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January 11, 2023

A Classy Wedding Ceremony with Chic Tables and Chairs

A wedding is one of life's few most significant events. An essential thing in a wedding is looks and artistry. Of course, the focus is on the wedding, whether a church wedding or a civil wedding elsewhere, but many marriages are also remembered for the following celebrations. This usually consists of a dinner event, followed by lots of entertainment, such as DJs and live bands, with lots of dancing and revelry. The items that become indispensable at the setup of such an important event are   tables & chairs.   So, let’s know the significance of tables & chairs


Different Tables For Ceremony

Round tabletops can be implemented in almost any reception style, from an outdoor party under a tent to a country club. The number of people who can be accommodated can vary according to the dimension of thedining table. Round surfaces are also a good choice when space is comparatively tight. 


Depending on its length, the rectangular table can accommodate anything from a large group to a more intimate gathering of just a few people. When choosing a rectangular surface, you have more space for chargers, glasses, etc., and plenty of space for flowers in the middle of   tables.   Rectangular tabletops are perfect for outdoor receptions (with or without a tent). 


Square tabletops are an excellent option for smaller, more intimate guest lists and continue to rise on couples' seating lists. Provide your guests with a sense of togetherness with square tops. They can easily accommodate centrepiece designs (such as flowers). These pieces are similar to circular tabletops in that they work in nearly any setup or drawing room. You can   buy table  at Nilkamal Furniture with a tap on your screen. 


How Vital are Chairs?

Well, the answer is seaters are indispensable, like tabletops. Each one present at the wedding has to be seated. The seaters are in every photo, take up a lot of space, and grab attention. Yes, that is how vital the seaters are


Besides the wedding event, the seaters and tabletops also form significant   furniture   at home. Enjoy a quiet family meal at the end of a long day or a Sunday brunch with friends. We usually spend a lot of time in our dining room seats. A perfectly designed dining chair not only adds elegance to your dining area but also helps you have a great dining experience at home. You can  buy chair  with a click, from plush upholstered seaters to space-saving stacking seats. 


Picking the Right Dining Seaters


The dining table and seaters are statement pieces at weddings and in your living or   dining room.   Choose the ideal chair according to the overall atmosphere. There are a couple of prime factors to consider while choosing dining seats.


Chair Height

 Ensure that the overall dimensions of the seaters are compatible with the dining table. The difference in height between the dining chair top and the table top should be 8 to 12 inches. Upholstered seaters tend to compress when you sit on them, so consider that when making your final decision. 


Chair Width and Depth

Seats are typically tucked under the dining table when you don't need them. The width and depth of the chair determine whether the chair fits entirely under the table.


Armed or Unarmed

It's more comfortable sitting in an armed chair, but it doesn't fit under a table. When it comes to   unarmed chairs,   they save space in the room when you are not using the table. 


Back Height

Choose dining seaters with backs 2 to 3 inches above the height of the table. A chair with a shallow back compared to the height of the table can look odd and hurt your back. 


Chair Colour and Pattern

Most people choose dining seaters to match the design of their dining table. Intentional contradictions can sometimes look attractive. 


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Different Materials and Stylish Looks

Let us explore the different materials with which the   furniture  is made. A wooden table is a great choice. You can check out these pieces crafted with solid rubber and supportive engineered wood. The wooden framework is robust and lasts for a lifetime. Choose sleek contemporary designs or luxurious, ornate styles, including elegant marble tops, according to your taste and preference. You can pick the set according to the theme of the wedding. There are seaters built with solid wood, seaters built with MS steel frame, ornate legs, fabric upholstered or leatherette upholstered. There are also sets built with high-quality plastic that is stylish and highly durable. You can check out the   plastic table and chair set price


Check out dining sets at Nilkamal Furniture.


Styling and Elevating the Decor

Wow, your guests, and make a lasting impression with top-notch table decor at weddings. From fresh linens on centrepieces, shimmering candles, and fresh flowers to other wedding decorations, create a space that fits your theme and welcomes friends and family. If you're trying to recreate a look you saw in a glossy bridal magazine or on Instagram, you can go for luxurious-looking seaters. The golden finish and the chic upholstered finish is sure to make a statement. You can always accessorise the   chairs   with ribbons, sashes or even fresh flowers if desired, and they are the perfect accompaniment to round banquet tabletops.


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Mix and Match

The great thing about making your wedding day your day is that you can customise every part right down to the  tables!  Combining table sizes and shapes adds a sophisticated element to your reception layout. It's a creative idea to create a mix of at least two shapes, even if there are two styles in the same colour or a combination of the farmhouse and linen-lined tabletops. 


Syncing with the Ambience 

When we talk about the impact of  chairs  and tabletops at an event, they should also match the party's atmosphere. Design them to reflect the event's mood and support the cause in every way possible. 



Browse for furniture at Nilkamal Furniture,  and check out each one's price, including dining chairs, tables and  benches.  Place your order, and each product will be delivered to your door without any hassle.

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