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November 09, 2022

7 Winter Care Tips for your Living room Furniture

You probably only spend a little time relaxing on your backyard patio as the season's change and the weather drops. You'll soon be driven indoors by rain, snow, and wind, and instead of enjoying the summer sunsets outside, you'll spend your evenings huddling by the fireplace to be warm.

You might wonder what you need to do with patio furniture in the winter since your patio isn't used much during the cooler months. When purchasing high-quality wood outdoor furniture, you must take the necessary precautions to protect the quality. If you take the proper precautions, dampness and harsh weather can protect your wood furniture.

Tips for Furniture Care in Winter

Check out our recommendations below to learn about  furniture care anytime and what to do with  patio furniture in the winter.

  1. Keep furnishings far from heaters

Your wood furniture like  single seater sofas may become warped or discoloured if exposed to abrupt heat waves. Store your outdoor  furniture away from fires and vents because of this.

  1. Avoid directly placing hot beverages on furniture

Remember to avoid setting hot mugs of coffee or hot chocolate straight on the surface if you've chosen to bring your  sofasinside for the winter. This will result in a difficult-to-remove ring. Instead, use a coaster!

  1. Maintain a constant temperature

Rapid temperature swings can break and deform the wood of your  living room furniture like  sofa side table and  recliners. Put your furniture in a space with a controlled temperature where you can keep an eye on the environment. Remember to maintain a constant temperature while you're away to prevent furniture damage.

  1. Frequently dust your furnishings

Every few weeks, dust your furniture with a moist cloth to maintain its appearance. Treat the furniture with the same respect as any other item in your house, and wash it thoroughly whenever you do housework.

  1. Avoid placing furniture in the sun

Even though it can be colder outside, sunlight can still harm your furnishings. Your wood furniture may fade if you leave it in regions where it is mainly exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.

  1. Use lemon oil to polish wood

Regularly scrubbing your patio furniture with lemon oil will give it the necessary care. The wood will retain moisture and regain its gloss as a result. If your wood furniture is exposed to a lot of sunlight, lemon oil can also serve as UV protection for the wood. For this reason, you should frequently cover the furniture in oil.

  1. Keep humidity levels constant

Furniture that has been exposed to dry heat will crack. Keep an eye on the humidity and maintain a moisture level of 40 to 45 per cent. If the humidity in your home isn't this high, think about getting a humidifier to put next to your furnishings.

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WinterFurniture CareAdvice

Your wooden patio furniture must have the lovely sheen it had when you initially purchased it. But with time, your  single seater sofas may dry out as it ages and is exposed to the outdoors. If not properly maintained, wooden furniture may even be prone to cracking and warping.

Does Wood Change With Temperature?

The majority of the country is susceptible to either excessive heat or cold, or occasionally both. Therefore, if you own wood patio furniture, you might be interested in learning how temperature affects wood, especially  sofa side table.

Yes, wood furniture is directly impacted by temperature. All wood furniture includes water, which causes it to expand in warm weather and shrink in the cold. Repeated expansion and contraction of the furniture can deform and destroy it.

You may avoid this by keeping your wood furniture out of the sun and harsh weather. Cover your patio furniture or store it in a climate-controlled area over the winter to extend its lifespan.

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Is It Acceptable to Put Patio Furniture Outside During the Winter?

Moving patio furniture into a warmer, climate-controlled space, like a garage, basement, or storage facility, is recommended. This is crucial for wood furniture like  centre table because it can distort in extremely hot or cold environments.

If this isn't possible, you can still leave patio furniture outside during the winter as long as you take the necessary safety measures. Wood patio furniture can be prepared for winter by being oiled and sealed to keep moisture away. Then drape a specially made, weather- and moisture-resistant furniture cover over the items.

Before storing your furniture for the winter, dusting and cleaning it to stop mould formation and mildew is crucial. Use only safe cleaning solutions for the type of patio furniture you have.

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How Should Outdoor Furniture Be Prepared for the Winter?

Winter is typically when people stay inside as the snow, rain, and sleet fall outdoors. Since you won't use your outdoor furniture much during the colder months, it's also an excellent time to prepare it for extreme weather.

Your preparation ultimately depends on the kind of wood furniture you own. For instance, it's crucial to seal wood furniture before putting it away for the winter, whereas plastic or aluminium furniture needs to be dusted and cleaned.

Whatever the situation, get a premium, weatherproof patio furniture cover to shield your furniture from the elements. As a result, when the weather heats up in the spring, you can be confident that your furniture is dry, clean, and ready to be used.


It is essential to take care of your  sofas,  recliners,  centre table and other furniture in winter, so follow these  winter care tipsto keep your furniture long lasting.Suppose you want to get  living room furniture; visit  Nilkamal and select from the broadest range of furniture. Nilkamal is rated best in the game by critics and is the perfect choice for all your furniture needs.
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