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October 15, 2021

5 Interior Design Trends for 2021 You Pep Up Your Home

As seasons change, so do interior decor trends. Every year, you’ll find furniture and interior decor pieces of new styles and trends. We went around looking for the top trends for 2021 and here’s what we found.

1. Monochrome Color Themes

Keep it classy, keep it monochrome. After a wave of pop and chic, monochrome color themes have made a comeback. We’re talking about furniture in one tone shades. For example, brown sofa, beige accent chairs, light brown wooden TV unit, etc. Similarly, it could be a black center table, a grey sofa and a white chair. The themes can be many. The trick is what shades and what kind of furniture you choose to put together your living room furniture.


Have a look at this sectional sofa in grey. Paired with a pouf of the same shade, its fabric upholstery gives it an elegant look. The versatile pouf can be moved either side or somewhere else.

2. Flexible spaces

Gone are the days when you didn’t change the look and feel or your living room furniture for decades. Now, it’s time to bring in flexibility and freedom in your home. Collect furniture pieces that complement each other and can be moved around in different spaces in your living room. By keeping your living room furniture flexible, you can make multi-functional use of your space as well as the furniture. For example, a dining bench can turn into extra space in your living room when guests arrive.


Here’s a chair you can easily take to different rooms in your home. Made of plastic, it is easy to move and the grey color is easy to mingle with furniture in different rooms - living room and dining room.

3. Bring nature inside your home

Having plants inside the house is a trend that is evergreen and may never go out of fashion. But now more than ever, having plants and pots inside the house has become more meaningful. People seek greenery and healthy living in urban spaces and the best way to have it in your home is to place plants in different spaces - living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, and balcony.

4. Rattan or natural furniture

Natural is trendy. Furniture made of natural material such as rattan, bamboo, wood, and natural fabric upholstery is in. And if you don’t want to go with natural materials, you can even find more durable alternatives such as plastic furniture made in rattan or wooden style.


For example, here’s a chair made in plastic, given a rattan look in dark brown. It’s modern design lends it well to different rooms and multiple purposes - dining, garden, balcony, and living room.

5. Follow trends but keep it individualistic

Everyone wants their home to look unique. But if you follow the living room furniture trends that everyone else is following, you can never have a unique space. And so, pick and choose your favorite trends but add your own personal touch to it. There are many ways to do so. For example, you may want monochromatic furniture - chairs, sofa, TV unit, center table - but choose your own color. You could go with red or blue.


Here’s a center table and an ottoman set in monochromatic shade. Pair it up with a black or grey sofa and white lounge chairs, and you have your own style that’s trendy.

Is your home on trend?

Now that we’ve shared the top interior decor trends for 2021, do you think your interior decor game is on trend? If not, it might be a good time to add to your furniture collection. A new TV unit or a trendy center table? Start your search from Nilkamal online furniture store for the most trendy furniture. Happy shopping!

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