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July 02, 2022

Just because you have a small house doesn't mean you cannot have a proper dining room setup! If your room lacks sufficient space for a conventional dining table set up with high-backed chairs, it's time to get creative and think out of the box. Put up a piece of multi-purpose furniture that fits the purpose of a dining table. However, when not in use, this furniture should not be an odd object in the room and blend in with the decor.  Explore  Nilkamal furniture  for a plethora of creative little dining table designs which meet your requirements perfectly.

Dining Table Ideas

Below is a list of 13 such  small dining table ideas  that will leave your guests thoroughly surprised:

Take your table high

High-top tables  add an airy appearance to your room, giving your small space an illusion of depth and making it look spacious. However, unless you are comfortable with eating your meals while standing, you'll have to get  high chairs  that match the leg length of your table. 

Reinvent the corner space

If the corner of your small room is sitting idle, prop a  small table  against the wall and add chairs to the two empty sides. If you feel artsy, add a bench to the corner before placing the table. You can decorate it with cushions and a comfortable mattress. 

Make more room with a circular table

Rectangular tables  are great, but it comes with a seating capacity. Circular tables, on the other hand, have a greater seating capacity, and these tables can accommodate more people without making the room look cluttered or congested.

To fold or not to fold

Say goodbye to your old dining tables and get your hands on the foldable. These  foldable tables  are ideal for small spaces since they can be folded into a compact shape and stored away after use. You can carry your table to the spot if you are a picnic person. For chairs, you can either opt for small, simple or foldable ones that match the style of your table. 

Table with a view

This table design will suit you if you are an autophile looking for  small dining room ideas.  Rather than placing the setup in the middle of the room, putting a rectangular kitchen table against a window, partition or wall is the most efficient approach to save space. Plus, if your apartment has an open window, you'll enjoy sipping your morning coffee while taking in the scenery. The best part is that such a piece of foldable furniture can be pulled up while dining and pushed back into the window/wall/partition once the meal is over. Buy tables according to your requirements from  Nilkamal furniture.


Bench your corners

If you don't want to waste space in your room by adding extra chairs,  bench the corners. A comfortable corner bench with soft pillows and a blanket will become your perfect rainy-day spot. Add a small table in front, and you have your own dining space. Adding extra stools or foldable  chairs increases seating capacity and helps to accommodate more people. 

Multifunctional kitchen table

If you are used to having your breakfast in the kitchen, then all you need is a  wooden table.  When not in use, it doubles up as the kitchen counter or can be used for storage purposes. You can also use it for office work, sewing, making crafts, drying seeds, vegetables- anything that makes your life easy.

Floating dinner

There is no room too tiny to create a formal dining area. So if your flat is too small for traditional tables with legs, you can choose a floating table instead! You have to attach a little table to an empty wall, and you're done. You can now have a floating breakfast, lunch, and dinner set up in an idle corner of the room. When not in use, floating tables take up very little space and can be used as a decorative wall. 

Kitchen islands as dinner tables

This design is appropriate for households with a larger kitchen with enough room to install a kitchen island. In most homes, it only serves as a breakfast table, but in smaller areas, you can consider it as a permanent fixture for entertaining visitors. The space surrounding the table is cleared up by placing bar stools against the island for ease of movement.

Drop-leaf table

Another type of adjustable table is the classic drop-leaf table. The table's wings or leaves can be raised or lowered as necessary. When tucked against a wall, it has a tiny footprint and can fit 2 to 5 people.

Minimalistic approach

A small area will always feel even smaller with bulky  furniture.  Choose minimal stools without arms to minimise space in a small dining room. To create an illusion of a broader, spacious room, pair the stools with a short-legged dining table with the same minimal design.


At-home bistro

The French-style bistro table is the most  miniature table  with the most significant impact. It has a s sophisticated black marble counter that will make your small kitchen space the most Instagram - worthy place in town. It is ideal for dining, but you can also decorate the tabletop with fresh flowers to add a vibrant touch to your small kitchen. 

At-home bar

If you have an unoccupied wall, you can mount a shelf that doubles as a  breakfast bar.  You can add a few stools and create your 24-hour dining establishment. However, if you prefer aesthetics over functionality, remove the stools when not in use and line your bar shelf with decorative show-pieces, spice jars or other valuable things.


All you need are a few interesting  small dining room ideas  to convert your tiny kitchen spaces into stylish rooms with a designated eating space that can also fit in with your guests. Don't forget to  check out  the  small dining table ideas  at  Nilkamal furniture  for more inspiration.
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