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July 06, 2021

7 tips for a monsoon-ready wardrobe so you can enjoy come rain or shine

It’s that time of the year. Rains and moisture during the monsoon season can damage a lot of things in your home, including clothes and wardrobes. It can get quite messy and unmanageable if you don’t prepare for it.

Wondering how to organize your wardrobe neatly so that your clothes remain safe? Looking for tips for clothes organizers, wardrobe arrangement, and customized wardrobes to help you this monsoon? We tell you all about getting your wardrobe monsoon ready in this blog.

1. Is your wardrobe good enough?

First things first. You need a good wardrobe to store your clothes. If your wardrobe is old, broken, cracked, has broken locks, or wood that gets damp during the monsoon season, it’s time for a change. Look for a new wardrobe that matches your needs and budget. If you want something different go for a customized wardrobe, or else, a modular wardrobe is good enough. The wardrobe style you choose, should serve its purpose.

Key features:

● Made of pre-laminated particle board

● Locker and large drawer available with standard lock and key facility.

● Lockable Door with zoom lock & key

● Optimal shelves, hanging space and well-designed internals

Nilkamal Mozart 3 Door Mirror Wardrobe (Walnut/White)


2. Clean the inside of your wardrobe

Before you do anything, clean your wardrobe from the inside. It’s important to clean it thoroughly with a mild wood cleansing solution or any wardrobe cleaning solution so that it’s free from dust, fungus or any mold that was settled in from before. Make sure you clean all the hangar rods, drawers, shelves, and sides. Clean everything with a damp cloth and let it dry.

2. Bonded leather

A mix of real leather and artificial leather. It is formed by combining scraps and fibres of leftover real leather using polyurethane binder. This kind of leather contains approximately 15-25% of real leather, the real leather content varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Bonded leather can sometimes feel and smell like real leather but it will not have imperfections as real leather. Furniture made out of bonded leather has low durability as compared to real and PU leather.

3. Make the inside of the wardrobe humidity-free

To keep humidity away from your wardrobe, you can do a few things. Clean it regularly. Make sure it’s dry before you put clothes inside it. Keep the wardrobe doors open for sometime. Give some air to your clothes by removing them from the cupboard every once in a while. Do not put wet or damp clothes inside the wardrobe. You could even use silica gel or other natural ways to keep the wardrobes free of humidity.

4. Arrange your clothes

As Marie Kondo says, “Respect your belongings”, it’s best to change your wardrobe arrangement for the monsoons. Segregate clothes that you won’t be wearing in this season, such as silks, heavy embroidered suits, etc. Pack them well in moisture proof covers and keep them separately. It’s always better to have a minimalist wardrobe.

Next, make space for clothes that you will wear through the season. Eg., you might not want to wear while clothes as they can get stained. Keep them away. You’ll definitely want raincoats, boots, spare t-shirts for frequent changes, etc. Keep all the clothes you’ll be wearing together in one place in the wardrobe.

5. Wardrobe organizers can help

To keep your wardrobe organized, invest in some clothes organizer and wardrobe organizer accessories. Don’t know what a wardrobe organizer is? We’re talking about boxes, covers, and containers in which you can store your different clothes and accessories. These are wardrobe essentials. You could even look for small plastic cabinets that can fit inside your almirah.

Chemical products are to be used by leather experts as they have a better understanding about treating worn out leather. However, you can do your routine cleaning of your leather furniture so that it retains its beauty for long.

Key features:

● Wardrobe made of particle board

● 1 external mirror, 3 internal drawers, 6 Shelves & 2 hanging rod is available with lock & key

Nilkamal Mozart 3 Door Mirror Wardrobe (Walnut/White)


6. Bring in some fragrance

Clothes that smell good can have an instant effect on the way you feel. Make sure you bring in some fragrance inside your closet. It will help to keep the smell of dampness away. Besides, your clothes will smell fresh every time you take them out. Fragrance is one of the wardrobe essentials that we tend to ignore, but is important.

7. Declutter and avoid over stuffing

Have too many things and too small a wardrobe? We’d suggest you buy a bigger wardrobe, get a customized wardrobe or buy a small extra wardrobe instead of stuffing too many things together. This will only lead to damage to your clothes during the monsoon season. Clothes need some air and breathing space and if you stuff them all together, it can start gathering dampness and smelliness. Again go for a minimalist wardrobe for monsoon.

Over to you

Are you all set with these wardrobe arrangement tips? Monsoon is right around the corner. We suggest you stay prepared with all wardrobe essentials and wardrobe organizers you need. If you’re looking to buy a new wardrobe, head to Nilkamal online furniture store. Then, enjoy the rains without any worry in the world.

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