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August 15, 2022

A Brief Guide on Standard Dining table dimensions

Before browsing the internet to select a dining table for your home, The most important question that might come to mind is- “ What is the right size of a dining table I should select for a given amount of idle space?’. Although you might be willing to get an answer to this question from your inner self, many more questions might start to seep into your mind, like “ How many people do you want to sit at your dining table?”. These factors must be considered while considering selecting a dining table that adds to the luxury of your home. Let’s go ahead and discuss various standard dimensions used for measuring various types of dining tables found in your home or across various urban or semi-urban families.Check outa wide range of dining table options with different and unique designs at affordable prices, exclusively available on Nilkamal Furniture.

Standard Sizes of Dining tables and How to calculate table size

The standard width ofdining tables stands at approximately 34-38 inches, and the standard height stands at about 27-29 inches. However, the length of the dining table may vary according to the type of dining table being used. Generally,a4 seater dining table sethas approximately 66-70 inches, and 6 to8-seater dining tables usually have a length of about 70-78 inches. An 8 to 10-seater dining table has an approximate length of about 78-88 inches, whereas a 10 to 12-seater dining table, mainly used by joint families, has an approximate length of 88-108 inches.

To ascertain the size of a dining table:

  1. Allow exactly an inch of space for the person you intend to use to sit, and keep precisely three or four inches of space clear at the sides of the tables.
  2. Keep a gap of about four inches between your dining table and your wall to ensure people in your family can smoothly access the dining table.

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Standard Sizes of Dining chairs and seating arrangements for your family members

Getting an approximate estimate of the size of dining chairs you require to complement any4 seater modern dining table or6-seater dining table is hugely important. The average seating height for dining chairs ranges from about 16-20 inches, and the average width is about 15 inches. Although, You can select chairs with smaller dimensions if you are running out of idle space or require something that efficiently utilises free space at your home. You can allow about 10 inches of space betweendining chairs and the table to make it convenient for usage.

An important matter that also requires consideration is the number of people seated at the dining table. If you are a family of 4, a4 seater modern dining table could be the perfect option. You can add some flexibility by selecting extra chairs. Suppose there are particular occasions in which guests have started to come, and seating arrangements are seemingly looking in disarray. In that case, you can always use extendable dining tables, which can extend in size when required.

Our Tip:Go for round pedestal tables if you want to save space and ensure a dining table for a family of 4 or 6 properly fits in the space provided. Browse forawesome collections on dining tables ranging from rectangular to round and coming in a unique set of designs at standard prices, exclusively from Nilkamal Furniture.

Standard size of Round Dining tables and Gathering tables

Round dining tables have been on the trend lately because of their fabulous looks and the less space it covers in your living room, although not jeopardising comfort and easy access. Standard 2 to 4-seater round dining tables measure about 38- 40 inches in diameter, whereas a 4 to 5-seater round dining table measures approximately 46- 50 inches. A 4 to 6-seater round dining table measures about 50-56 inches, and a 6 to 8-seater round table measures about 70 inches.

Gathering tables are some that exactly follow the standard dimensions of dining tables and have been on the uptrend recently. These tables are generally used as informal dining spaces such as evening snacks, light breakfast, or as a place to chill and relax. These tables come with dining chairs that also follow the same rules of standard dimensions, just like the regular dining chairs. Getting a4 seater dining table setwill have an average height of about 24 inches, allowing you to maintain as much as 10 inches of free space between the counter chairs and the gathering table. You can select any gathering table, but first, you have to ensure that you have an average amount of free space available at your home for a dining table to fit into your Living room.Shopfor an extensive collection of dining tables available at affordable prices, exclusively from Nilkamal Furniture.

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This guide will help you understand the standard dimensions of dining tables. This will teach you how to measure table size and how much space you need to keep vacant if you require a particular dining table.Buya fantastic set of dining tables with unique designs and patterns at lucrative prices, exclusively fromNilkamal Furniture. You can order online from the comfort of your home and enjoy hassle-free doorstep delivery within a particular period.
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