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August 03, 2021

A Guide on How to Choose a Sofa For Your Living Room

A quality frame is a must

When you’re choosing a sofa, make sure you go for a quality, sturdy frame. A sofa is one of the bigger pieces of furniture that you will want to use for years and hence, it’s important to invest in a quality frame. A sofa made of solid wood or metal will definitely last longer compared to one made with softwood or MDF. What to look for when buying a sofa? You should also check the guarantee and repair options before you buy. Good furniture companies might also have guarantee periods of a decade or more.

Select the seat cushions carefully

One of the best tips to buy a sofa is - not judge a book by its cover. What’s inside your sofa is equally important. We mean the seat cushions of your sofa. When you’re choosing a sofa, look into the filling. Is it feather, foam, fibre or other material? Because this will determine the comfort levels and the longevity of the seats.

Apart from that, the kind of material you choose will also determine what kind of maintenance your sofa will require. Is it going to be easy to clean and dry? How often will you need to deep clean it? Think of all these factors before you buy a sofa.

Choose the right fabric

No sofa buying guide is complete without tips on how to choose sofa upholstery. The upholstery that you select for your sofa will not only affect the way your sofa looks and feels, but also its longevity aspect. Moreover, it can make or break your living room’s vibe. And hence, it’s an important factor.

Choose cotton or linen and you’ll have to figure out a good way to wash it. Go for leather or leatherette and you’ll have to find a way to maintain the surface.

If you have kids and pets at home, it’s better to go for dark shades and material that is easy to wipe and wash. If you stay in a place where there’s a lot of dust, it’s better to avoid material that has texture and easily collects dust.

Make sure it fits well in your living room

The size of your sofa is an important factor. Too big a sofa in a small living room and you will have space issues. Too small a sofa, and you won’t be able to accommodate enough people.

If you have a small house and a small living room, you could go for a sofa cum bed so that it can double up when the need arises. If you have a large living room, a sectional sofa will instantly enhance the look of your room.

There’s one more thing we’ll tell you, which probably no one ever told you when you asked them how to choose a sofa - the depth of your sofa. If your sofa seat is too broad, it might make sitting quite uncomfortable. Hence, you should pay attention to the measurement and the depth of your sofa seat. Of course, you can add cushions and make it comfortable, if you end up with a sofa that’s too broad.

The design of the sofa

Now, you’ll find sofa designs of all kinds - contemporary, modern, mid-century, antique and more. The design of your sofa is a matter of personal taste. But wait… there’s more to it. Think about the overall decor theme of your house and your living room when choosing a sofa.

If your living room dons a contemporary vibe, go for a modern sofa design. If your living room is dominated by antique furniture, you’d rather choose something that will mingle well with your antique furniture pieces as they’re too precious to discard.

Wrap up

Choosing a sofa is no easy feat. From the price to the material to the size to the design of the sofa -- there are several aspects that you need to consider. Wondering where to buy a sofa? Look up online furniture stores such as Nilkamal to explore a wide variety of sofa designs.

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