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November 11, 2021

How To Buy A Good Quality Sofa For The Living Room?

If you’re looking for a luxury sofa for your living room, you’re in luck - you’ll be spoilt for choice. A quick online search for modern sofa sets will bring up hundreds of options. But how do you know if the sofa is of good quality and durable? We’ll help you out with a few tips to pick up a sofa that lasts forever.

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Look for a good quality frame in the sofa

When you’re buying a sofa, look at its frame. Is the frame strong, what material is it made of, does it have too many joints? How tight are the joints? Whether you’re looking at wooden sofa designs or metal or natural material like rattan, it’s important that it has a sturdy frame. Moreover, you should also look at the guarantee and repair options before you buy it. Good furniture companies offer long guarantee periods; at times, even a decade.

Pay attention to the sofa seats

What’s inside your sofa is as important as what’s outside. Hence, even if the seat of the sofa or the sofa cushions look good and durable from the outside, it’s best to get the information of what’s inside, how it’s made and with what material. Sofa seats are made of different materials such as foam feather, cotton, etc. Check how comfortable and durable it is.

Also, keep in mind, the material you choose will determine the kind of maintenance and care the sofa will require. Figure out how often you’ll need to deep clean the seats, and is it easy to clean at home, etc.

Select the right kind of upholstery

When you’re buying a sofa for the living room, you have to pay extra attention to the upholstery. If you’re looking for a luxury sofa, the upholstery has to match the style and design, as it will make or break the look and feel of the sofa.

There are many options for sofa upholstery - leather, leatherette, cotton, canvas, polyester, hybrid, etc. Next, the color - if you have pets or young kids, it’d be wise to go for dark shades and material that is easy to wipe and wash. If you stay in a place where there’s a lot of dust, avoid material that has texture and easily collects dust.


Here’s a luxury sofa made of solid wood and fabric upholstery. The plush upholstery on soft foam seats and exposed legs add to its modern design.

The sofa size

When selecting a sofa, size is a key factor. A large sofa or a sectional sofa might not fit in a small living room. Too small a sofa in a large living room might make your rooms look empty. Moreover, it might not serve the purpose when you want to accommodate more people.

If you have a small living room, go for a sofa cum bed so that it can double up as a bed when you have guests. If you have a large living room, a sectional sofa will instantly enhance the look of your room. Luxury sofas tend to be large in size as they’re more spacious. Another important factor is the depth of the sofa. If the sofa seat is too broad, it might make it uncomfortable to sit. Hence, always pay attention to the measurement and the depth of your sofa seat.


Have a look at this sectional sofa, big enough for large and spacious living rooms. A combination of solid wood and plywood bring durability, while the toss pillows add to its design aesthetic.

The design of the sofa

You’ll find sofas of different kinds of designs - contemporary, modern sofa set, mid-century, antique and more. Wooden sofa designs tend to be more towards modern, mid-century and antique, while metal and cane sofas have a more industrial design look. The design of your sofa is a matter of personal taste. Think about the decor theme of your living room when you choose a sofa.

If your living room is done up in a contemporary style, go for a modern sofa set. If you prefer a luxurious vibe, go for a luxury sofa. The design of the sofa depends on your personal taste.

Over to you

It’s not as easy to choose a good quality sofa. From the price to the material to the size to the design of the sofa -- there are several aspects that you need to consider. If you’re wondering where to begin your search for a perfect sofa, check out Nilkamal online furniture store.

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