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May 16, 2023

5 Important Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying Outdoor Lounge Chair

Lounge chairs add style, comfort, and functionality to any outdoor space. You can place them on decks, patios, or even inside. In addition to providing an excellent option for relaxing, lounging, and entertaining outdoors, chaise and  modern lounge chair  are one of the most popular types of outdoor seating. Many styles and materials are available for outdoor chaises and lounge chairs, so you can choose the perfect piece for your outdoor space.


Consider the five factors below for a more informed selection of  outdoor lounge chairs.


Five Factors to Consider While Buying Lounge Chairs

Below are the five main factors to consider while selecting modern  outdoor lounge chairs.


Make Sure You Consider Your Space

Choosing outdoor chaises and  lounge chairs  that are suitable for the space and match the room's design is essential. Make sure there is enough space in the area. Depending on the style of the outdoor area, the chairs should match the design. For instance, chairs in a contemporary area should be sleek and minimalistic, whereas chairs in a traditional room should be more elaborate and detailed.


Due to their narrower size and shorter legs, bar tables work better for small spaces than standard  dining sets.  They have a smaller profile, so cafe and restaurant tables and  chairs  are also a good choice.


Sketch the space before shopping for furniture, measure the dimensions, and write them down. Remember to bring a tape measure and the drawing to the store. If you are not spatially gifted, you could choose furniture that's too big or too small for your house, depending on how you visualise the proportions.


Knowing Your Material

When choosing  outdoor chairs  or  lounge chairs,  consider your local weather conditions. Materials such as aluminium, teak, and wicker are better for wet or humid areas because they are more weatherproof. The Sunbrella fabric offers durability in the face of the elements and is ideal for areas under cover.


Take Comfort into Consideration

Ensuring your outdoor furniture is comfortable is vital because you will be relaxing on it. There is always the option of buying or making cushions and  pillows  if chairs and lounges do not come with them. You should use good-quality outdoor fabric that won't fade or mildew.


Remember that over the lifetime of your furniture, you'll likely need to replace the cushions one or more times since the table itself will outlast any upholstery. When you aren't using upholstery or fabrics, store them so they remain in good condition. Keep them out of the elements during the off-season by putting them away after every use. Relaxing outdoors is about comfy chairs, chaise lounges,  recliners,  and rockers. A hammock and a daybed may also help you stretch out.


Make Wise Colour Choices

When choosing an outdoor chaise and  folding outdoor lounge chair,  colour is essential. You should select your outdoor space's colour based on the tone you want it to have. You might consider using white, tan, or grey as neutral colours for your outdoor space to make it feel inviting and warm. With these colours, you will create a more inviting outdoor space that will blend with your outdoor design. Make your look bolder by choosing orange, red, or blue.


Covers and Cushions

The right cushion or cover can make or break an outdoor chaise and lounge chair. It is essential to consider the material, the size and shape of the pillow, and the colour and pattern. Select a cushion or cover with the same colour or pattern as the chair to create a more cohesive look. Adding extra comfort and protection to your outdoor chair is possible by purchasing an outdoor chair cover.


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Nilkamal’s Lounge Chair Collections

Listed below are the lounge chair collections from Nilkamal. Check out their website today and  buy chairs  that suit your needs and preferences.


Nilkamal Plastic Lounge Chair

A plastic lounge chair is always more comfortable than a regular chair. Additionally, they enhance the look of your living room while providing extra comfort. A quirky  coffee table  with two sofa chairs can also create a contemporary look.


Nilkamal Lounge Easy Chair

Powder-coated steel 0.8mm thick (grey colour) makes up this chair. The top canopy is made of polyester fabric in black. A black textile material is used for the seat and back.


Nilkamal Frolic Easy Chair

An easy chair made of fabric with a cushioned neck rest is made of powder-coated metal tubes with a thickness of 0.8mm. With the multiple-position locking mechanism, one can adjust the back and seat according to their needs. This is available in red and purple colour options.


Remember to Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture

  • When choosing one, consider the maintenance and care required for an outdoor chaise and lounge chair. 
  • Cleaning and maintaining outdoor furniture is essential to keeping these chairs in good working condition. 
  • Some materials require less maintenance, such as teak and aluminium.
  • Wicker and fabric, for example, may require regular treatments to prevent fading, mildewing, and other issues.


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Creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor space requires the right outdoor chaise and  folding outdoor lounge chair.  Selecting the right chair can be challenging with so many styles and materials available. These expert tips will help you get a long-lasting, comfortable outdoor chaise and lounge chair. With  Nilkamal Furniture,  you will find a great selection of outdoor lounge pieces at unbeatable prices. You can  buy lounge chair online India  by visiting Nilkamal.

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