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July 27, 2021

Everyone Loves Wooden Furniture! Here’s Why You Should Too

Someone once said, “We shape our homes, and then our homes shape us.” This is true for the furniture we decorate our homes with. Your furniture is a reflection of who you are and how you want to live. And that’s why most people prefer wooden furniture.

Wood has a charming quality to it - one that has personality. Among other things, wooden furniture promises longevity, elegance, and effortless style - qualities that aren’t easy in furniture made of other materials.

What are the advantages of wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture has many advantages over other furniture made of other materials. For starters, it looks more beautiful. Let’s discuss more on the goodness of wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture looks good

Wooden furniture has many qualities that make it add warmth to the interiors. When compared with other materials used for making furniture, wooden furniture design oozes a classic look. It gives out a vibe of strength, longevity, luxury, and grandeur, all at once.

Wooden furniture is durable and strong

Now there are different types of woods used for making furniture - rosewood, pinewood, teakwood and sal wood, among others. Each type of wood has a different strength - some are stronger than the others. But when compared to other materials such as plastic or metal, wooden furniture definitely promises more durability and longevity. Hence, most people prefer wooden furniture for the bedroom and living room.

You can get wooden furniture of a wide variety of wood

There are different types of woods, each with its intrinsic quality - color, texture, and strength. Wooden furniture can be made from different woods depending on the requirement of the furniture design. For instance, teak wood is stronger compared to other woods, and oak wood has stronger grain markings.


Key features:

● Made from a combination of thick pre laminated particle board

● Bed has Box storage (Top lifting manual storage)

● Melamine finish

Which type of wood is best for home furniture?

Woodens furniture can be made from different types of furniture. If you’re wondering which type of wood is best for home furniture, here are some of the most common types of wood used to make furniture and their pros and cons. No matter the wooden furniture design, these woods lend themselves perfectly well.


one of the most common woods used for furniture, it is preferred for its light weight and attractive grainy surface. These qualities make it perfect for furniture pieces that are required to be lightweight, at the same time strong enough - such as chairs and tables.

Some key points to consider when buying rubberwood furniture:

● It is a cost-effective wood.

● It is easy to clean and maintain.

● It has less shrinkage and cracking compared to other wood.

● It is not suitable for outdoor furniture.

● It can warp or distort if not taken care of.

MDF wood:

short form for Medium Density Fibreboard, this is a kind of engineered wood. It is manufactured by breaking down hardwood or softwood into fine particles and then combined with wax. It is used to make furniture for bedrooms, living rooms and more.

Before buying MDF furniture, know these things:

● It is compact and stronger than plywood.

● It is hard to flex and crack.

● It is easier to paint on MDF wooden furniture.

● It may not be able to take extreme heat.


Key features:

● Made of particle board (Melamine finish - No fungus problems)

● Ample storage space with clear tempered glass door showcase on both side

● It has 1 large drawer & storage space below TV panel

● 8 shelves (4 on each side)

Engineered wood

Wondering what is engineered wood? It is man made wood. A lot of people think that it’s not good for home furniture, but let us bust that false notion. Engineered wood is equally durable and good-looking if made well. It is also used in making heavy wooden furniture for the bedroom such as beds and wardrobes, too.

Some pros and cons of engineered wood you should know:

● It is less expensive than natural wood.

● It is available in different thickness, and grades.

● It has a smoother and flatter surface as it is man made.

● It is an eco-friendly wood.

● The quality of this wood depends on its make.

● It does not have high water resistance.


Solid wood:

this is wood that is not hollow and generally, the term solid wood is used to differentiate wood from engineered wood. Solid wood is sourced from managed forests and hence it is eco-friendly.


Some pros and cons of solid wood for making furniture:

● It is a highly durable wood.

● Is sustainable and eco friendly.

● It has an attractive patina at the edges.

● It costs more than engineered wood.


Sheesham wood:

This solidwood is extremely strong and resistant to wear and tear and hence preferred for making furniture. This wood has golden brown to deep color tones and natural streaks. This is one of the heaviest woods to make furniture so if you’re looking for wooden furniture for the living room, sheesham wood is a good option.


Keep these things in mind when buying furniture made of sheesham wood:

● This wood has high durability.

● It can be carved easily.

● It should be kept away from extreme temperatures.

● It requires regular polishing and maintenance.

Over to you

Now you know the qualities of different types of woods. Whether you’re looking for wooden furniture for your living room or your bedroom, you can choose one of the above woods. Peek into Nilkamal online furniture store to select from a range of wooden furniture.

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