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November 10, 2022

How to Manage your spine health with Nilkamal Mattresses This Winter Season?

Everyone knows how crucial it is for people to get enough sleep. It might be challenging to treat if you are coping with a chronic ailment like  back pain. Because they are associated with body pain, doctors frequently advise choosing the proper  mattress for bedtime. Selecting the ideal mattress is crucial to getting a good night's sleep. Numerous businesses are offering inexpensive mattresses online.


A faulty mattress may also impact your sleep routine. Imagine that despite going to bed early, you had trouble sleeping because of the discomfort your mattress gave your body. We have brought you tips on choosing the  best mattress for back pain.

What constitutes a decent back mattress?

A  mattress should complete a straightforward task to help your back relax and remove the pressure accumulated throughout the day. Firmness is necessary to maintain the spinal cord's natural alignment, but not to the point where pressure points develop in specific spine regions.

Because of this, you want the just right mattress—not too hard, not too soft. It's neither too hard to cause strain on your back as you sleep, nor is it too soft that you sink in and lose spinal alignment. The ideal  mattress is both comfy and supportive.

What mattresses meet the criteria for being "supportive but comfortable"?

The support and padding on top of mattresses have traditionally been provided by internal springs, which offer comfort and sink. There are currently new mattress varieties that use science to try this, including  memory foam mattress and  orthopaedic mattress.

With the help of our online platform, you can quickly get  orthopaedic mattressand  memory foam mattress from various brands from the convenience of your home!

While many individuals prefer the more recent mattress models, some people still prefer the tried-and-true spring mattresses. In both cases, you frequently get what you pay for. A spring mattress tends to have more springs and better-quality top cushioning the more money you spend on one. You're looking for support and comfort, so additional springs and better padding will give you more of both.

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Additional considerations

Additionally, you must ensure that this mattress is placed on a sturdy structure, such as a platform or box spring, to support it. In many cases, failing to do so voids the mattress' warranty and reduces its longevity.

Pillows are crucial for supporting your back health as you sleep. Put a pillow below your knees if you want to sleep on your back to slightly lift your legs. This relieves strain on the back. By doing so, pressure points are removed, and alignment is maintained. Your spine is not healthy as a result.

Best mattress for back pain

There are four undisputed facts. First off,  back pain affects more than 40 million persons regularly or chronically, with the majority of cases being vague. This indicates that there isn't any particular remedy to eliminate the pain's cause. Second, we lie on mattresses for one-third of our lives. Third, there is a clear connection between your back pain and the mattress you sleep on. Sleeping soundly is essential for keeping a healthy spine and back. Fourth, selecting the appropriate mattress may treat your back discomfort if it already exists and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Four facts are undeniable. Most back pain instances are ambiguous, and over 40 million people have it regularly or chronically. This implies that the cause of the pain cannot be treated with a specific treatment. Second, we spend one-third of our lives lying on  beds. Third, there is no doubt that the mattress you sleep on affects your back discomfort, and a decent night's sleep is crucial to maintaining a healthy spine and back. Fourth, choosing the right mattress may alleviate any backache and help avoid it altogether.

With our brand-new, ground-breaking smart profile foam mattress line, we at  Nilkamal have your back with a perfect spine alignment, balanced body weight distribution, and pleasant, undisturbed sleep.

The smart profile foam is special foam cut into slits, ridges and profiles to support every zone of the body. Every region of your body receives customised support from the Smart Profile Foam, which is precisely sliced into various profiles known as special anatomical zones. These zones follow the lines of your body to align your spine properly. Our patented  spine health technology stabilises the bone architecture of your vertebrae, which also relieves the strain and stress that cause joint and muscle pain. This technology targets support for each region of your body.

Also, with its advanced technology, this smart profile foam will always give you a chill haven to drift off to sleep. It ensures enhanced air circulation along the mattress surface to disperse hot air away from the body, providing an instant cool sensation. A healthy cushion between your spine and the mattress, created by cleverly built  spine health technology, secures a natural sleeping position and maximises blood flow and tissue oxygenation for restorative sleep.

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Other elements that affect choosing a mattress include:

Whether you prefer to sleep flat, on your side, or on your stomach, choose one of the positions that have been provided below 

  • A good cervical pillow will reduce your risk of experiencing neck and back pain.
  • Your body weight and height
  • Size, material, warranty, trial time, price, etc. of mattresses

Undoubtedly, mattresses have a part in the treatment of back pain. The mattress that best suits your needs is specially made for you. Consult a back and neck specialist if you have concerns about back pain or are unsure how to choose a mattress to fit your needs. At Nilkamal, you may find several attractive products for your comfort and needs, bringing love and care to make your life decisions more customised and simple. We have customised facilities from  living room furniture to home office facilities.
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