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May 11, 2021

Buying a study table? Here are the key things to consider

Who would’ve thought we’d be spending so much time at home, in fact, working and studying from home? Thanks to the pandemic, work and study from home have become the new normal. Whether it’s work, study or a hobby, we need the right furniture to make it productive.

In this blog, we’ll focus on the table as a key piece of furniture that’s a must for work from home. From the best study table for work from home to the most productive study table for office work to multi-purpose study desks and foldable study tables - let’s explore all of it.

A good work or study table is a must. Here’s why. 

Study or work tables are not a luxury. They are a necessity in the current situation where everyone’s forced to stay home due to the pandemic. Here’s why you must invest in a good study table: 

  • The right kind of study table or work desk can help improve productivity
  • It ensures a good posture and less back pains or other health issues
  • It allows you to work and study with efficiency
  • Gives an office kind of vibe and enhances your work from home experience

How to choose a good study table 

There are many factors that you must consider when buying a study or work table. Here, we’ve put together some of the most important things that will ensure you bring home the best study table for students there is.



Wondering what is the right size of a study table? The right size for a work table or a study table completely depends on individual needs. If buying a study table online, check these size preferences according to the needs.

  1. Study table for students and kids: If you’re looking for a single table that your kids can share, you must opt for a larger size so that it can accommodate all their stationery, books, and they can use the table at the same time.
  2. Work desk for professionals: Are you into a profession that requires a large table? Eg., graphic designers, software engineers and coders require to work on two computer screens simultaneously. These professionals must go for a large size work table. Those who work on laptops can choose a smaller size desk.
  3. Work tables for hobbies and activities: Those who’re into hobbies and activities such as painting, crafts, etc, must choose a work table that fits their space needs, depending on the nature of their hobbies.
  4. Study table for home or work table for office: Whether you’re looking to buy a study table for home or a work table for office, the size of room or office cabin will be the deciding factor for the size of the table.





The next big factor - the style of your study or work table. If you search for the words ‘study table’ online, the internet will throw thousands of options. Buying a work table online is that easy. But how do you zero in on the design and style? Here are some pointers to help you choose a good study table design:

  • Consider the overall decor style of your room or home. Depending on that, pick a table that gels well with your existing furniture. If you have wooden furniture buy a wooden study table.


  • One of the most important factors while choosing a study table design is its material. You can have a metal study table if all your other furniture is wooden. Moreover, you might not want to buy a heavy wooden work table if you plan to shift it often. Then you’ll need a table that’s light in weight, probably, one made of engineered wood or plastic.


  • Your budget plays a key role in the selection of your table design. You’ll find tables in the range of ₹2000 to 20,000 or more when you look for study tables online. But what’s your budget? Browse through a couple of online furniture stores, and you’ll get an idea about the prices of study tables and work desks.



The price of study tables depends on various factors such as the design, make, material, brand, etc. It can range from a few thousands to lakhs.

  • Those looking for a durable table will have to shell out more. While if you’re looking for a table that you can replace in a couple of years, it’s better to go for a cheaper option.


  • There are other important factors that affect the price of study tables. Storage is one. Do you want a study table that provides storage space for books, bags and stationery? How much storage space do you require? Based on this, you’ll have to choose a table of large or small size, which will affect the pricing.


  • Another key factor is the design. Designer furniture will cost you much more than your local carpenter or local brands. If you want a customized study table, you might have to pay a little more price, but it’ll be worth it because you’ll be studying and working on a table that you really like.


Study table designs to choose from

Work from home study table

A work-from-home study table should ideally have all the facilities that your office cubicle provides. Think a spacious table top for your desktop or laptop, a space to keep your books and diaries, knick-knacks, phone, and other important things that make it to your everyday work routine.

Your work from home table should also have electrical outlets for wires of your gadgets, space for display calendar, etc. Choose a work table that can be placed somewhere close to a window or natural light, because working from home under a lamp or tube light can get tiring. One more key feature to keep in mind is if you’ll be able to place a chair comfortably.

A multipurpose work table

If you’re looking for a multipurpose work table - one that can be used for work, hobbies, and even as a snack or coffee table - go for a table that is simple and plain, which can easily be used for different activities.

Another key feature in multipurpose tables is it should have ample space for keeping books, documents, stationery, work files, electronic gadgets, and more. These kinds of work tables can be used for various purposes as well as store a lot of your important things.

Customized study table


Are you the kind of person that gives attention to detail? If yes, you’d better go for a customized study table online. By customizing your work table, you can make sure it will match your decor, as well as serve all your requirements of a table.

Customizing a study table is a good option even when you’re unable to find a ready table that meets your requirements. You can choose everything of your choice for the table. From the ideal height of your study table to the color to the study table design.

To sum it up


In the end, your study or work table should be one that you like and keeps you productive. If you end up with a table you don’t like, it will affect your work, too. Explore a range of study tables online on Nilkamal Furniture website.

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