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March 10, 2022

Revamp your homes with these vibrant ideas!

Holi 2022 is just around the corner, and the best way to start celebrating this festival of colours is to brighten up your space and give your home furniture a change! When it comes to home furniture, people often tend to play safe and stick to neutral and basic colour palettes in their homes unless it is a part of a kids' room. But for this Holi, turn that around and get the best online furniture to transform your home into something as bright and colourful as your future!

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If you now have the energy to change your home furniture but do not know where to start, check out these brilliant ideas:

1. Vibrant Cushion Covers

People first notice when they enter your home is your couch or sofa, so why not bring them to life by adding in some colourful cushions? This is an effortless décor idea that everyone can look into to brighten their space seamlessly. Add some mirror work into your cushions, and you will have a whole new method of enhancing the beauty of your wood furniture around!

2. Patterns on interior walls

Bring in the joys of Holi into your home and paint that walls with coloured patterns and designs! If you are going for a more spiritual theme, then bring in some cultural and ethnic patterns and show off those walls this Holi 2022. Make the design art more appealing by adding fairy lights beside, and your room is all ready for a festive and fun night!

3. Bright coloured Curtains!

Curtains can make a significant difference in the interior of a room, so for this Holi 2022, let your curtains speak a separate celebration story by letting it be all colourful. Colourful and vibrant curtains are an easy way to spread the cheer of this festival of joy and are a brilliant idea you must check out!

4. Cheerful Rugs

For Holi 2022, pick a colourful and bright rug that effortlessly complement all the other wood furniture and accessories in your room. Since the month of Holi is a bit warmer than normal, you can go online and search for cotton rugs to get the best online furniture that will go with your rug. Match it with the cushions and curtains of that room, and you will have a place that is festival-ready!

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5. Fresh Flower Vases

Another easy way to bring some festive colours into your home is to go for colourful flower vases and flowers! This is also a perfect idea for people who are shopping for décor on a budget! Moreover, another advantage of letting colourful vases be a part of your home furniture is that their positions can be changed whenever. This means that if your room has a colour theme, then separate your colour vases to different rooms where they look right!

6. Fabric home furniture

Switch from all wood furniture to some beautiful fabric options this holi and look for the best online furniture made from fabric! This way, you can stick to the colour palette of your room or the theme of Holi 2022 and set your furniture game on point! If you are sceptical about bright and colourful fabric home furniture, you could go for neutral colours like beige that will effortlessly blend into a room of any shade.

7. Playful tealight candles

Now, this might seem like a traditional way to begin this beautiful festival of joy, but gorgeous tealight candles can really set a tone for your room. They come in many designs, shades, and sizes, and you will find one for every theme you are going for! Tealight candles can also set a relaxing tone in your space and should be something you would want to experiment with.

8. Painted Pots

Another inexpensive option you could add to the colourful flower vases is the appealing charm of traditional painted pots. A clustered arrangement of this on your wood furniture or beside your colourful curtains are going to captivate all your guests this festive season. You also get colourful pots in ethnic patterns that will look extremely perfect.

9. Festive Lanterns

Lanterns present at homes are usually very contemporary in design and might not really go with holi 2022. Therefore, choose decor to embrace the theme of this traditional festival and go all-in with traditional lanterns! Hang these in and around your home; your space is definitely going to look like a fairy tale from the past.

10. Holi with Nature

Extremely multifunctional and handy, fill the empty corners of your room with something more green with actual plants! They can act as the perfect neutralizer to all the colours during this festival and might be something that every room is missing as the last puzzle piece! If green is not your type of style, then you could even go for plants with naturally colourful leaves.

11. Diffusers

Spread the cheerful scents of holi 2022 by getting yourself a diffuser! With a few scented essential oils and scented wax, you can easily fill the air with a calmer and relaxing ambience. You could even go for creative candle holders that can set a low and smooth tone in your space.

12. Wooden bowls

This might not be one of your ideal wood furniture ideas, but wooden bowls can come in handy during Holi 2022! These will not only make a great addition to your home furniture but also be chic Holi powder holders during this festival. Place a few of these around clustered on a table, and you can start filling them with the Holi's fun Holi's!

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Holi 2022 will be a very joyous occasion, and if the festival means so much to you, you could let your home furniture radiate that energy as well! Search for the best online furniture on Nilkamal and begin your decorations.

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