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December 10, 2022

A Comprehensive Guide to Pick the Best Memory Foam Mattress for This Winter

Let's pause and think of how significant it is to have an agile body to function efficiently throughout the day. Good sleep helps us get that. We spend a considerable portion of our life while asleep. With sleep super important, a  mattress  is a next thing equally significant to a bed. When you have rested well, you can function with full efficiency. Refresh and revitalize your body and mind and prepare for a new day. A good night's sleep recharges and refreshes, keeps you healthy, and strengthens your immune system. It plays an essential role in the functioning of the brain. When it comes to sleep, a good, comfortable bed comes to mind, but no bed is complete without the proper padding. So let's delve deeper and check out all the available alternatives. Memory foam bedding steals the spotlight here. 

What Exactly is a Memory Foam Mattress?

The  memory foam mattress  is made of viscoelastic foam and high-density polyurethane foam. Memory foam is characteristic of softening with heat and pressure, giving it a snug feel that many sleepers love. However, most  foam mattress  are not just made of memory foam. Otherwise, it will be too soft and sink deep into the bed. Instead, premium foam products consist of layers of foam in varying thicknesses and densities for the best balance of comfort and support. You can always add a  memory foam mattress topper  to enjoy some added pressure relief. 


Different Types of Memory Foam

There are many types of  foam mattress  on the market, and it requires weighing the pros and cons; each has its advantages. Here is a brief description of the two main types of foam bedding.

Regular Memory Foam

This foam conforms to the curvature of your body and ultimately relieves pressure. Due to its superior ability to fritter away heat, memory foam suits those with chronic pain and side sleepers. The open-cell memory foam reacts to your body temperature to retain a constant body temperature for a good night's sleep. 

Gel Memory Foam

This foam contains the same gel substance generally used in cushioning and added to shoes to relieve pressure. The gel absorbs heat from the sleeper by increasing air movement through the bedding. Memory foam gel is an excellent choice if you tend to get hot while sleeping. 

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Benefits of a Foam Mattress

Pressure Relief and Pain Relief

One of the best things about  memory foam mattress  is that they relieve pressure, especially around your shoulders and lower back. Memory foam conforms to your specific body shape while you sleep. Whatever your sleep pattern, this padding is your best friend for a good night's sleep. 

Alignment of the Spine

The memory foam provides excellent support and adapts to your sleeping style, keeping your spine and neck straight while you sleep. This bedding is perfect for you if you're sick of waking up with a hurting neck or sore back.


Dust build-up is a bothering concern. Many people experience coughing fits, watery eyes, and other symptoms when allergic to various dust mites. Memory foam beddings prevent such dust from penetrating the  bed

Climate Sensitive

As mentioned earlier, foam beddings are great because they can regulate your body temperature and promote restful sleep. In some cases, the cool gel technology keeps the temperature low. 


 Foam mattresses typically last for a couple of years. Due to its scientific basis, it is a robust material that can withstand many hardships without taking much damage. It is widely recognised that memory foam is of superior quality and holds up for a long time. You can place a  memory foam mattress topper  to extend the bedding's life further. 

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First, the materials used in this type of  mattress  are excellent at regulating temperature. In winter, many people find it difficult to sleep because the room temperature in their beds is too cold. This problem is less likely to occur with foam bedding, as the material is better at maintaining a more neutral sleeping temperature.

Supportive and Compatible Bed Base

Foam beddings are generally available for almost any bed frame. However, you should always check the measurements before deciding on a bed frame. The most popular alternative is the  metal bed  frame, which is the most budget-friendly option. Wooden platform beds are also a popular option. It has a clean, modern look and can be used without foundation.

Beddings of Varying Prices

A good bed means getting a good night's sleep, and that's why spending little money on quality is always right. Luckily, not all memory foam options break the bank. Foam bedding prices vary by thickness, size, and type of foam, but options range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You can browse the collection at Nilkamal and order according to your convenience and preference. 

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Your bedding should be unique and fit you and your needs perfectly. Luckily, with all the information above, you can now choose foam bedding that perfectly meets your needs and  buy mattress online.  Now, you can confidently join the thousands of people choosing to replace their old bedding with the  best memory foam mattress  replacements or set up a new bed. Shop online at  Nilkamal Furniture  and save yourself valuable time, money, and the hassle of going to stores around town. Regarding things as important as sleep, it's wise to trust the best. Flick through the website, check the EMI options,  shop mattress online,  and get hassle-free delivery to your doorstep.
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