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January 28, 2022

King vs Queen Size Bed: Differences

Are you planning to buy a bed? The first question that will pop up in your mind is whether you should go for a king-sized or queen-sized bed. Don't let this question boggle your mind and delay your decision. Check out the basic differences between a king size bed and a queen size bed. It is important to know the difference between the two to make a well-informed decision. With a comprehensive range of options available in the market today, it sometimes leaves customers thoroughly confused, making it tough for them to make a choice that suits their requirements.

You can begin with a simple question, like what are the dimensions of my bedroom? Will the king size bed fit in my bedroom? Will there be enough room to walk around the bed? Answers to these questions will bring you closer to a decision, but a proper understanding of the differences between a king size bed and a queen size bed will surely help you reach the right decision.

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Dimensions of a King Size Bed and a Queen Size Bed

When looking for a suitable bed, the basic detail is to find the dimensions of a king and queen size bed. For the uninitiated, these dimensions vary from country to country. For example, in the United Kingdom, a king size bed is available at 59 in x 79 in or 150 cm x 200 cm, while it can be 72 in x 75 in or 183 cm x 191 cm in Malaysia and Singapore. With the increase in global trade and shopping, the sizes are now becoming more standardized in different types of bed options.

Bed Dimensions in India

The typical king size bed dimensions in India are 72 in x 85 in or 183 cm x 216 cm. On the contrary, the queen size bed dimensions are 60 in x 78 in or 152 cm x 198 cm. Furthermore, single and double bed sizes are smaller where a double bed measures 48 in x 78 in or 122 cm x 198 cm while a single bed measures 36 in x 78 in or 91 cm x 198 cm. Check out these dimensions before buying a suitable product.

At a Glance

Here are the standard sizes of king-sized and queen-sized beds in India:

Bed Type Dimensions (In) Dimensions (Cm)
King Size Bed 72 in x 85 in 183 cm x 216 cm
Queen Size Bed 60 in x 78 in 152 cm x 198 cm
Single 36 in x 78 in 91 cm x 198 cm
Double 48 in x 78 in 122 cm x 198 cm

When To Choose a King Size Bed?

It is recommended to consider certain factors before choosing a king size bed. To begin with, the size of the bedroom must be 10 x 14 feet or more. After placing the bed in the room, there must be ample space to move around without bumping onto other furniture items, like wardrobes. Such a bed is ideal for a small family with a baby, who can sleep comfortably and the parents on the bed. Thus, it provides sufficient personal sleep while enjoying sound sleep.

When to Choose a Queen Size Bed?

It is recommended to consider buying a queen size bed if the bedroom size is no more than 10x12 feet. Since this bed is space-efficient and compact, it is perfect for smaller-sized rooms after leaving sufficient leg room to move around. It is perfect for couples or those who wish to sleep comfortably and need more room on the bed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a King or a Queen Size Bed

Before you are ready to dispose of your old bed and replace it with a new one, it is important to know more about the pros and cons of buying a king size bed or queen size bed. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make a proper decision that will suit precise requirements. Below is a table that discusses the pros and cons of these bed sizes for quick decision-making.

Pros of a King Size Bed vs a Queen Size Bed

Attributes King Size Bed Queen Size Bed
Size More Spacious Less Spacious
Storage Space More Storage Space Less Storage Space
Comfort Comfortable for a Small Family Comfortable for A Couple and Individuals
Convenience Perfect for Plus-size people Perfect for Regular-Size people
Leg Room More Leg Room Less Leg Room

Cons of a King Size Bed and Queen Size Bed

Attributes King Size Bed Queen Size Bed
Room Size Unsuitable for small rooms Lesser space for mattress
Moving Around Less Space to Move Around Comfortably Sufficient space to move around

Choosing the Right Bed Size

Certain factors need to be kept in mind when buying a bed. Here are a few that shall help streamline your search and make decision-making faster:

1. Bedroom Size

It is the first factor you should consider when buying the bed size. After placing the bed, there must be a minimum of two feet of space available on the three sides of the bed. Moreover, the furniture placement in the room must be such that it allows the user to move around the bed without any obstructions. It will also help decide the number of furniture pieces, like dressing tables or nightstands, that can be kept in the room besides the bed. If more furniture is required in the room, ensure sufficient free space after placing them. And you can accordingly choose a king size bed or a queen size bed.

2. Number of People Using the Bed

If the bed is meant only for a couple, a queen size bed is also a perfect choice. But if it is meant for a small family with an infant, it is imperative to use a king size bed. People often prefer a king size bed even if an individual or a couple uses it. It may depend on their preferred sleeping position. If they are used to hog a lot of space, moving around, or are restless sleepers on the bed, choosing a king size bed is better.

3. Plus-Size Users

If a couple is a plus-size, they must choose a king size bed to give them ample space on the bed to ensure a comfortable sleep. Also, look at the user's height when selecting the appropriate bed for the bedroom.

4. Storage Space

People staying in small homes or apartments usually look for storage beds online to store their stuff so that there is more space in the room. Most beds are available with storage space.


After considering these factors, buy a suitable sized mattress of the same size once a bed is purchased. After understanding the difference between a king size bed and a queen size bed, buyers can choose the right bed for their bedroom.

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