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April 11, 2022

Your Guide For Welcoming Vishu 2022 With Handy Furniture Tips

Vishu 2022 is a festival of joy, prosperity, and new beginnings. This is the time of the year when we clean our house thoroughly to signify a fresh start. Many people take this opportunity to revamp, redecorate and renovate their setup.

Furniture is the most important part of our interior design. Usually, we stick to the traditional set of home furniture that has been passed on by our forefathers. Also, people hardly change the furniture they get with the house. However, Vishu presents us with an opportunity to look into new ideas and give our house a completely new look.

Over the years, furniture design has evolved immensely. Today, there is an exclusive range of furniture at Nilkamal that appeals directly to the millennials — check out now! You can decorate your living space per your style and taste.

Moreover, if you are changing the paint of the walls in the Malayali new year, this is the perfect time to pick new furniture to complement the new colours. However, there are certain caveats attached to a furniture purchase. This article will attempt to educate you on certain things that you must keep in mind when you go furniture shopping.

Decide your budget

Furniture comes in a wide price spectrum. You must figure out where you lie on the spectrum. Some of the expensive furniture sets involve expensive woodwork. However, you can get comfortable and stylish furniture at affordable prices.

Still, you must sit down and prepare a comprehensive budget before you go furniture shopping for Vishu 2022. Home furniture stores, both online and offline, have a wide range of products that can confuse you easily.

Therefore, having a set budget will help you narrow down your choices and make life easier for you. You can also add a buffer to your budget in case your heart falls for furniture that is a bit over budget for you.

Bring out your inch tape

Furniture comes in a wide variety of sizes to suit different living spaces accordingly. If you buy a set that is oversized for the available space, all the charm would be lost. Decorative furniture would start looking like baggage in the room, which is not ideal, especially when you spend a fortune. Therefore, before you go furniture shopping for Vishu 2022, ensure that you have all the crucial measurements.

This will also help you spot specific pieces that will fit right into their designated place. Also, you will be able to filter out magnanimous products instantly. This will narrow down your choices and expedite the decision-making process.

Use this opportunity to measure the closet space, the space for the bookshelf, bedroom area, and living room area. Additionally, procure your house's floor plan to design the interior in your head. You can use the floor plan to determine the position of living room furniture you buy.

While taking measurements, ensure that you leave enough space to walk around and store other things. Moreover, remember that any furniture you buy must not block the fresh air and sunlight. You would not want the dwellers to suffocate between fancy furniture.

Don't fall for the glamour

When you step into the furniture store, you will see a lot of glamour and magnanimity, especially during the busy times of Vishu 2022. This is because people spend deftly on home furniture to showcase their prosperity. This is also why most of us fall into the trap of impulsive buying. Some of the furniture are so well-designed that they catch our attention immediately.

However, furniture's aesthetics depend on several other factors too. First, you should take into account the colour combination of your interior. Based on that, find furniture with subtle colour coding so that it fits in your scheme of things. Next, take note of the available floor space. You cannot buy pretty furniture that is oversized for the space.

Lastly, take note of the furniture design and see if it fits with other accessories in your house. Being patient is the key here. Today, furniture design has achieved new heights. So, it is only natural to fall for a unique set.

But you must maintain your composure and remember your priorities. Nilkamal is doing some excellent work in contemporary designexplore now! They have a wide range of colour combinations and sizes to suit specific needs. Check out their website immediately.

Quality before anything

Considering aesthetics and comfort is one thing, but you must also consider the quality and durability. Furniture purchases can take a huge chunk out of your pocket, so you have to ensure that you get your money's worth.

The only way to ensure this is by purchasing quality products that can last you a while. Hence, when buying foundational products, keep the quality of the material in mind. You cannot buy a bed that collapses within the first year of usage. Similarly, if you want to install a heavy TV, you need a sturdy wood panel to support the weight.

Likewise, the dinner table should be able to support the weight of food when you are hosting guests. Try to maintain a balance between quality and decor when buying furniture during Vishu 2022.


Vishu 2022 is a festival of lights and colours, and what better way to celebrate it than by renovating your living space.

Furniture is central to the interiors, so this is the perfect time to buy some quality modern furniture from Nilkamal.

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