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May 20, 2022

Different Types Of Stunning Wardrobes For Your Home

The most basic type of wardrobe that you will see in homes is the 2 door wardrobe which opens on opposite sides to reveal what is inside. But, are you aware that there are many other types of wardrobes that can only raise the beauty standards of your home? If not, you can read on to find out the different available designs and choose one that is the most suitable for your household. Choosing a wardrobe should not be based on its appearance alone. You must remember that it is a long-term investment and buy accordingly.

A wardrobe can be used to store many different items, which is why you must make sure that the design you choose is appropriate for your storage. Moreover, getting a wardrobe that does not fit inside your room is extremely foolish. Thus, certain things need to be kept in mind before choosing among so many designs.

Visit the online store of Nilkamal Furniture to find multitudes of varieties in wardrobe designs. The offers that will accompany each design will definitely not disappoint you.

Angular Wooden Wardrobe

Different people may have a variable affinity towards a particular material. Some may be comfortable with a metallic finish, while others may prefer glass. But, if your preferences lie within the confines of rustic beauty, then the angular wooden wardrobe is an excellent choice for your home.

The 4 door wardrobe or more has different sections separated by wooden boards. This makes it easy to locate anything that you are looking for. Moreover, its angular pattern is responsible for separating the area of your room from the dressing space.

Concealed Wardrobes

If your room is considerably small or has no available space for any furniture, then the concealed wardrobes are here to your rescue! They are fitted inside the walls so that they do not occupy any extra space in the room and also remain out of sight by doors that can be the same colour as the walls or even something that will complement the room.

Concealed designs can also consist of a 3 door wardrobe construction. The only thing to keep in mind is the size of the wall it is being inserted into. Thus, you should take measurements with care, and the design should be constructed accordingly.

Customized Wardrobes

Instead of being a separate type, customized wardrobes are more of an independent choice for a customer. You can choose your angular wooden wardrobe to be made out of a different material or have concealed wardrobes without any doors to complement the style of your bed.

The purpose of satisfying every customer remains constant with 3 door wardrobe designs or others. You can even include lights in your wardrobe design. Shopping at Nilkamal Furniture will never prove to be a disappointment because of the amazing quality of the products that are available. Explore the store for more such designs!

Freestanding Wardrobes

Freestanding wardrobes are available in a set of two that are separately kept. The 2 door wardrobe consists of glass doors which keep its contents in plain sight. The function of this set of freestanding wardrobes is to categorize the contents that need to be stored in a wardrobe.

Thus, you can store your clothes, accessories, and other essentials in one. While the other can be used to display beautiful showpieces for decoration. The glass from the door gives a very airy feeling to the room, deeming the space occupied by it almost negligible.

Laminate Wardrobe

Wood is the most common material that is used to construct a wardrobe, and there is no denying its quality. But, lately, other materials have seized the limelight in the market, among which the laminate wardrobe design clearly stands out.

It is an amazing alternative because it definitely sits well if you desire a particular aesthetic for your living space. They are available in various colours that have a glossy and a matte finish look. Moreover, many trees are saved when people choose laminate wardrobes over wooden ones. Thus, they solve the problem of deforestation while also increasing the beauty of your room.

Walk-in Wardrobes

If you have a large house with a huge span of space to spare for furniture, then the walk-in wardrobe is perfect for you. It is a combination of a 4 door wardrobe design, along with others that can all be incorporated in a separate room dedicated to furniture only. Thus, you can simply walk in for your clothes and other items stored in the wardrobe. The huge space can also be utilized to be transformed into a dressing area so that you can access the essentials easily while getting dressed.

Wide Wardrobe with sliding doors

Most wardrobes are designed on the principle of having hinges so that the doors can be easily swung to get access to the contents within. But, modern designs have evolved to include sliding doors fitted with wardrobes. They give an extremely appealing look to your room. The recommended material for constructing a wardrobe is plywood because it is extremely strong and is long withstanding.


There are many wardrobe designs to choose from, and each one appeals to a specific taste, choice, and occurrence. It would be best if you made an informed decision based on your design choices and kept the budget into consideration.

Buy the best quality designs from Nilkamal Furniture, where customer satisfaction is the prime motive.

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