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January 31, 2022

Dressing Table Design That Can Be Stylish And Functional

Multi-purpose vanities that organise the fun in functional form

Are you one of those who like to take their time to dress up before work or a party? Are you frustrated that you have to apply your make-up in the car or squint in front of the phone camera in selfie-mode to fix your hair? Are you tired of looking for that shade of blush you bought last week? Do you constantly seem to fight with family for your time in front of the bathroom mirror? If you have answered “yes” to most of the questions, you need to get yourself a dressing table immediately. Whether you have the space or budget to treat yourself, the perfect dressing table could help you dedicate a part of your room to this all-important activity. A must-have dressing table or a vanity table is a tradition that dates back centuries.

What is a dressing table?

Known as the dressing table, the piece of furniture represents the primaeval instinct to look pretty and attractive. An essential part of every home and residential space, a vanity table is a dedicated space to spend time grooming oneself. If one has the room to accommodate it, a well-designed dressing table with mirror or without can be a source of storage and versatile bedroom space. Apart from being an attractive piece of art-deco, it adds charm and feminity to the bedroom with its narrow shelf, focussed lighting, and table mirrors. A dressing table or vanity table offers a simple and practical solution to put make-up and dry hair in the morning and complete your bedtime beauty regime to end the day.

With changes in interior décor and films lending their glamour to home essentials, mirrors, shelves, and artistic patterns, a dressing table describes everything about you. It has become as essential as centre tables or coffee tables. But a vanity table can become easily neglected, especially with jewellery and beauty products strewn all over, making your bedroom look chaotic and unattractive. But you can transform your space with some styling tips and tricks and pick the best designs that will help. The next time you look into a mirror, you want to tell yourself that it was worth it. Make that possible with some trending dressing table designs to make dressing up fun.

Latest designs of dressing tables for you in 2022

If you are looking to stand apart from the crowd this year and wish to opt for some new and unique styles, you do not need to go any further than this. Here are some of the latest and most trending designs for you:

1. Minimalist style dressing table

Don’t have a large make-up collection and spend hours self-grooming? Then this type will be the right fit for your budget and style. Wall-mounted and minimalist, it takes up less floor space and lends a unique elegance to your bedroom, making it the unsung hero.

2. Sleek vanity table with mirror on the edge

A sleek and clean dressing unit that is textured in dark hues. The mirror has a LED strip running over it to illuminate the entire space. It is designed with ledges for basic storage and can also be part of a sliding wardrobe area to make the room look upscale and ideal.

3. Dressing table with full-length mirror

If you like taking a long time to look good, then this design with a full-length mirror will complement your beauty. It gives ample space and lets you stash your cosmetics and other products in the drawers and shelves. There is also space to place some décor items like a photo frame or a plant to make it look graceful.

4. Dressing table with pop up mirror

If you want to save space and would rather use wall space to display paintings or décor items, then this is the design for you. The dressing table folds up and reveals a mirror when opened. On the inside, you have a spacious shelf that can store things making sure that the top surface is clutter-free.

5. Dressing table with stool and storage

An organiser, this one doubles up as storage and also seating. It is replete with shelves and ledges for storing your make-up products, and the stool to sit and get your make-up done can be nicely tucked away inside to save floor space. Organised and sleek, the design is the “icing on the cake”. These are also ideal when you have less space in your bedroom and want to forego bedside tables.

6. Wall-mounted vanity table

If you live in a small space but still want a dedicated space for your grooming items, opt for this wall-mounted design. This aesthetic, functional, and chic design lets you convert wall-mounted shelf storage into a dressing table. The mirror in the front could add wonders to the look of your bedroom.

7. Dressing table with storage and hanger rack

This cleverly designed unit showcases the dressing unit and merges several other purposes. With neatly tucked away storage boxes behind the full-length mirror and a rack to hang the clothes for the next day, your scarves, handbags, and ties, it is clean, simple, and functional.

Whatever your furniture needs are, you can check out Nilkamal for the best designs in dressing tables and multi-functional book cases that can also double up as efficient make-up organisers.


A dressing table must serve its purpose functionally and aesthetically and fit elegantly into the wider scheme of décor in the bedroom. We spend significantly less time, but it is an integral part of our morning and night routine. Every home needs a dressing unit. An essential part of the bedroom, the vanity table is a must-have in today’s self-obsessed world of selfies and glamour. Those days of the colossal, winged cabinets with intricate décor and edges may have gone, but people still crave a tiny space which they can call a dresser, dressing table, vanity table or make-up corner. A place to tuck away those dozens of shades of lipsticks, eyeliners, make-up brushes, foundation and concealer, anti-wrinkle serum and cream, etc. Vanity tables are personal. Whether you prefer a minimalistic look free of clutter or love the princess-themed piece, there is a dressing table for everyone. Gone are the days when there would be just one mirror with a long queue of people waiting to groom themselves. There are endless possibilities today, from simple designs to high-end luxurious ones. Swanky designs have redefined personal space, and the dressing table ideas you choose must define you and inspire you.

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