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July 04, 2022

In modern architectural designs, the  bedroom wardrobe  acts as a significant style component. The charm of a bedroom can be enhanced with a pinch of modern and luxurious  wardrobe  designs. A well-organised wardrobe ensures there's less time looking at your favourite pieces of clothing. Explore sleek and modern designs that employ different materials.  Check out  Nilkamal Furniture  for some astonishing furniture designs. 

Remarkable Wardrobe Designs Ideas For Home

Here are some amazing ideas to design your wardrobe.

Mirror finished wardrobes - a modern solution to boldness

A mirror-finished wardrobe enhances the beauty of the bedroom. An astounding and luxurious look is delivered to your bedroom. Trying a golden-coloured or a brownish-coloured glass even magnifies the standard of wardrobe design, which leverages the look of your dream bedroom. You can also try black marbled glass to magnify the beauty.  Browse  for the latest designs of modern and luxurious  bedroom wardrobe  at  Nilkamal Furniture.

Transparent finish wardrobes - simplicity that shows off

Want a simple yet stylish wardrobe design that complements the aura of your bedroom? Then a transparent finish wardrobe is an option for you.You can highlight your apparel collection by installing a LED light inside thewardrobe, and the splendidly crafted translucent doors will accomplish the rest. Start your journey of selecting your dream  bedroom wardrobe  at  Nilkamal Furniture,  your one-stop solution for choosing the wardrobe that suits your personality.

Black and white marble finish - for a minimalist marvel 

If you're a person that loves the combination of black-white beauty and a foodie who loves oreo, then this exotic fusion of black-white shiny marble finish wardrobe design is for you. The calming charm of this wardrobe will elevate the soothing ambience of your bedroom to the next level. You can appreciate the charisma of the bedroom by adding a white fur chair, which gives a compounding effect to the attractiveness of the space.

Dark wood finish - a cosy crunch

Who doesn't enjoy being at home on a rainy day with a mug of coffee in bed? Well, then a dark wood wardrobe can make you feel more comfortable and eye-soothing. A dark wood wardrobe catches the attention of your eyes with its deep calming impact. To make the surroundings a little intense and dramatic, such wardrobes play a good role.  Wooden almirah designs for bedroom  can also be crafted with dark wood for a calm environment.

Textured wardrobe design - an artistic aura

The world is full of colours and art, so why should your bedroom not be filled with it? A  bedroom wardrobe  can be designed with some patterns, textures, or paintings to give an artistic sight. To match and elevate its beauty, a wardrobe can also be designed similarly. Some architects match the wardrobe design with the design of the bedroom like a jigsaw puzzle. You can also try some weird and asymmetric shapes, patterns, or lines that give an imperfectly perfect beauty to the room. 

Sliding door wardrobe

Sliding wardrobe design is the best idea when you have limited space in your room, as they do not occupy the space for opening and closing. Also, sliding door wardrobes give you a sense of luxury. Make sure to put drawers in sliding door wardrobes to utilise the space best. Generally, these wardrobes suit the white colour but do not forget to twist them to your taste. 

Those are some wardrobe design ideas you can consider while designing your wardrobe.

Let's consider giving your wardrobe a long and effective life.

  • The wardrobes are for effective storage of your belongings, so first, be clear about what things you're going to store and make the design accordingly.
  • The next important thing is that the wood you're using for your wardrobes must be termite free, as you don't want your valuable outfits to be ruined.
  • Consider making the  bedroom wardrobe  with waterproof material, as the moisture can cause serious damage to sensitive outfits.
  • Make arrangements for seasonal storage, which means that build the wardrobe in such a way that the shift from summer clothes to warm clothes can be quick and less tedious.
  • Make sure you install wide hinges for the doors of your  wardrobe  as it helpsto utilise the space fully.
  • Make different compartments for different things you'll store. For example, make partitions for jewellery, watches, earrings, and rings to store in a more organised manner. 
  • Make a dedicated section for footwear, and sometimes people ignore to store their footwear systematically, which results in less life span of the same. 



The wardrobe is a limited space object, so you don't want to fill it up with clothes you don't like. Here's a bonus tip for decluttering your  wardrobe,  when you see a dress in your wardrobe, imagine that you're at a shopping mall, and ask yourself a question, would you consider buying that dress? If the answer is yes, keep it; otherwise, say goodbye.After all your efforts trying to figure out a unique wardrobe design that matches your style and personality, take the backseat and let the wardrobe do the thing.

Nilkamal furniture  is a one-stop shop for all your furniture needs, from a classy wooden chair to wooden almirah designs for the bedroom, everything at your fingertips.The right selection of  bedroom wardrobe  will transform your bedroom look. Buy  from  Nilkamal furniture  for some incredible furniture options at affordable prices.  
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