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October 20, 2022

6 Amazing Shopping Advice For a Long-lasting Garden Sofa

The perfect way to unwind outside is with a  garden sofa.  With winter just around the corner, relaxing on your outdoor sofa with friends and family can be fun. The whole family can enjoy a comfy  garden corner sofa  or a  garden sofa set  with matching tables. Even though sun loungers and day beds are just as comfortable as  outdoor sofa set,  they don't offer the same amount of space. Outdoor sofas are an excellent choice for entertaining. Keep reading this article to learn more about choosing a perfect long-lasting  sofa  to match your outdoor area.

Six Selection Criteria for an Ideal Garden Sofa

Outdoor sofa set comes in a wide variety of styles and designs, including:

  • Corner sofas, which are ideal for maximising space and positioned against walls or fences, 
  • Bench-style sofas, which are suitable for compact spaces, and 
  • Rattan sofas are perfect for gardens of any size but are best suited to contemporary homes.

You should ensure that youroutdoor sofa is just as comfortable as indoors but made of water-repellent materials. You want your  sofa  to be both comfortable and durable.

Consider the following six criteria before buying a garden lounger for you.

  1. Place the Sofa In the Right Place

This is the first and foremost pre-requirement before buying an outdoor sofa. You must choose a place in your garden or outdoors before purchasing a lounger, which would ideally give you the type or style of  sofa  you must proceed with.

Then it would help if you determined where to place your couch based on available space. Choosing a balcony shouldn't take too long if you have a small one. Choose the wall closest to the house to enjoy the view and stay sheltered.

It would help if you considered several factors for a big garden. Place a  garden sofa  on a patio near your house or create a corner among the trees to relax.

The next question is: Where will your sofa be placed? On a paved surface, a wooden deck, or on the grass? Softwood should not be placed on grass, as repeated moisture exposure will cause it to rot. Metals will corrode if they are frequently in contact with damp surfaces. Browse for different material types of  garden corner sofa.

Following your decision on where to position the outdoor sofa, you now have the tedious task of measuring the available space.

  1. Take Measurements of Your Space

Immediately after deciding where to place the couch, the next step would be measuring the available space. You can filter the search based on a priori dimensions and avoid proposals to discard. It's essential to accommodate every member of your family. Also, the lounger space should be sufficient for your guests and friends. Your couch should, however, not overwhelm your living space. Make sure you have enough space around your furniture to walk comfortably around it. If you're designing an indoor space, use the same principles of traffic flow.

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  1. Consider Your Weather

Throughout the year, consider the weather conditions in your area. Do you have a hot, humid climate or a dry climate? Are you a coastal dweller, or do you live in an urban setting? Wood is more likely to crack and split when the weather is scorching and dry. Coastal air can contain high levels of salt, which can damage metal if left outside, for example. Wicker furniture can also be damaged by excess moisture and high salt in the air. Consider all these in detail before buying a lounger for your outdoors because the weather can spoil a good couch.

  1. Choosing Sofa Material

In addition to the precautions listed above, choosing a suitable material for the outdoor sofa is essential. It will help to ensure your selected materials won't spoil in hot or bad weather.  A trend towards rattan, teak and other woods has replaced plastic, ornate wrought-iron, and faux wood.

Some of the trending choices of materials are:

Rattan: The durability, lightweight, easy portability, and strength of treated rattan make it ideal for outdoor sofas. Various dyes and stains can also be absorbed into rattan, making it doubly appealing to buyers. Maintaining your sofa with treated rattan will also be more accessible.

Today, polyethene rattan is also used for making  outdoor furniture,  a modern, lightweight, synthetic material. Water and UV rays are resistant to the material, which also helps reduce the use of natural rattan resources.

Teak: Its rich colour tone and hardiness make teak a popular choice for outdoor furniture. As a result of its high natural oil content, it can withstand outdoor conditions better than most other materials. In addition, teak is easy to maintain. It is common for teak furniture to age and show splits and marks over time, but some people find that these marks add rustic elegance and refinement to a sofa. Check for a  wooden sofa set  at Nilkamal today!

Plastic and Resin

Due to their low cost, lightweight, and durability, these materials are also becoming popular in outdoor furniture. Colours that pop and lines that are straight and contemporary are what you need. Additionally, they require little maintenance. However, they may not withstand strong winds, so choose wisely or place them in a protected area.

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  1. Consider Your Comfort

Your outdoor space should be a place of relaxation, so choose a comfortable sofa. Make it cosier by adding more cushions, and choose mildew-resistant fabric while you're at it. You should look out for a perfect  2 seater sofa   for your outdoors.

  1. Budget

Don't ignore your budget at all costs. When shopping for furniture, you can easily find inexpensive pieces that won't last very long. The important thing is choosing a high-quality lounger within your budget.


What better way to relax in your garden? Enjoy all your evenings in your garden by sitting on a comfy sofa. Consider all the criteria mentioned above before buying a couch for you. Invest in a  garden sofa set  and have a restful everyday party night at your home! Explore  Nilkamal Furniture  now to get a variety of garden sofa.
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