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July 06, 2022

Benefits of Coir Mattress

Coir is a straightforward natural fibre that is readily available from the coconut shell husk. Coconut coir mattresses can be rough, which is one of the main reasons why many customers choose not to purchase one when purchasing new mattresses or  to upgrade their current ones.You've probably come across a  coir mattress  when looking for a cosy and appropriate mattress, and the coir mattresses have garnered favourable comments from many individuals.  Check out  Nilkamal Furniture  and get a convenient online shopping experience by choosing the right material, size and more. 

Understanding the Coir Mattresses

This coco mattress is a sustainable substitute for those other artificial and linen  mattresses  since it is made from high-density coconut fibres. The organic coir mattresses are manufactured responsibly and don't contain any dangerous ingredients, unlike a typical mattress. The superiority of the coir mattresses is due to its springy fibre filling, which produces a solid and non-sagging resting area. This indicates that this is not only cosy and also provides excellent back & spinal assistance.

History of Coir Mattresses

We all are conscious that coir mattresses online are not just a recent innovation, but there are still many aspects of the simple bed that many of us are unaware of. For instance, did you know that the word "bed," which describes  mattresses  tossed on the ground, is Arabic in origin? Few of us also know that ancient Persia may have used the first mattresses. In 1840, several British people began a carpet business in England, and Coir was used in carpeting and other ground coverings materials during this time. Only in 1859 did Late Mr James Darragh, an American citizen of Irish descent, establish a coir production company in Alleppey, Kerala. This turned out to be a ground-breaking attempt in India's seemingly endless history of coir mattresses.

IsCoir Mattress Good for Back Pain?

Coconut coir makes up the majority of coir fibre. It also goes by the name "coconut coir" since it is made from coconut shells. The mattress's mid and low sheets are made of fibre. Based on the depth, this produces a harsh and much more supportive/softer sensation. Mattresses made of coir fibre are reasonably priced and incredibly green. So there is no chemicals or off-gassing danger when using them.  Coir foam mattresses  are typically preferred by those who can't handle the scent of synthetic fibres and petrochemical products. You can  browse  Nilkamal Furniture  to get high-quality mattresses. 

DoesCoir MattressHelp With Back Pain?

Coir is frequently used as the main component manufacturing of cushions for back problems in India. As we already discussed, coir cushions are made of natural fibre, and these are permeable and sturdy, and they can therefore provide the body with the necessary support. A coco fibre cushion can help flow air in and out because of its pore structure. The cooler resting environment is another benefit.

A  coir foam mattress  can provide significant comfort for those with back problems. They receive firm backing, and your spine is completely aligned because of the solid support provided by the substance. You can then get the ideal sleeping position. Superb stiffness and suppleness are provided by coir mattresses more than a solid and sturdy substrate.

Advantages of Utilising a Coconut Fibre Mattress 


Despite springs beds and memory foam that demand basic maintenance, coconut fibre mattresses need virtually no or zero care. A good-quality coconut fibre mattress often requires zero upkeep during its full life span.

Hygroscopic quality

This describes a mattress made of coconut fibres' capacity to offer a high-quality, hygienic, and pleasant night's sleep. The water that a coconut fibre mattress absorbs helps people sleep more comfortably and healthily. 

Eco-friendly duvet

Coconut fibre mattresses are constructed from natural fibres found inside coconut husks, making them completely eco-friendly. Since coconut fibre mattresses don't include pesticides, they're good for the ecosystem's health and the health of people who use them.

Ventilation and circulation

The coconut fibre mattress permits the optimum flow of air through the bed and is well vented at this time, which helps to keep the coconut husk bed cool, particularly during the summertime. A coconut fibre mattress serves as a natural means of obtaining a calmer and more pleasant sleep, in addition to helping to reduce the pleasant temperature difference for sleep.


Associated with purchasing other types of mattresses like rubber mattresses or foam mattresses, coconut fibre beddings are quite cost-effective and reasonable. A mattress made of coconut fibre often costs half as much as one made of latex or memory foam.

Increased assistance

Coconut fibre  mattresses  are constructed of fibres that naturally rebound back into shape, giving the user more back support as they sleep. People experiencing back difficulties, backaches, etc., may find that the extra support provided by coconut fibre mattresses is quite helpful since it provides for a proper resting posture and good spinal alignment.

Helpful for allergy sufferers

A coconut fibre mattress is helpful for those who have allergies to things like dust and other things since it doesn't store any dust, which may irritate people.

Ideal for usage by both children and older people

Youngsters should use coconut fibre mattresses to assist healthy bone growth as they grow since they are comfortable to sleep on.


The coconut fibre mattress is constructed of rice husk that would not readily catch fire. In comparison to other types of mattresses in the industry, the coconut fibre mattress provides a higher level of fire prevention.


Using solely natural and clean ingredients makes coir mattresses excellent for individuals and the ecosystem. It is the ideal balance of comfort, economy, and support, ensuring a nice night's sleep every night.  Shop fora coir mattress  from the  Nilkamal Furniture  website to choose the best-designed mattress made of high-quality materials for a reasonable price.
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