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July 11, 2022

Get Your Home Independence Day Ready

With 15th August just around the corner, the  Independence Day Sale  is a great place to purchase items for your home in the Independence Day theme. Looking for inspiration and ideas for how to go about it? Just read on, and you will find some great DIYs and ideas that will take your décor to the next level.

Tips for decorating your home

Ideas for the bedroom

Let us start from the bedroom. An easy Independence Day project is to pick a white duvet or quilt for your  bed  and use inch-wide ribbons in saffron and the green of India's flag colour. On the edge of the duvet, stitch the green ribbon and the saffron ribbon above it after a one-inch gap. Do the same on white pillow covers. An attractive transformation of your bedding has been achieved to begin your Independence Day celebration!

Now, the bedroom walls need to be decorated. Use small cloth tri-colours or paper ones and attach them to the wall. You can also make loops with white, saffron, and green ribbons and connect them to form a chain. Use these for door and window trimming.

Finally, how about putting one saffron, one white, and then a green curtain on the windows or doors to complete the Independence Day look in the bedroom?  Explore  Nilkamal furniture  to get amazing bedroom furnitures.

Ideas for the living room

Make this patriotism-inspiring art to decorate your living room. Take an outline map of India, cut it out, and paint it the same blue as the Ashoka Chakra on the Tiranga. Take a sheet of paper about double that of the map and paint it in the flag's three colours. Paste the map a little off centre and to the left on this sheet. Get it framed to use year after year.

You could even take a large leaf, place it on a sheet of paper, and paint over it and the paper using the flag's three colours. Remove the leaf and write something inspirational in that white space or past a printout of the national anthem in that space.  

Here is another idea. The cushions on the  sofa  can be in the colours of the Indian flag or else tie around them satin ribbons of the three colours for a patriotic look. Ribbons are helpful even as a border for already hanging paintings, mirrors, and pictures on the wall or those on tables, etc. They provide a quick and easy way to create an environment. Even appropriate coloured paper can do the trick if you do not have ribbons.

Ideas for the dining room

In the dining room, use tri-colour  table  mats and coasters. You could buy them at an  Independence Day Sale  or make some alone. You can use cardboard and some waterproof foam sheets in the appropriate colours to complete a DIY craft.  

You could use chair backs in the flag colours or even tie ribbons for the chairs. Or, make a single bow with all three colours and attach the bow to the back of the chair. 

For a beautifully fragrant environment, decorate the room with garlands or strings made with marigold and green leaves. Make a rangoli with the leaves and flowers or paint one. You could also use rangoli powder to decorate the floor.

Paint a rock in the flag's colours and use it to hold the paper napkins on a small tray or plate.  

Blow some balloons in appropriate colours and decorate the walls. An easy way to set them on the wall is to rub one side of the balloon on any cloth and then place that side on the wall.  

Buy dining room furniture from  Nilkamal furniture.

Ideas for the garden and balcony

Paint the short sides of two bricks white. Then the short sides of 4 bricks, one side green and one side saffron. Place them all correctly to form a two-layered flag. Place your flower pot on it. You could paint polka dots on the flower pot or stick circles cut from foam sheets.

How about putting up an actual cloth flag?

Make a bunting in the three colours and hang it on the balcony or between trees in the garden.

Buy some tricolour ribbon and flag broaches. These will generally be available during a  freedom sale.  Attach the broaches to strips of the ribbon and use them to decorate the balcony, the entrance door, or the gate. Make a toran with the ribbon and broaches, and hang it on the kitchen entrance.

Ideas for food décor

Make some food with an Independence Day theme to keep the celebration even in the kitchen.

Make idlis with carrot and coriander added to the mixture. Make the red chatni, coconut chatni, and curry leaf chatni.

Divide boiled rice into three portions. Add kesar (saffron) and some peas that have been boiled in salt water to one. Alternatively, you can cook a portion of rice as a pulao with haldi (turmeric), and another with pureed leafy vegetables, such as spinach. 

Besides the other spreads and fillings, you could make tri-coloured sandwiches with coriander chatni and tomato ketchup between the slices.

Try paneer pakodas (cottage cheese fritters) with a thin spread of coriander chatni and ketchup. 

How about a cucumber, carrot and radish salad?


Due to our love for our nation, we celebrate Independence Day with great pride and enthusiasm. We watch the hoisting of the flag by the Prime Minister and also in our locality. And to carry the Independence Day them into our home with appropriate décor is just another chance to live the feeling of the great nation we are for a longer time. At this time, picking good décor items from the  freedom sale  that happens in various places is easy. Alternatively, you can make your décor items and enjoy a new look in your home. 

Nilkamal wishes you a happy Independence Day.  Check out  the sturdy and elegant  Nilkamal Furniture  and enjoy the experience of easy online shopping.
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