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November 05, 2021

5 Valuable Decor Tips No One Gave You Before

Are you looking to give a makeover to your home? It’s not as simple as buying good furniture and filling your rooms with decor pieces. The beauty of decorating homes is in the details. So let’s look at some awesome tips for decorating your home that no one ever told you about.

Barcelona Center Table

1. Find a key focal point in each room

What’s a focal point? It’s a spot around which you create furniture arrangements and where most activities would take place. It helps to have a focal point in your rooms. Let’s look at focal points in different spaces in the house:

● In your living room, the focal point could be the center table around which you arrange a sectional sofa and chairs.

● In the bedroom, the focal point would be the centre of the room where you place your king size bed.

● Where you place the dining table, would be the focal point of the dining space.

But why is it important to have a focal point? It helps you decide the arrangement of furniture and objects in each room. It helps bring balance and rhythm in the rooms.


Here’s a sectional sofa made of kiln dried solid wood frame and fabric upholstery on back and seat. It features elastic webbing and S springs on the back frame and in seat base for comfort. The different parts of the sectional sofa can be moved around as per the focal point of the room.

2. Place furniture away from walls

Whether you’re looking for a queen size bed or a sectional sofa, always look for furniture that doesn't compulsorily have to be placed against walls. Always keep some breathing space between the wall and the bed. It helps make the bedroom look larger.

Similarly, if you’re looking for a table or a bookshelf, look for designs that can be placed anywhere, and not only against walls. It will give you the chance to keep changing your furniture arrangement and add novelty with the same furniture from time to time.

3. Create separate spots in your rooms

Different rooms have different purposes. But even within those rooms, it’s important to create separate spaces for different activities. Let’s explore this in a bit more detail:

● A corner to watch TV, a space with a sectional sofa to sit around, and another nook with a lounge chair to read - divide your living room into many spaces.

● Similarly, your dining room can have a dining table with chairs, an area with a console table and display cabinets for crockery, etc. If you fancy a home bar, find a corner for it.


4. Light up spaces according to the furniture

Lighting is key to every home. Whether it is in the bedroom around your king size bed, or in your living room above your sectional sofa. Here are some tips:

● Choose the right kind of lights with a variety of brightness - warm, bright, white, yellow, etc.

● Place the lights in areas where your activities are taking place - the reading spot, the television spot, etc.

5. Choose furniture to suit the room size

When you’re looking for furniture, make sure you consider the size of the room. A large sofa in a small room will make it look odd and cramped. Similarly, a large dining table in a small space can kill the joy of dining. Never underestimate the use of small tables. Make sure you have a few small tables that can come to your rescue for different purposes.

Final thoughts

There are many details to consider when you plan your interior decor. From furniture to lighting to linen to the color of your walls - the trick is in the details.

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