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December 24, 2021

Bookshelf styling tips that will take your reading experience to another level!

Bookshelves, just like your books, require your attention. For booklovers, they are one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house. And let’s be honest, it’s not easy to get them right. It can take a lot of effort to make your bookshelf look class apart. So, in this blog, we’ll share some simple, yet effective tips to style your bookshelf.


Give the bookshelf the place it deserves

Most people would place a bookshelf in one corner of the living room or in the study room. Or, if you have a wall bookshelf, it would go on a side wall. But, you can do better. Give your bookshelf the most prominent place in the living room. Say for example, you place it against the main and the largest wall of your room.


Don’t fill it to capacity, keep breathing space

Just like artworks in an art gallery, your books need some breathing space. And hence, do not overstuff your bookcase. A lot of people have the habit of placing a corner bookshelf and stuffing it to its capacity. But you should display books and other items in your shelf such that each one gets importance and can be appreciated.


Find a neutral color scheme

Book covers come in all colors and designs. And so, it would make sense to keep your bookshelf in neutral colors. Think white, black, beige, brown or any subdued, neutral color. This will also make sure that your books stand out and don’t get mixed up in the crowd of colors. Look for wooden bookshelves online and you’re sure to find a classic design that meets your requirements.


Balance it out visually

Books come in all shapes and sizes - long, short, square, rectangle, thin and thick. Now, what would happen if you placed all your thick books in one corner of the book rack and all the thin ones in the other? It will definitely leave the bookcase looking imbalanced. But you can create harmony and balance by placing your books in a smart manner. Mix them up. Don’t bundle them. Moreover, punctuate books with small planters, photo frames, candles, and trinkets.


Add personality to it

Whether you have a wall bookshelf or a corner bookshelf, a wooden bookshelf or one made of metal, you can easily add your personality to your bookshelf. How? Add meaningful items to your bookstore such as your family photo frames and objects that have a personal story. Your bookshelf should not look at any other’s; it should have your style and energy to it all over.


Style it based on its design

When you decorate your bookshelf, keep in mind its style and design. For example, if it’s a modern bookshelf, keep your styling consistent with it. If you have a minimalist wooden bookshelf, don’t decorate it with traditional artefacts. Keep the theme and style consistent for it to look like it is well thought of.


Keep changing it

You don’t read one book all your life. Do you? Then why have the same styling for your bookcase? The trick is to keep changing the styling of your bookshelf. And it’s easy and inexpensive to do so. Change the order of the books, add new trinkets and decor pieces. Keep one or two shelves completely empty so you can display your favorite collectibles in those shelves.


Over to you

With so many styling tips, we’re sure you’re already busy sprucing up your bookshelf. Or are you still in search of that perfect book rack? If you’re looking for wooden bookshelves online, head over to Nilkmal online store. Have a look in detail, just like you’d read a book.

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