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March 29, 2023

Positives and Negatives of Modular vs Traditional Beds before Buying

Modular furniture is a way of arranging and constructing furniture items differently. Based on your needs, you can build new furniture for any part of your home by using existing furniture or getting flexible furniture pieces as the essential parts. You may rebuild the furniture pieces you already have to match the other furniture items in your home. A  modular bed  is an adjustable bed crafted according to your needs. Some points discussed below are how such an adjustable bed is beneficial and what makes it unique. Also, know the disadvantages of these beds by reading through the article. 


 Advantages of Modular Beds

Some of the pros of  modular bed vs traditional bed  are listed below, which will help you to decide on the kind of  bed  you should get for your bedroom. 


  • Adaptable Furniture 

The primary benefit of an adjustable bed is that it is flexibility. The bed can be crafted to suit your requirements in the most convenient and practical fashion. It must be functionally innovative and an immense asset to you at all times over a  traditional bed


  • Heightens the Aesthetic Value of the Home 

One of the basic home furniture requirements is that it must be aesthetically pleasing. A  modular bed  can be made in a way that improves the stylish concept of the bedroom. For example, the bed can be made in a matching design to the wardrobe for a uniform and elegant appeal. This is impossible with a new regular bed as it will be in a different design unless you are willing to change the entire bed cum wardrobe set. 


  • Provides Many Alternatives 

The best part of using flexible beds is that they may fit into any ambience. Many forms with one bed are the basic theme of modular bunks. Different shapes and forms can be obtained with a  single bed  with multiple alternatives. This allows you to place the bed in any bedroom to improve the room's ambience. On the other hand, a regular bed cannot be placed anywhere as it has to have a similar concept to the other furniture. 


  • Provides Space 

The space provided by flexible furniture is a practical advantage that cannot go amiss. Instead of getting new furniture every time, a  customisable bed  can save space within the room and, ultimately, the home. Such beds are crafted to adjust and make more space wherever they are placed. 


  • Easily Movable 

This is a convenient point for those individuals who need to move around a lot and change homes and locations often. The modular bunks can be easily dismantled and reassembled whenever needed, which proves advantageous in saving the workforce required to move furniture around. Regular  beds  need more human resources and may need more dismantling capacities. 


  • Highly Durable 

Not only is the modular bunk a flexible option, but it can be highly durable furniture in terms of longevity. The beds are crafted using durable materials that give them lasting features in different weather conditions, and this kind of adjustable bed assures lasting quality with a sturdy build.


  • Affordable Option

The cost-effectiveness of modular furniture makes it an appealing option. Especially when assembling and dismantling it, the adjustable beds can be easily handled with minimal labour expenses. This saves the cost of moving around as well as the cost of buying a new regular bed. Investing in new furniture is also an expensive affair, and this is where adjusting to a modular bunk becomes an affordable and cost-saving option. 


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Disadvantages of Customisable Beds 

Despite the many pros of modular bunks, there are a few drawbacks that ought to be considered. 


  • Low reselling options 

The biggest drawback of modular furniture is that it is made with the concept of fitting into a certain area. This makes it a difficult product to resell, as finding another buyer needing the exact furniture dimensions is a complex and unlikely situation. On the other hand, a regular bed can be easily resold as it comes in standard size options like a king, queen, double, single, etc.


  • Expert carpenters are required 

The need for highly expert carpenters limits the use of modular bunks in case of renovating the  bedroom.  Local carpenters may need help to suggest ideas or work on such furniture with contemporary designs and custom skills. Regular beds, however, can be easily repaired by any carpenter with moderate skills.

Find Contemporary Modular Bunks at Nilkamal 

 A groove panel with an elegant LED light effect makes this modular bunk attractive for modern homes. Made from engineered wood, the bed is available in a king and queen size option in a stunning white concept. 


Made from a combination of rubber and engineered wood, this bed can be a voguish addition to your home. There is a carved wooden headboard with PVC upholstery that gives it a well-crafted look. 


There is a three-fourth hydraulic storage combined with half-box storage for varied storage needs in the bed. Made from durable engineered wood, the bed is elegant with a marble design headboard. 



This full hydraulic storage bed is entirely made of sturdy particle board construction. It has two spacious compartment to store clothes and bedding. 


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Even though a  traditional bed  has been around for ages and are available in several designs, we are always looking for new concepts when it comes to furniture. Having the same furniture around the home for many years can be a mood killer and may require costly upkeep. Hence, modular furniture can be a practical solution for those looking to have low-budget refurbishing in the home. Adjustable beds that may be customized according to the space in the bedroom can be exquisite and have a hands-on approach. Explore the different kinds of  modular bed vs traditional bed  available online at  Nilkamal Furniture  and choose a bed that will most feasibly upgrade your bedroom's look. There are beds available in varying designs and dimensions for a contemporary look.

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