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December 19, 2022

Stay Warm With a Smart Profile Foam Mattress for this Winter

Every sector in the market is being touched upon by technological improvements making the products more inventive, intuitive, and forward-thinking. The mattress business has undoubtedly embraced new technology to assist people in optimising their comfort and restful sleep through winter nights. 

The mattress's innovative foam is sliced into slots and ridges to support every body part, resulting in a smart profile foam. It provides anatomically designed zones that promote optimal spine health and perfect posture for uninterrupted sleep. Thesmart profile foam mattress ensures complete air circulation and correct posture for better blood circulation. Let's understand this smart technology and its benefits and find the best mattress for the coming winter.

What are The Smart Profile Foam Mattress Available?

Nilkamal has employed modern technology to assist users in selecting thebest mattress for a comfortable night. Let's look at the profiles created usingspinal health technology. You can also search"mattress stores near me" and shop from your home. 

  1. Blissful Sleep By Ultrabliss

TheUltrabliss smart mattresss employ modern technology and smart temperature technical fabric, giving optimum thermal comfort for peaceful nights. The mattress is available in Hybrid ortho foam, ultra-soft foam, and high-density HR foam. This gives you the flexibility of choice as per your budget and preferences. The Ultrablissfoam mattress provides optical spinal alignment by ensuring equal pressure distribution. This foam mattress comes in smart layers of memory foam quilt on top and soft foam quilt at the bottom. The mattressding is dual-sided and reversible with anatomical zones, providing comfort in any season.

  1. Easy Sleep By Aeroluxe

This cutting-edge, 4-zone profile smart mattress is thebest mattress for even weight distribution.Aeroluxe has a high resilience convoluted active foam with variable firmness for optimum body support. The innovative convoluted foam gives the comfort and support that your body requires. Themattress has a supportive core layer that adapts to relax the muscles and high-density support foam to relieve pains or spinal discomfort. A layer of floating foam distributes body weight equally; hence, no sagging is ensured. The mattress is ideal for all weather as it has ultra-cool temperature management for dissipating heat and ensuring a peaceful sleep. The fabric is zipped and can be removed; therefore is anti-microbial and keeps the bugs and odour away. Also, the material is formulated to provide excellent durability as it resists discolouration, stains, or fungal growth. 

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  1. Healthier Sleep By Accube

The 5-zone cube grid technology distinguishesAccube from its sister mattresses. This smart profile cube foam technology provides extra bounce and comfort by easing the muscles of your body. The dual-sided smart profile makes the mattress reversible, and the smart profile cubical structure aids in air circulation. The natural aloe vera-treated fabric keeps you healthy as it is anti-microbial and dust resistant. The highly resilient lotto sponge foam maintains body posture and relaxes the body.

  1. Rejuvenate With Rejuve

Thismemory foam mattress is very affordable. The dynamic 3-layer for air circulation regulates body temperature.Rejuve is child friendly and has the ideal firmness to suit all age groups. The ortho foam layer helps in regulating the body temperature. The medium-soft layer ensures relaxation and pain relief. The fabric is breathable and fresh with a contour-shaped foam layer. Very innovative dust-resistant and anti-static fabric provide a new and rejuvenated feel.

Every smart mattress  is unique; however, some characteristics that are commonly included in the design of the greatest adjustablememory foam mattress alternatives include the following. This further ensures a warm and comfortable sleep is guaranteed in the chill weather.

  • Adjustable:An essential element of thesmart profile foam mattress is that it comes with adjustable firmness levels. The air chambers allow users to tailor the firmness or softness of the mattress to their preferences. Each side of the mattress can be individually adjusted to the users' liking. Couples with varied firmness preferences can now sleep peacefully on the same mattress.
  • Air circulation:The smart mattress incorporate layers to circulate air continuously and thus meet posture variations of the individuals. 
  • Refreshed feel:Another function that ensures a comfortable winter night is that the mattress can ensure a germ-free environment to sleep in. The fabric is treated and anti-microbial, allowing you to feel refreshed. 
  • Ensure a Healthy Sleep Zone:It is critical to create an environment in yourbedroomthat encourages relaxation. Using a memory foam mattress and smartpillow is an excellent first step toward ensuring comfortable nights. 
  • Movement absorption: The smart profile foam mattress aligns with the body's natural contours. It allows you and your companion to sleep soundly by absorbing any movements and keeping you from a restless night. The foam technology utilised in these mattresses keeps it cool and controls the temperature, so you don't wake up feeling overly hot or chilly.

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Following these suggestions, you can sleep warmly and pleasantly until spring arrives.


The advantages of movement control, adjustable hardness levels, comfort postures, and dust-resistive fabric make your best mattress choice worthwhile. Sleeping well involves sleeping wisely, and the best way to achieve that is with a smart profile foam mattress. If you believe your old mattress is due for an upgrade, you've got to visit “mattress stores near me Nilkamal Furniture and explore themattresses online.

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