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June 29, 2021

Wondering How to Clean a Leather Sofa? Here’s Your Step-By-Step Guide.

A sofa in the living room is the most occupied space when you are at home. Perhaps it’s where one spends a lot of time during the day – watching tv, spending quality time with family, get-together with friends, or family movie nights. All the fun things happen on this piece of furniture. Hence, it becomes mandatory to take care of this beauty that is the center of your home. Different materials require different kind of maintenance. In this blog, we’ll talk about leather sofas and how to clean a leather sofa at home, without ruining it.

When it comes to cleaning leather furniture, there must be a lot of things running on your mind – ‘what is the best cleaner and conditioner for leather furniture?’ ‘Is it a good idea to wipe a leather sofa with soap and water?’ ‘How does one get rid of the tough stains on leather?’ ‘Is there a different way of cleaning different types of leather?’ ‘Can one use the same cleaning technique for all types of leather?’

The answer to all your questions is you can clean your leather sofa using household products that are already there.

First, let’s look into the types of leather so that it gives a better understanding about leather furniture.

Types of leather

While there are many kinds of leather one can come across, there are three main categories that leather falls under.

1. Real leather

Top grain leather is high quality original leather formed by treating animal hide. This is the highest grade of leather you can find in the market. This leather is extremely soft to touch and will have imperfections. High end leather furniture is manufactured using top grain leather due to its softness and flexibility. However, there is a spectrum of original leather one can choose from depending on their style and taste. Real leather furniture is durable if handled with care.

2. Bonded leather

A mix of real leather and artificial leather. It is formed by combining scraps and fibres of leftover real leather using polyurethane binder. This kind of leather contains approximately 15-25% of real leather, the real leather content varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Bonded leather can sometimes feel and smell like real leather but it will not have imperfections as real leather. Furniture made out of bonded leather has low durability as compared to real and PU leather.

3. PU (polyurethane) leather

PU leather or polyurethane leather is also known as synthetic leather. It is a replica of real leather created with polyurethane – an artificial material that does not use animal hide and is considered as vegan leather. Polyurethane coating is applied to a polyester base to form PU leather. Polyurethane leather furniture is more durable compared to bonded leather and is more weather resistant than real leather, hence maintaining leather furniture or products made out of polyurethane is much easier to clean than others.

What is the best way to clean a leather sofa?

Regular maintenance of all types of leather sofa remains the same. It is advised that one should stick to the basics of cleaning routine using household products rather than indulging in too many products. Household cleaning supplies make the best leather sofa cleaner that you can reply on.

Chemical products are to be used by leather experts as they have a better understanding about treating worn out leather. However, you can do your routine cleaning of your leather furniture so that it retains its beauty for long.


What household products can you use to clean leather?

Cleaning supplies are all there at your home. You don’t need to buy leather specific cleaners.

● Saddle soap water

● Cotton bud

● Rubbing alcohol

● Soft cloth

● Coconut oil

1. Start with saddle soap water - Saddle soap is a leather cleaning soap. If you don’t have one of these you can use a mild soap and warm water. This solution helps get rid of light stains and general clean up.

2. To rid tough stains - All you need is a cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol. Dab the spot with a tough stain with the cotton bud. It is recommended to use cotton buds to avoid spread to the strain.

3. Dry thoroughly to avoid mildew - After wiping your leather sofa with soap water and riding tough stains make sure you dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. If the leather furniture remains damp chances are mildew will begin to appear.

How do you clean and moisturize leather furniture?

Moisturizing your leather furniture from time to time will help extend its life and make it look fresh. Moisturising helps leather and prevents cracks from appearing.

While there are so many products in the market that you can choose from, however, coconut oil is one of the best conditioners/moisturizers for your leather sofa.

● Clean your sofa with sofa and water

● Dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth

● Once it’s completely dry take a clean cloth take a small amount of coconut oil and buff the leather sofa.

● Make sure that you are using a thin layer and not too much coconut oil, since too much coconut oil can harden in colder temperatures.

● Buff it well till the leather soak all the oil in and let it air dry.

● Thin layer of coconut oil also provides some water resistance, so it is certainly a moisturizing product to consider.

Your leather sofa is the heart of your home when it comes to furniture. It requires some care and attention to look good at all times. Maintaining leather furniture is easy provided you clean it on a routine basis.

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