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March 05, 2024

How Kids Bedroom Furniture with Storage Can Help Declutter Your Kid’s Room

As a parent, you will nod in agreement that as your children grow, their toy collection also grows. You must have two powerful tools like kids bedroom furniture with storage and a bit of creativity to keep your children’s room free from clutter. Incorporating the right kind of storage furniture will help you organize all your kids’ stuff neatly and prevent the room from looking like it was hit by a tornado! Maximizing space with the perfect storage solution and lowering clutter is the need of the hour when trying to achieve a decluttered look. Ensure that you achieve a fine balance by using up the available space to the optimum and making it simpler for kids to find their favourite toys. 




With activities like hosting tea parties, building tall forts, and focusing on artwork, kids stay busy the whole day, and their rooms are loaded with clutter as proof of it. If you are tired of picking up all the toys strewn across your kids’ room floor, it's high time to invest in kids bedroom furniture with storage options to have a clutter-free playscape. Investing in a storage solution like a storage cabinet or kids wardrobe will help in cleaning up the space immediately after their play time to flaunt a decluttered look. You can also choose bathroom storage to keep the bathing area neat and tidy to prevent soap bars from lying on the floor. Read on to learn which kids bedroom furniture you should choose to prevent a messy and cluttered look when you have guests at home. 

Useful Kids Bedroom Furniture to Save Space and Stay Organised

Bunk Beds to Save Precious Floor Space

Children tend to fall asleep quickly in a neat and tidy bedroom with soft lighting and a well-made bed. Choosing a useful kids bedroom furniture like bunk beds will help you save more floor space and create a comfortable environment for both the kids. The unique stacked design of the bunk beds keeps your kids feeling closer and safe when sleeping on the top and lower bunker. 

This kids bedroom furniture will keep your kids safe and secure, as the guardrails of the  bunk beds  constructed on all four sides prevent accidental falls. You need not compromise on giving your kids a relaxing sleeping space due to compact room size, as bunk beds have a space-saving leg design and structure to make your kids’ room look clutter-free. They can complement the existing furniture in the room, like kids wardrobe, with their rustic look. 

Book Shelves to Arrange in Style

If your little one is a bookworm, he might be reading several story books and fairy tales that kindle your imagination. However, the scattered books piled up on the floor might drive you nuts when you are already having a bad day. This is why you need useful kids bedroom furniture like a storage cabinet for books. These bookshelves have a lightweight design and tiered shelves to arrange books neatly based on different categories. It will be easier for your kids to select their favourite book without disturbing the rest when using this storage furniture. 

These  bookshelves  have a floating design and can blend well with your interiors to amp up your living room. Sporting a space-saving dimension and slim profile, it is easy to move the  bookshelf  to an unused corner or any space in your kid’s room. This full-fledged  bookshelf stand  is a great choice as a compact kids bedroom furniture in compact spaces. 


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Kids Wardrobe for a Decluttered Look

The first step to achieving a decluttered look is to choose an effective kids bedroom furniture with ample storage space to stow away the kids’ clothes, nappies, toys, and towels from being visible. Your kids’ room can look messy and disorganized, with clothes scattered on every piece of furniture and storage cabinet overflowing with clothes. To prevent this scenario, it is essential to invest in a couple of storage furniture like the kids wardrobe to keep your little one’s dresses and casual clothes neatly folded on the respective shelves. 

The deep-shelved design of the kids wardrobe will help you store even bigger toys after use. You can also include storage baskets, trays, and drawers to increase storage space to sort out your kids' wear and organize them. You can also find an array of  kids storage units  in kids bedroom furniture section that can offer the perfect storage solution. It includes: 

  • Mini Cabinets: The mini storage cabinet made of virgin plastic is an apt choice to arrange the books and clothes of your children to retrieve them easily later. If your kid’s room has a playful theme, then go for the  FMM Jungle Theme Mini Cabinet  or  Freedom Mini Small Storage Cabinet  with two drawers in deep blue and grey shades to take care of storage. 
  • Multipurpose Storage Boxes: Your search for a long-lasting storage solution with a deep design will be duly taken care of by this storage furniture. This spacious  storage box  made with tough plastic is offered with a whopping capacity of 50 litres, featuring a lightweight design. It has a lid and handle to support portability and offer a neat look when placed near a storage cabinet. Whether it is toys, dolls, or clothes, this spacious kids bedroom furniture can hold them all. These storage boxes are available in bright colours like blue, red, orange, and see-through  transparent  designs offered with a lid featuring a click lock to secure it. 


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Tips to Keep Your Kids Room Organised

Even though kids bedroom furniture with storage features will help you keep the kid’s room organized, practising a decluttered look takes time and patience. The tips mentioned below will help in achieving a decluttered kid’s room in a short time.

  • Teach your kids the ways to use storage furniture effectively without having to pick the toys or books from the floor each time. 
  • Help them read the labels on the storage cabinet to store their art books and colouring sets, toys, books, accessories, and stuffed animals in the respective storage boxes after using them to avoid clutter. 
  • Reward your kids when they place the items on the bookshelves or put back the toothbrush, soap, or shampoo in bathroom storage shelves to motivate them to stay organized. 


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Parting Thoughts

As a parent, it is essential to ensure that your kids' bedroom has a creative and calm ambience to make it safe for kids to avoid stepping on a sharp toy or a Lego piece. Choosing storage furniture will be an effective choice, as it can help you keep those toys, books, and art items organized. You can buy kids bedroom furniture from the website of  Nilkamal Kids Furniture  to have a decluttered and organized playscape.


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