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July 14, 2022

Give your bedroom a soul with a bedroom library

From employment opportunities to academic benefits, reading is a hobby that can nurture several lives. There is something mystical about walking into a library full of books that speak volumes. If you are an avid reader, you want to recreate the same magic in your living space. While creating one in your living room may be a little challenging, you could try to create one in your bedroom.  Bedroom furniture  does not mean a bed, wardrobes, and dressers; a  bedroom bookshelf  is also a common feature among  bedroom furniture  nowadays. For avid readers, finding out how to store their ever-growing collection of books to their collection of favourite ones could be a major challenge. Making or designing a home library could be the solution to pursue your hobby and create one for children on the threshold of learning.  Check out  Nilkamal Furniture  to liven up your reading corner or nook in your apartment or home!

Explore small home library ideas

You live in a small space and still want the pleasure of parading your book collection. A small home library is definitely possible when trying to build a home library for your favourite novels, encyclopaedias, autobiographies, and more. Apart from taking care of your collection to exhibiting them most elegantly, a  bedroom bookshelf  could give a touch of glamour to your bedroom. You could opt for a wall-mounted bookshelf or an easily assembled one and be assured of making the right investment. A bookshelf will never go out of style and will add a touch of appeal and class to your bedroom. If you need a bookshelf that acts as a display unit to exhibit your collection of books, souvenirs, vases, and many more accessories, then look for the various options available. All you need to do is start by assessing your collection and how you would want to put it together. Below are a few ideas to conjure a small  home library  to build yourself a cosy gorgeous reading corner.

Opt for a bookshelf online with open cubbies 

If you like to browse through the title of books to pick one, then opt for an open bookshelf where you can arrange the books so that the titles appear nice and clear. The bookshelf is the perfect doorway to the imaginary world with open cubbies. An open bookshelf helps to feature your favourite books for your friends and family to appreciate your home library. The cubbies can also help to display memorabilia, souvenirs, and many other prized possessions. This kind ofbookshelf serves as a unit to display books and other accessories.

Make sure the bookshelf is easy to maintain

A bookshelf is not just one that will help to display books but one that will maintain them too. You must make sure that the shelf is easy to clean. A  bookshelf  must be one that can be wiped with a cloth. You need one that can be dusted as you do not want to use any damp piece of cloth to clean it. Using a damp cloth could lead to books becoming damp and mouldy.

The bookshelf must be ergonomically designed

Bookshelf and their cubbies or shelves must be easily accessible. You need a bookshelf that can store heavier editions of books and can be accessed without any damage to your hands. Choose one with compartments that can store heavier books at the bottom and lighter ones at the top.

Nail your budget

Once you have decided the kind of bookshelf you need, see if it fits your budget. Rather first assess your collection, the number of shelves you need, and the space it will occupy to be able to shop for one that will match your budget.

Think about seating

Just a bookshelf is not enough. You need a cosy space that will create a comfortable environment and increase the amount of time you spend reading. A sitting area or a small nook just by your bookshelf will add to the décor and make your room look lively. You could use existing  furniture  like a swivel chair or an accent chair.

Choose the right part of the room

A home library can be an inspiring space. Opt for the part of the room with windows by the side that lets in natural light. Choose a wall that will hold the shelf and accommodate it with enough room around it. Avoid nooks and corners as shelving units will become an issue. Pick the quietest space in the room to block out noise to read in peace.

Organise your books 

Just organise your books like you categorise your Netflix shows so that you can just read the titles as you like. Modular shelves help manage your books so you can enjoy your reading space. Part of the beauty of the  home library  is its cosiness. 


It is a daunting task when it comes to designing your home library. Not all of us will have a dedicated room to spare. However, contrary to what people think, a library space can be created anywhere in the home. You can work your creative cap on any space from under the stairs alcoves to unused walls. With the availability of modular shelving units and cases, you can pick one that will fit into your chosen space and start arranging your books. You can get as creative as you want. Accessorise with souvenirs, décor items, and more to make it a lively and homely space. Throw in a bean bag or a tiny stool for you to sit, read and unwind after a long day’s work. There is no limit to creativity when designing a home library. Books by themselves have an aura of their own.  Browse  different shelving units and options at  Nilkamal Furniture  to build your home library. Just choose the design of the  bedroom bookshelf  you like and then create a space you can be proud of.
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