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January 14, 2023

Tips To Preserve The Looks Of Your Wooden Furniture

We all love wooden furniture. The elegant looks, the timeless appeal, and the sturdiness of wooden furniture make them a solid contender for a family heirloom to be cherished by generation after generation. However, with the passing years, your wooden furniture withstands a lot of wear and tear. And soon you see marks, scruffs, dullness and discolouration on your wooden furniture. Then all you think is of wasted money and expenses for new furniture pieces. But you ignore that your wooden furniture, however sturdy, requires regular  care and maintenance.   With regular maintenance and care, the life of your wooden furniture increases exponentially, and you can preserve its timeless looks. Here is a complete wooden   furniture care guide   with adequate   care and maintenance   tips for cleaning and maintaining your wooden furniture.


Wooden Furniture Care And Maintenance Guide 

When you buy new furniture, you are enthusiastic about its upkeep. You   clean furniture   daily or almost every day to ensure there is no dust, and its brand-new shine is maintained. Also, to maintain wooden   furniture polish,   you avoid keeping hot things on it and protect it from scratches. But as time passes, you must be more careful in its upkeep and cleaning. As a result, your  clean furniture wood   becomes dusty, has scruff marks and loses its sheen. However, if you follow our simple tips from the below  furniture care guide,  your wooden furniture will have a long life, and you can maintain its elegance for many years. 


Regular Dusting

Clean furniture  maintains its looks and lasts longer. Therefore, one of the essential tips for caring for your  wooden furniture  is to dust it regularly. Dust particles in the air tend to build a layer on the wooden furniture. This filmy layer can scratch the furniture's surface and dull the  furniture polish.  When you frequently dust your wooden furniture, that prevents dust build-up, thus preventing scratches and discolouration. You can wipe your wooden furniture as per your environment. Do it daily when living in a dusty area or your home gets dusty. If you get a little dust in your home, you can dust your furniture weekly or every few days. To dust your Nilkamal  Romano Engineered Wood Side Table  and other furniture properly, use a soft cotton cloth, a microfibre cloth, or lint-free cloth and clean dust from every nook and corner, not just from the large surfaces or visible parts. While dusting, gently wipe the furniture toward the wood grain. This will prevent any scratches on the wood surface. You can also use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner in the same manner. For stubborn dirt, slightly dampen the cleaning cloth and rub gently. Remember not to soak the fabric and squeeze the excess water, as water can harm the wood. 


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Periodic Deep Cleaning

Apart from regular dusting, deep cleaning periodically is also required to clean your wooden furniture. You can deep clean your wooden furniture once a month or every few weeks. However, while doing deep cleaning, remember to use natural products instead of harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners to maintain the furniture's polish and avoid scratches. You can use mild soap or mild dishwashing liquid for cleaning your wooden furniture. Mix mild soap or dishwashing liquid with water to make the cleaning solution. Take a soft and clean cloth, dip it in a mild soap solution, and clean the furniture. Then take another damp cloth to clean the surface where you used soap. Lastly, take a dry and clean cloth to soak the excess moisture from the furniture's surface. 


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Periodic Wax and Polish

To maintain the looks of your wooden furniture, polishing or waxing periodically is required. It restores the natural wood lustre and helps protect the wood from dirt, dust and moisture. When doing  furniture polish for wood,  start with a thorough dusting, then apply small quantities of beeswax or any other wax or  furniture polish for wood  with a clean and soft cloth in a circular motion along the direction of the grain. Clean the excess polish with a dry cloth. You can deep  clean and polish wood  furniture every few weeks and wax your wood furniture when required or once a year. 


Use Coasters/Placemats

To avoid stains or damage from heat, use coasters or placemats on wooden furniture, such as  dining tables  or side tables. This will prevent water rings, stains and scratches from glasses, cups, plates and cutlery. The use of coasters and placemats will reduce your cleaning. Also, when keeping vases or lamps on  wooden tables,  use placemats. 


Keep away from direct sunlight and heat

Direct sunlight and heat can cause damage to your wooden furniture, and they fade or becomes discoloured when exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Avoid keeping your furniture open, near an open window or fireplace. You can shade your outdoor furniture or drape your window. Another option is to use UV-resistant spray on your furniture to protect them from discolouration fading. 


Take care when moving furniture

When you move your wooden furniture, be careful not to scratch it or the floor. Instead of dragging your furniture, lift it and then move it. In the case of heavyweight furniture, keep a towel or blanket beneath it and then remove it.  


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Immediate damage control

Even with reasonable care and precautions, your wooden furniture may get stained, chipped, or scratched. The best way to minimise the damage from all of these is to deal with them immediately. Clean stains with a soap solution. Wipe it immediately when water or something else gets spilt on your wooden furniture. Remove light scratches with wax or polish. For deep scratches or chips, use wood fillers or call a professional.  



These simple cleaning and maintenance tips allow you to maintain your wooden furniture for many years. These tips will prolong your furniture's life and keep it looking the best. Check  Nilkamal furniture  to purchase the best wooden furniture for your home. The store also has a wide variety of  living room  and  home office furniture

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