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July 22, 2022

Monsoon is here!! Learn ways to protect your Wooden furniture

The noise of clouds thundering and brisk spells of rain falling from the heavens after a hot and humid day is undoubtedly a sight to behold, but the Monsoon brings a threat that could destroy or damage any  wooden furnishings  or wooden work inside your house. You might start to notice moss and mildew during the monsoon season on the walls and the  wooden furniture  at your home.  Check out  a set of various DIY hacks and furnishings made out of wood from lots of designs, exclusively available at  Nilkamal.

Keep your wooden furnishings away from the wall

The first important step to protecting your  wooden furniture  from the dreaded monsoon season is to ensure you keep them away from the walls. Keeping wooden furnishings away from the wall is considered safe since with leaks or even without leaks, moist walls can be regarded as hazardous for your home furniture made of wood. So before the onset of the monsoon season, ensure that all kinds of  wooden furnishings  such as wooden bookshelves, showcases, wooden beds, and wooden wardrobes are kept at a sufficient distance away from the walls. This might be the first step to protecting wooden furnishings from the monsoon season.


 The leakages on the walls might deteriorate the quality of your home furniture made out of wood, which is why you should keep your wooden furnishings away from the walls.


Keep them away from windows and apply some DIY hacks


Keeping  wooden furniture  away from your windows is also quite essential since there is a constant threat of water seeping through the windows, which might substantially deteriorate the quality of your home's interiors. Keeping them away from the windows will ensure their quality will not deteriorate due to water seepage.


You can also try to apply some DIY hacks as a countermeasure to protect your  home furniture  in the monsoon season. Camphor balls are recommended as they are known to be suitable water absorbents and keeping them inside the wooden shelves and wooden wardrobes will prevent termites from damaging the home furniture made out of wood at your home.  Explore  various options of wooden furnishings available in different designs, exclusively available at  Nilkamal.


Our Tip:  Clean the wooden window panels whenever you find them wet or soaked, which will play a significant role in preventing water seepage.


Coat with lacquer and oil your wooden furnishings


Using a coat of lacquer on  wooden furnishings  such as wooden shelves and wooden wardrobes might be helpful since it increases the longevity or the durability of furniture made out of wood. Lacquer coating will help fill up the minute pores, eventually preventing any swelling up or the deposition of moisture content in the wooden furnishings.


Any wetness is considered bad for furniture made out of hardwood because it may lead to the absorption of moisture content during the monsoon season. The best way to prevent the deposition of moisture content in your  home furniture's  wooden furnishings is to ensure you oil them or use spray wax. It won't allow any moisture content to form a layer on the wooden interiors in your home.


Keep rooms light and airy and open spaces rainproof


You must ensure that the room in which  wooden furniture  is kept is adequately ventilated and sufficient cross ventilation. You can keep doors open for sufficient air to pass. You can also use a dehumidifier to check the moisture level in the room and eventually reduce it.


If you have a terrace or an open balcony, consider trying different ways, such as a shade from the above to protect any outside furniture. Ensuring that the empty spaces are rainproof will redefine the look of your balcony and ensure you have that perfect hangout point to chill and relax. You also need to waterproof your terrace to ensure there is no risk of water clogging or water leakages.  Buy  different designs of  wooden furnishings  at affordable prices, available exclusively at  Nilkamal.


Ways to Restore Wooden Furnishings after Rain Damage


Drying the  wooden interiors  of your home after sufficient damage caused by rain can be a tiresome process, which is why you should try following these steps:

  • Clean up wet spills on the furniture using a dry towel. Use gloves while wiping the water to avoid stains.
  • Leave the  wooden furnishings  outside to dry and obtain fresh air. You can keep any water-damaged wooden shelves, cupboards, or drawers in the open to soak in the fresh air.
  • Use Vacuum to remain any water particles from the corner area of the furniture.
  • Extensive use of Dehumidifiers is crucial as it dries up any furniture which is water damaged.
  • If the  wooden furniture  in your house has upholstery, allow it to dry and try using baking soda to absorb any odour found in your home's wooden furnishings. 

Following these steps will protect your wooden furnishings from any monsoon rains.




The visual appeal and grandeur wooden interiors brought to your home are unparalleled. To ensure the  wooden furnishings  in your home don't deteriorate in quality due to the monsoon rain, you have to follow the steps mentioned above. By following these steps, you can enjoy the monsoon season without worrying about the depletion of the quality of the  wooden furnishings  at your home.  Browse  from an assortment of wooden furnishings available such as wooden shelves, cupboards, drawers, beds, etc., with different designs, available at affordable prices for a large section of people, exclusively from Nilkamal Furniture. You can order online from the comfort of your home and enjoy hassle-free doorstep delivery without delay.
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