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August 16, 2022

Seven different types of outdoor furniture you may purchase during monsoon season

Sitting outside and enjoying the nice weather in the rainy season has a whole different appeal. Experts advise investing in a hanging armchair, teak wooden carved swings, and wicker couches to enjoy the experience. This monsoon, a set of  outdoor chairs  and a table might be an excellent addition to the furniture collection. 

The beginning of the monsoon season is a great time to organise the home. Furniture arranged closely together absorbs moisture and encourages the growth of fungus and bacteria. This can be prevented by keeping the furniture apart from the walls, windows, and other furniture. Therefore, diligent upkeep and cutting-edge interior design advice are required. By avoiding wet cleaning cloths, choosing protective solutions, and allowing enough ventilation, shiny or painted areas can be protected. By replacing the thick drapes with thin or lace curtains, more natural illumination enters the room, giving the home a light and airy atmosphere.

Read along to know more about the  furniture you can buy this monsoon

Types Of Outdoor Furniture For Monsoon

Before you go to a  furniture store,  check out these few options


Outdoor hanging swing/chair

Pick a strong material, like cast metal. On the other hand, a rope swing bed that may be furnished with attractive cushions and seats might fit on the balcony.

Garden table and couch or stool set 

This monsoon, a set of garden  chairs  and tables, might be an excellent option for the furniture collection. Buy one made of black metal or light plastic. It is preferable to stay away from one made entirely of wood because it can degrade dramatically because of the high moisture levels and dampness in the air.

Brass chairs

Brass chairs give any house or garden a noble aspect. Since it does not suffer any severe long-term impacts from moisture exposure or damp air, this form of furniture is a perfect choice for a lawn during the rainy season. Additionally, these chairs don't take up much room and can serve as both a footrest and pleasant  outdoor chairs

Swings made of teak wood

Teak is among the most widely used wood types for flooring and furniture. Garden swings,  an elegant and stylish complement to any patio, are also made from this wood. Purchase teak swings with elaborate carvings to add more glitz to the outdoor seating.

Outdoor wicker furnishing

Making furniture with wicker is more of a technique than a material. It is a fantastic fit for any backyard or garden and is typically built of cane-based materials. It is renowned for being incredibly cosy and adding a boho-chic yet elegant touch to the  house decor.

An outdoor lounge chair

Made of aluminium or wood is a must-have piece of furniture for any patio or garden area.  Lounge chairs  are ideal for relaxing in the late evening while sipping hot tea or catching up with a particular someone.

Things To Remember While Buying Monsoon Outdoor Furniture 

When purchasing one, invest in one constructed of durable material, such as oak or aluminium.

Precast concrete benches made of roller-compacted concrete (RCC)

Concrete benches are typically used for seating in gardens and parks and have a sophisticated appearance. They can withstand a variety of weather situations. These benches have a variety of functions despite mainly being used for seating. You can learn, relax, and accommodate multiple people. Concrete, a composite material of several components, is used to make these  benches.  They become weighty and durable, making them a long-term investment.

Adding colour during monsoon

More colour in your monsoon house décor not only beautifies but also brings life to the room. The vibrant interior paint colours lift your spirits, primarily when the gloomy weather affects your mood. Avoid using dark colours when painting your home to make the area appear pale. Choose reassuring hues that resonate with this season. Give your walls an enduring radiance. Rainwater frequently leaves behind a strong odour. Lighting a couple of aromatised candles is often a good idea to combat this monsoon odour. These candles give you a sense of peace and a warm touch to your surroundings. Incense sticks can work well as a substitute for these scented candles. Get one now to keep your air lovely and refreshed.

Check out tips to take care of your home and furniture in the monsoon.

Windchimes for a peaceful Monsoon

A lovely indicator of the mild monsoon currents is a gentle tinkling of breezes. Hang them over the plants or hang them from the balcony's ceiling.  Balcony  wind chimes are fantastic, while windows or open balconies on the front and back of the house are ideal places for metal or aluminium wind chimes. As a fun DIY home décor project with your family, you may create wind chimes with decorative ropes, drips, and bells. They are readily available in any  furniture store

Brightening up the room

One of the simplest interior design tricks to add wonder to a space that would otherwise be unremarkable is lighting. A great approach to make your space cosy, romantic, and comfortable is with moody lighting and essence-scented candles. These two things are a sure bet and can do wonders for your house. Make sure to choose the best lights because light is a crucial component of monsoon  house décor.


The monsoon season always has something so interesting that it brings joy to all nature lovers. Its energising, seductive aroma permeates the air and casts its enchantment. Without you having to do much, it creates paradise in your own house. It's as if nature has just given you the gift of a four-month vacation at your discretion. To counteract the grey and gloomy outside, one always needs some rainy season advice and monsoon home decorating ideas, whether for the curtains, cosy furnishings, or any other feature of the house. Check out  Nilkamal Furniture  if you want to get new furniture.
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