open bookshelf online since these allow you to maximise depth in a smaller space! Save the floor space by going for taller bookcases with stylish and smooth corners. Smaller open shelves can become a great shoe rack that will perfectly fit the corner of your room.

Nilkamal's Bestseller Product: Nilkamal Juno Book Case

  • Entertainment Units

Save extra floor space by going for open and spacious entertainment units! These can act as storage accessories and bookcases while housing your TV and other decoration items. You can also opt for pieces that come with open and closed sections so that you can store essentials or miscellaneous items in the closed drawers.

Nilkamal's Bestseller Product: Nilkamal Julie Wall Unit Beech/Walnut)

  • Storage Ottomans and Benches

Create flexible seating options when you are low on space by blending your storage and seating into one piece of furniture. These chic seating options can effortlessly blend into any room, while the extra space helps you reduce the number of shelves in your home!

Nilkamal's Bestseller Product: Nilkamal Plush Folding Storage Ottoman (Dark Grey)


These are just some of the best options for furniture ideas for small apartments. Nilkamal has hundreds of other options for you to decorate your home with, regardless of the size of your home or the size of the furniture you want. So, explore more ideas before you make your decision at the Nilkamal website!

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