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January 09, 2023

10 Ways to Protect Your Garden Furniture This Winter

Winter is the cosiest season; it is the time of the year when you wrap yourself in a comfy blanket and enjoy hot coffee. As you prepare your home for upcoming winters, you might need to remember about the furniture outside your home. The  garden furniture  requires equal attention and care, but you can't wrap it in a warm blanket to protect it from harsh winters. Leaving it out in dark, cold storms is also not justifiable. Exposure to cold and ice will impact the life and durability of the furniture. You won't like your garden or outdoor furniture looking old and rotten, and it will ruin your garden and cosy balcony setup. This guide will help keep your outdoor furniture safe and long-lasting in winter. 


Tips to Protect Your Garden Furniture in Winter


Garden furniture  is made from wood, plastic, aluminium etc. As material varies, so do the precautions to protect them changes. The following tips will surely help you preserve the beauty of your outdoor furniture, irrespective of the material used. 


Deep Cleaning

Whether we accept it or not, our outdoor furniture is the most neglected one. However, garden furniture is designed to withstand different weather and maintain its natural shine. When did you last clean your outdoor furniture? Cleaning is a precautionary step that helps you notice any decay or rust at the right time so you can take preventive measures. A thorough cleaning session will be a great help to your furniture. 


Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Wooden garden sofas are coated with a protective layer, but continuous exposure to wet and cold weather will erode the layer, and it will not only lose shine but also rot within 2 to 3 years. So it is essential to keep your wooden furniture clean. If dust and dirt stick to the  garden sofa,  winter will amplify the decaying process of the furniture. So it is essential to take a damp cloth and wipe your  garden sofa set and  garden chairs  on a sunny day so they will be dried in no time. 


Aluminium and Plastic Funiture

Aluminium and  plastic furniture  is easy to maintain and clean. They are best for outdoor arrangements as they can bear harsh weather but showering little love on this outdoor furniture will keep it brand new for a more extended period. Take water and soap and clean it thoroughly; avoid using thorny scrub as it might scratch the furniture's surface. You can use polish or wax on aluminium furniture for a smooth surface.


Iron and Steel Furniture

Regular cleaning of iron and steel furniture help in keeping rust at bay. You won't like your furniture stained with reddish rust; if rust is not treated in its early stages, it could damage furniture to an irreparable state. So take a brush, detergent and water and clean your outdoor garden furniture. 


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Wicker and Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Wicker furniture is beautifully woven furniture, and that is why a bit tricky to clean, as dust and dirt accumulate in the weave. Start vacuuming the garden furniture; you can use a brush to clean the corners and weave. After vacuuming, takes a damp cloth with mild soap and wipe it clean. 


Paint and Polish

Cleaning is an excellent way to  garden furniture care,  but timely painting and polishing is another step. Cleaning protects your furniture from dust, dirt and rust; paint will give it an extra protective layer. Painting your wooden furniture will add shine and protect it from mites and insects. Annually polishing and painting your iron furniture will treat the rusted areas and keep furniture in good condition for a long time. While painting, give special attention to the legs and parts in contact with the damp ground. The decay starts from the bottom of the furniture. Depending on the quality of outdoor furniture, use paint or oil. 


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Outdoor Cushions and Fabric 

May be fabric used in outdoor furniture is tough and wear-tear resistant. Instead of leaving them out in cold weather, it is better to store them in the house. But wash them before storing them. Following the cleaning instructions and precautions mentioned on the fabric and cushions is advisable. For stubborn stains, use a gentle liquid soap with lukewarm water, soak the cushion and sofa cover for 10 minutes, rinse, and air dry them. 


Keep Them in a Shed

Another effective way to protect your furniture is keeping them in a shed. You love your outdoor setting to be under the open sky to enjoy a clear view of the evening and night sky, but you will not use your outdoor seating arrangement amid cold waves. If you live in icy areas that experience snowfall, keeping furniture in the shed or garage will protect it from storms, ice and freezing rain.


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Keep Them Indoor

Winter is a season of locking yourself in a warm home and sipping hot chocolate. Similarly, keeping furniture indoors is an easy way to protect them. You can store your furniture in the basement or attic and enjoy winter without worrying about your fancy  garden sofa set  and  bench . This way, you can keep furniture moisture and dirt free. 


Furniture Cover

If you want to avoid moving your heavy  garden sofa  or balcony furniture every season or you lack space, there is another way to save it from moist and cold weather. Get a  furniture protector.  Cover your outdoor furniture and secure them properly to get maximum protection from the winter. Now cover your balcony dining table and  garden chairs  when not in use. When the sun is shining, remove the  furniture protector  and voila, your garden sitting arrangement is ready for use. You can even use a  furniture topper.


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Winter is a lovely season to enjoy quality time with your loved ones in the warmth and cosiness of home as you welcome winter with all cold fighting armour. Let's remember the garden sofa set and balcony bench. VisitNilkamal furniture to buy durable outdoor furniture.  Garden furniture care  needs a little effort to keep them new for a long time. 

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