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December 09, 2022

Have A Well-Organised Winter Wardrobe With These Pro Tips 

As the winter season approaches, most people are excited to flaunt colourful mufflers, stylish jackets, trendy sweaters and those chic boots. However, the same people also dread searching for those clothes in their stuffed wardrobes. Winter clothes are bulky and more in number than typical summer season clothes. As they occupy more space, putting all your winter clothes in your  wardrobe closet  makes it stuffy. The worst is searching for that favourite cardigan or muffler in a full  wardrobe

You must take everything out and stuff it back to get that favourite  winter wear.  Therefore, organising all your  winter wear  in your  wardrobe  with limited space can seem tricky. And often you can be tempted to  buy bedroom cabinet  especially to store your extra winter clothing. However, following a few organisational ideas, you can manage your winter  wardrobe closet  efficiently and access your favourite winter cloth without hassle. Let’s know in detail about these winter organisational ideas.

Ideas and tips for organising your wardrobe this winter

A well-organised  wardrobe  looks appealing and is super functional too. Every day, when you have to get ready, you don’t need to spend extra time searching for the clothes you are looking for. To help you organise your winter clothes efficiently, here are a few simple ideas: 

1). Do a wardrobe audit

The first and foremost rule for having a well-organised wardrobe is to audit it every few months. You may want to keep all your clothes, as they were expensive, in trend, or you looked good in them or for sentimental reasons. But remember, clothes that don’t fit you anymore are shabby or out of trend or torn and are of no use to you. They will occupy your closet space and make it stuffy. Also, store away clothes that are not season-appropriate, as you won’t need them in the winter season. So, put away your summer clothes and edit your winter clothes to discard clothes that you won’t wear or that are not wearable any longer. While you are auditing your winter clothes, make to check for pilling, rips and tears. Repair and mend the clothes that are still wearable or that you want to wear. Once you have audited your winter wardrobe, you will know which clothes to keep and which to trash or give away. Also, it will help you to see any gaps in your winter clothes, such as no black turtle neck or woollen caps. You can later shop for those missing winter pieces. 

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2). Segregate as per type

Segregating your winter wear per type is the easiest way to organise them efficiently. Sort your winter clothing as per type and keep them aside. Keep all your coats, sweaters, mufflers, scarves, bottoms, shirts, etc., separately. This will help you effectively store them for easy accessibility. Also, when you see you have far too many of the same type, you can store the extras in other  storage cabinets Or there are specific garments you will wear only for some special occasion, so you can keep them separately and use your wardrobe for regular winter wear. Also, you can further separate your work and casual wear of each type. This will help you optimise your wardrobe space and time. 

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3). Fold and Stack the knits

Once everything is segregated, you start keeping them in your closet. As per your closet space, you must decide how many garment pieces you can hangthem. That will determine what goes in your closet and will be stored in extra  storage cabinets.  A basic rule of winter clothes is to hang your dresses, shirts, jackets, coats, etc., and fold your bottoms, tops, T-shirts, knits and sweaters. As hangers ruin the shape of knits and sweaters, folding them and storing them on a shelf is the best way to maintain them. Remember to keep lighter sweaters or knit together and heavier or bulkier knits separately. In space constraints, keep lighter knits on top of heavier knits. Always make a uniform fold of similar items with hems and sleeves tucked inside for easy and clean storage, like your T-shirts folded in the same size and kept in the same pile. A uniform fold with tucked-in sleeves ensures your pile will stay upright. So, you can see all your T-shirts when you open your closet and take out what you want without searching the whole closet. You can also use separate bins or boxes in your closet for storing your sweaters or T-shirts. 

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4). Hang coats/jackets/shirts

You can hang your jackets, coats, dresses, and shirts as per your closet space. Don’t overstuff it. So, if space is less, hang a few things and fold and store the rest of the clothes. You will require oversized and bulky coats not often. So, keep them separately in  plastic cabinets  or other cabinets. 

5). Store the accessories separately

You will have a lot of winter accessories, such as hats, gloves, mufflers, scarves, etc. Use your closet drawers to store them to keep your winter wardrobe organised. In case of less drawer space or no drawers, store them in  plastic cabinets  or boxes after segregating them as per type. You can use hooks inside the closet door to hang your mufflers, stoles and scarves. All this will keep your closet clutter-free. 

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6). Use garment bags

There will be many clothing items you don’t wear often, and you have got dry-cleaned. After dry-cleaning, remove the plastic bags and store them in garment bags. This will keep them safe from dust, mildew, moths or mould. Also, breathable garment bags keep them fresh, protected and wrinkle-free for a long-time. You can also use a garment bag to store an extra  mattress  in your closet.



Use these practical storage ideas to keep your wardrobe organised and your winter wears accessible this winter season. Explore the range of beautiful and affordable cabinets by  Nilkamal furniture  to  buy bedroom cabinet  for your  bedroom.
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