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May 24, 2022

How to Design the Perfect Guest Room

Guest rooms are very important to our culture. We reside in a country where we treat our guests as gods; we cannot let such people live in unacceptable conditions in such a culture. This means that such a bedroom should be at least equipped with a queen-size bed and enough amenities so that a person can live there for about 10-15 days. Guests should not overstay their welcome but if you want to make them feel comfortable, check out these options for guest room collections on Nilkamal Furniture.

This article will guide you to help you make the perfect guest room and what all you can include in it. By the end of this article, you will have a good idea of what to do and what not to do while planning the guest room of your house.

A good bed

A good, comfortable bed is the core of a good guest room. You can use a queen size bed to satisfy your guest; it should be of a good build and comfortable to sleep in. You can buy a good bed, but if you don’t have enough budget, you can also substitute it with a good mattress on an old bed (or a bed with minimal structural damage). Make sure that you use a good bedsheet to impress your guests and make them feel as home as possible.

These are some things you need to keep in mind while buying a bed for your guest room. It should be comfortable for the guest; you can also throw in some cushions here and there to make it feel comfy. The idea for a good bed is that the guest should feel at home; it should make sleep easy for them.

A set of drawers

If it is a guest, they will always have a lot to carry and a lot of baggage. How would they handle all the baggage if they don’t have enough space to keep it? This brings us to the next point of concern; there should be many sets of drawers. Drawers are useful, but there should always be a spare wardrobe or queen size bed with storage that makes sure that the guests can keep all their clothes and belongings safely without worrying much or causing much hassle.

These drawers are very important for your guests as they reduce the hassle of travelling afar. If you want to increase the luxury a guest feels at your house, you can also put a mirror on the drawers. This will ensure that they don’t miss anything that they might have at their home. Guests are close to gods, so make sure they feel as comfortable as possible.

A bright table lamp

A table lamp is an important part of how the guest can sleep peacefully. Though many people won’t say it, they feel comfortable while sleeping near a source of light. A table lamp does exactly that, to make your guest feel comfortable and at home. If you are using a queen size bed with storage, keeping a table lamp at hand would not be too much of a hassle. Table lamps also make sure that the guest at your house can find their way in the night if they ever wake up.

It also makes sure that they feel safe and comfortable at your house and do not injure themselves in the dark. You cannot expect a guest to be aware of the nooks and crannies of your house, so a table lamp is always appreciated.

Feel free to explore guest room furniture options on Nilkamal Furniture.

A TV unit

A TV unit is always appreciated by guests. You might not want to watch the same things as the guests will watch at your house, but neither do you want to inconvenience them. So it is an easy option to put a TV unit in the guest bedroom. It is also easy to incorporate the TV into your wardrobe; it goes well with the same. The guest bedroom is an important part of your house which you need to look out for. New designs and innovations always come in the market, so you should be aware of them.

An indoor swing chair

An indoor swing chair or any such luxury for that matter is a question of how much extra money you can spend on your guests. These are not necessarily important for your guest room but always make sure that your guest feels comfortable. The main objective for your guest room is to make them feel at home and treat them in the best way possible. An indoor swing chair makes the guest’s stay a lot more enjoyable, and it is also a surprise for your guest. A surprise but a welcome one. However, it is completely your choice to include these pieces of furniture in your house.


To end the article, iterating what was said earlier, we live in a culture where we treat guests as gods that arrive on our doorstep. You need to buy the right furniture for your guests to live in the guest room for a while and properly maintain it even if people are not there. Hopefully, this article gave you an idea of how you can plan a perfect guest room.

To find pieces of furniture that would go perfectly with your interior, check out Nilkamal Furniture.

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