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April 12, 2022

A Buyer's Guide To The Dining Table


Around the centre of the dining table, many stories are shared. It's a special place for families to get together, where individuals can get together and share special memories with their families or friends. You may find that it is the perfect place to talk about various topics from time to time. The dining table is more than just a place to sit and dine with friends and family. The dining table is the perfect meeting place for all conversations from a refreshing breakfast to a laid-back family dinner.

The perfect dining table will make your meal more comfortable and cosy. The types of dining tables can be distinguished by shape, material, and style. Depending on the shape, the modern dining table set can be square, rectangular, circular, oval, or free-form. Depending on the material, the dining table is offered in marble, glass, wood, and metal. Depending on the style, the dining or coffee table can be traditional, modern, or rustic. In this regard, an effective dining table guide can be very helpful. Explore now Nilkamal Furnitures.

Types of Material

It may be difficult to choose the perfect material, especially if you need to strike the perfect balance between style, price, space-saving dining table and easy care. When you think of any material, you can examine the following material according to your choice:

Wood: When it comes to the most popular dining table choice, the wooden dining table is at the top of the list. Natural wood is a very good choice for creating other sections of detailed design and decoration. Some hardwoods such as oak, mahogany, teak, and sea sham are considered to be ideal for creating wooden dining tables. Solid wood always adds warmth and vitality to the design of the room. In a long time, solid wood turns out to be more durable and much stronger.

Glass: Since it has been dyed from Frosty to tone and clear, there are various variants for glass that you can choose. If you have a room that is ordered easily, then you should choose glass to avoid it taking more light. The glass dining table provides additional decorations by giving a modern food side experience. Glass board frames can be made of stones, metals, and wood based on the inside of the dining room. It can be wiped off without hassle and is easy to clean.

Marble: Marble serves as a potential base material for dining tables, and most people choose a dining table topped with marble for a variety of reasons. Not only does it enhance the beauty of the dining room decoration, but it also offers a choice of tableware that is easy to care for. Among the expensive dining pieces, this is expensive but luxurious to put in the dining room. Marble is a natural substance and requires no further manufacturing effort. If you have marble dining tables, it baffles the entire dining room and fits all kinds of decorations.

Metal: Metal dining tables are the most popular type of dining table and are a trend in most Indian homes. It complements a variety of contemporary and industrial interiors. The most preferred choices are metal dining table sets and steel dining table sets because of their sturdy and durable features. It is available in various materials (stainless steel, zinc, brass) and finishes (smooth, painted, lacquered).

Tips to Choose Dining Table

Here are some more points to keep in mind while choosing a dining table for your room:

  • Remember the golden rule - your dining set must match your dining room. You should go with space saving dining table or compact racks and trolleys if you have a small room, as it is important to consider the size of the table. It is also important to have a margin of at least 3 feet around the table (more negative space is better).
  • Please note that the four dining tables are limited to two short side seats, and only one person can be seated at either end. Conversely, a circular or oval table with a seamless perimeter can easily accommodate more dining chairs around-a heavenly blessing if you have more guests than you expected. Also, consider conformance. A rectangular or oval table can perfectly complement a long room, while a round table is suitable for a more even space.
  • The dining table needs to blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of the room design, so it's a good idea to consider its style before dropping money carefully. Choose from various styles, from contemporary to classic, eclectic to shabby chic.
  • If you want to buy a dining table that will last a lifetime, always choose hardwood. With so many finishing options to choose from, you need to buy the one that suits your mood and furniture.
  • There are numerous styles and designs, including traditional, rustic, contemporary, and contemporary. The traditional style is timeless and most common. But if your interior has a modern look, choose a contemporary design with a sleek edge.
  • It's great to convey the eclectic side of vibrant modern dining tables and chairs, but keep in mind that it's scattered in colours that can be outdated. If you are a colour fanatic, the primary colours (red, blue, yellow) are a safe and easy choice and can withstand and evolve your decoration over the years.


Hope the article was informative enough to guide you if you plan to buy a dining table. Remember to keep the above point in mind while choosing a perfect dining table for your room. Check out Nilkamal Furniture for modern dining tables and chairs.

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