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September 12, 2023

Top Nilkamal Bed Designs Best Suited to Your Bedroom Space

When it comes to designing your bedroom space, the  bed designs  you choose make all the difference to the aesthetics and vibe of the room. More importantly, the bed being the centrepiece of the room, the comfort it provides also determines the quality of your sleep. With so many  bed designs  in the market, it can become a little tricky to  buy bed online  that’s just right for your space. This article will help you understand what is available and what is best suited for your space. What’s more, explore the collection of beds which we’re positive hold the model you’re looking for.  


How To Pick Your Ideal Bed Design

King Size Beds: For Space and Luxury

A  king size bed  is the epitome of luxury and comfort. They offer ample space for couples who like to spread out while sleeping or for those who prefer a lot of room for themselves. The standard width for  king size beds  is 6 ft (72in), and the length is 85. These beds come in different varieties, such as  beds with storage,  which feature plenty of storage space in drawers and regular  king size beds made of solid wood.  The beds must be paired with  king size mattresses,  and it’s essential to choose the right length for comfortable sleep. There are  king size beds  with metal frames and minimalistic  bed designs  that complement the décor of different rooms. Ensure your room has enough space to transport and hold the bed without feeling too cramped. 


Queen Sized Beds: For Comfort and Versatility

The  queen size bed   designs are meant to achieve a balance between space and versatility. While they are roomy, they are suited for people who cannot choose  king size beds  because of space constraints. The standard dimensions for  queen size beds  are 60 x 78 inches. Similar to  king size beds,  these come in a variety of designs and build materials and with storage options. A variety of  mattresses  is also available for  queen size bed  that provide excellent comfort and support. The bedding sizes fall somewhere between king size and twin bed size. 

Double Size Beds: Cosy and Space-saving

A  double bed,  also known as a full-sized bed, is an excellent choice for smaller bedrooms or guest rooms. They provide a cosy sleeping space while leaving more room for other furniture, such as  bedside tables  and  dressing tables.  They’re the perfect choice that balances spacious beds with room space. The standard size for  double beds  is 48 x 78 inches, which is suitable for most homes. These  bed designs  come in various frame styles, from solid wood to metal and are quite popular with most households. The designs range from simple, minimalistic beds to elegantly crafted solid wood frames that enhance the décor of your room. Most  double bed  models do not feature storage space with drawers; however, they can be custom-made for small rooms that can use the extra space. 


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Single Size Beds: For One Person and Small Rooms

A  single bed  is the smallest sized bed available in the market. They are for one person only or one child in a room. These beds are suited for rooms of all sizes but are commonly purchased for an individual. Some parents also prefer to have two  single beds  instead of a  bunk bed  for their kids as individual preference. The standard  single bed  size is 36 inches in width by 78 inches in length. These  bed designs  come in metal and wooden frames and sometimes have storage spaces underneath.  Single beds  are also preferred by people who live alone in small rented spaces 


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Bunk Beds: Compact and Fun

Bunk beds  are a fantastic choice for children's rooms or small spaces where you need to save space. They are famous for their space efficiency and playful design and are loved by children because they’re fun to sleep in and double as a play area for the rest of the time. Since the frame is a prominent feature of these  bed designs,  they are built out of different wood, such as pine wood, teak and rosewood, to give an excellent finish. A  bunk bed  gives the room’s aesthetic a strong presence and can make a significant impact when the finish looks like a real work of art.  Bunk beds  are also available in metal frames; however, these don’t rank as high as their wooden counterparts in the looks department. Since a  bunk bed  is two  single beds  stacked on one another, they take the same kind of mattress. 


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Metal Beds: Standard and Stylish

As the name suggests,  metal beds  are made out of metal frames. They have gained popularity for their sleek, simple and modern appearance. They can fit into various bedroom styles, from lodging to contemporary. What they lose in style, the metal beds make up for in functionality. The frames are often lighter than wooden beds but stronger, and many of these  bed designs  can also be taken apart for easy transport. Metal  bed designs  span from a  king size bed  to single and  bunk beds.  They are typically preferred by people who move frequently and have a minimalistic outlook on bedroom décor. 


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Choosing the best  bed design  for your bedroom space is a decision that should be based on careful consideration of your room's dimensions, your personal preferences, and your unique needs. Now that you better understand the types, you can confidently  buy bed online  by matching the specifications with your needs. Visit  Nilkamal Furniture  today to find the perfect bed you’re looking for!

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