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April 30, 2022

Outdoor Balcony Furniture Design Ideas

Balconies have a certain emotional quotient attached to them, especially in Indian households. Most of us played in the open spaces right in front of the house, also known as a verandah or patio. The outdoor space serves a great role in families because it provides an opportunity to relax on  lawn chairs, bond, and get away from the chaos of routine tasks. 

However, people have been so occupied in the urban setup that they hardly pay attention to the balcony area. As a result, a good outdoor space remains bland and distasteful. This restricts us from enjoying our evening time, where we can read and watch the city transcending into the pleasantries of the dusk. 

But designing a balcony with  Small Balcony Chairs is not as difficult as it seems. You don’t have to put yourself through the trauma of interior designing, wiring, plumbing, etc. Just some warm furniture suited to your taste, and you are good to go.  

Nilkamal has an exhaustive collection of  outdoor furniturethat suits everyone’s taste —  explore now! If you are caught in a dichotomy regarding the design ideas, we bring you this article to pitch some setup in the hope of relieving you from your troubles. 

Put the cushions to good use

The traditional idea around the balcony design is that you can only use tough furniture that can withstand the extremities of different seasons. Usually, furniture is expensive, so we buy only the best one for our  living room or lounge area. The idea is that expensive objects could be protected inside the house, and they will last longer.  

However, when it comes to outdoor spaces, we hold our pockets tightly. We often buy ugly-looking furniture that could be replaced easily every year, and this is the outlook that needs some instant revolution. First, you can add minimal structures to your balcony, like a fibreglass ceiling. 

Such ceilings would allow you to enjoy any weather and also protect your furniture. Second, you can buy lounge-style  lawn chairs and a couch so you would feel comfortable sitting for long hours.  

Moreover, you can use a different colour combination to give your balcony an earthy undertone. Also, you will be able to toil around with the cushions and change them depending on different occasions. This design is a perfect blend of aesthetics and comfort. 

Don’t walk away from pastel shades

Pastel shades have been at the core of millennial design for quite some time. It allows you to deviate from standard colour options like blue, white, black, etc. Paste; shades like beige, green, peach, etc., can offer a more personalized look to your balcony.  

Moreover, certain blends of these shades can change the entire look of your outdoor space. You can use a colour combination that adds more warmth and personality to the space. Now, you don’t have to go through the traumatizing task of painting the balcony walls.  

You need to pick some funky furniture like  patio chairs and paint them in any pastel shade you want. It will provide you with an opportunity to execute your ideas and bring out your creativity. Moreover, it will also provide a space where you could come to think and get some work done. 

Say hi to your best friend, Rattan!

Rattan is a furniture material that is derived from palm trees. The end products look rustic and give an earthy tone to the space. Moreover, this material is so malleable that the furniture comes in different shapes and sizes.  

You can choose one per your personal style and the available balcony area. Some of the rattan  patio chairs are so big that you can cushion them up and cuddle in them all day. Additionally, if your balcony has woodwork, rattan would complement it immensely. Next, you can add some plants of your choice and make your balcony nature’s sweet home.  

This would be a great place to get away from the work stress and have some me-time. You can curl up with a book and tea and give your mind the treat it deserves. Also, if the area permits, you may also add a rattan table or ratan shelf to store things that you might need.  

If this segment made you curious about  Rattan furniture, you should  check outthe Nilkamal website for an exclusive collection of products. 

Hanging garden of Babylon!

If you live in the heart of the city, you must already be compromising with the outdoor space. Tightly packed urban cities offer very little outdoor space where you can have your leisure time. This might make you miss living in the countryside.  

But with a little innovation, you can turn things around in your favour. The limited area restricts us from buying large furniture and installing them. Hence, we end up ignoring our balcony. This is where hanging solutions come in. 

Make the most of the ceiling space you have got. Bring some hanging patio chairs and install them on a hook. Next, get some vine plants and plant them in hanging pots. Once they grow out completely, you will feel like sitting in nature’s lap.  

Now, install some beautiful pendant lights. You may also get a smart pendant light where you can change colour according to the mood. Once complete, this will become your getaway space, and you will be glad you did it. 


Outdoor spaces can provide greater insight into life. Moreover, they can provide you with a place where your kids can play.  

Decorating balconies and patios require the right blend of  furniture, so  check out the Nilkamal website for an exclusive range of outdoor furniture to suit every style and space.  

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