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July 08, 2022

Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Home Clean During Monsoon

The heavenly relief and refreshment from the first splash of monsoon showers after the scorching and awful summers is unmatchable. The raindrops tapping on the leaves, the pleasant, satisfying damp earthy mud scent known as ‘petrichor’ and the brighter greenery around the surroundings increase the excitement about chilly monsoons. The fear of tidiness begins with the growth of all bacteria and fungus in the home. Refer to these  monsoon home cleaning  tips and hacks that come in handy for transforming your home into monsoon ready home. Now fully enjoy your monsoon showers with a cosy and steaming cup of coffee/tea with these life-saving monsoon cleaning tips, and never worry again. Looking for sleek and sturdy furniture?  Check out  Nilkamal  today and explore a wide range of home and office furniture collections designed for you. 

Tips to keep home clean in monsoon

Fresh interiors with dry walls

Wet walls are the dream homes for various bacteria and fungi during monsoons. With the unhygienic home comes different breathing and respiratory-related sickness like allergic reactions, sinus, nose irritation, asthma and more. Now protect the health and safety of your loved ones by taking a simple step like contacting your plumber. Wet walls are indications of clogged pipes and rain gutters. Prevent water seepage, cracks, leakages, or any damage to your walls by calling your plumber.

You can now enjoy the fresh and crisp interiors with the dry walls. Repair your cracked walls and leaked ceilings before the monsoon arrives. It is never the best idea to repair them during monsoon. With the increased leakages and cracks in your walls, your plush interior  furniture  like  living room furniture,   wardrobes,  cabinetry,  etc., will get damaged, and your whole interior look will be spoiled. It is also evident that water seepage marks and peeled paint patches on your walls will be unappealing to look at. 

Keeping the kitchen organised and clean

One of the most vulnerable areas during monsoons is the kitchen. A messy kitchen with a sink full of uncleaned dishes is the perfect breeding ground for pests and insects. One can organise their kitchen and make it dry and clean every time by following simple steps. Make sure to keep your sink clean after every meal, as the clear sink prevents the foul smell in the kitchen and  dining  area. Protect your food in airtight containers and store them where cockroaches and other pests can’t reach. As the food comes in contact with the problems and other insects become inedible and highly dangerous, keep the pests away from your valuable food using natural disinfectant sprays. 

Indoor plants relocation 

While  home cleaning during monsoon  is a repeated and daunting task with the constant presence of moisture in the air, indoor plants can be your true enemies during monsoon. Suppose you are a nature and gardening lover. In that case, you might already have plenty of indoor plants lying around, which adds even more moisture content into the air making your interiors damper. Let your little plant buddies breathe the fresh, breezy air and get a reflection of sunlight onto them. Relocate them to outdoor areas where they are safe and not vulnerable to any fungal and yeast infections. 

An extensive not too slippery floors

No wonder monsoon showers bring a lot of water, dirt and moisture into your home. To prevent the slippery floors from creating serious mishaps like broken backs and sprained ankles, make sure to place a large carpet that is damp-proof and moisture-absorbent right at the home entrance or foyer. Since one can easily slip and fall on slippery floors, ensure that your tiles are anti-skid and less greasy. Look out for your luxurious carpets and drapes by packing them neat and compact, as their usage during monsoon season can create moisture damage, eventually spoiling the material.  Buy  from  Nilkamal furniture  the exquisite home furniture that goes well with your carpets, elevating your interior look. 

Opening the windows for fresh breezy monsoon air

It is a general practice where the windows are closed while raining to prevent the rainwater from entering the house. While the windows are closed for longer periods, the room starts to smell stinky and musty with the increased and trapped moisture. Feel the fresh monsoon breeze by opening your windows once in a while and let all the fresh breeze replace the foul smell. To experience the new and crisp interiors, one can also use scented candles, essential oils, fragrant floor cleaners, air fresheners, diffusers, aerosols, etc. 

Stop the bugs bugging you 

The most frustrating and irritating thing in monsoon is getting surrounded by various bugs. From mosquitoes, moths, cockroaches, flies, etc., one can witness every creepy crawly creature in their house. They carry a variety of diseases and also damage your clothes and furniture. You can stop pests and bugs from bothering you with insect repellents, pesticides, screen shutters, etc. 

Bonus monsoon cleaning hacks 

The bonus  monsoon home cleaning  tips and hacks include maintaining a clean bathroom using shower mats and bathroom robes. Also, never let your wet laundry clothes produce a stinky smell by storing them in laundry baskets in a mess-free way. Ensure all your wooden furniture and floors are polished before the onset of the monsoon season. 


Now make your task of  home cleaning during monsoon  quick, fun, and easy with these life-changing monsoon cleaning tips and hacks. These tips and tricks act as a checklist to keep your home monsoon ready every time. Get the best out of monsoons and enjoy the rainy showers wholeheartedly without any worries with these handy tips. 

Wishing you a happy and cosy monsoon by bringing these sleek, elegant, and sturdy pieces of furniture that will last you for years. Now you can  explore  the premium home and office furniture right from the comfort of your home from theNilkamal furniture.
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