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July 05, 2022

What comes to your mind when you think about a perfect bedroom? Calm and soothing wall colours, a massive bed with a great mattress, a beautiful dressing table, and a vast wardrobe to keep all your stylish clothes. Your bedroom ought to be a quiet area where the commotion of the rest of the house may be blocked out. When designing the decor of a bedroom, it is crucial to strike the ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality. The many components of a bedroom design should be chosen to be aesthetically pleasing and suitable for your lifestyle, but it should also be a functional area. Every element in your space, from the right wall colours to the ideal bed and mattress to the  bedroom wardrobe,  should work in harmony with the others and provide a sanctuary that pampers you day and night.  Wooden almirah designs for bedrooms  have evolved drastically with ever-changing decorations and interiors. This guide will help you find the rightwardrobefor your bedroom. For trendy furniture,  check out  Nilkamal Furniture  today.  

Bedroom Wardrobe Ideas

The needs of the person using the almirah should be considered when designing one for a bedroom. The façade of the almirah designs, which should blend into or enhance the room's décor, would be the second important consideration. Here are some  wooden almirah designs for bedrooms  that are inspiring.

Classy and Stylish Three-Door Wooden Almirah

The almirah is perfect for white-walled bedrooms with loft space and an easy-on pocket. For individuals who require more storage for their personal belongings, this three-door hardwood almirah with a natural is the ideal option. Although with a simple appearance, it gives an ordinary room a rustic feel. The side dressing table matches the  wooden almirah  and appears to be a single piece. The mechanism for opening the door is relatively simple; simply insert your hand into the groove and pull it out to remove it.

Go Bold with A Floor-to-Ceiling Built-In Wardrobe Almirah Design

The most excellent method to utilise wall space is using almirahs. This built-in wooden wall almirah, which spans the entire length of your bedroom wall and reaches the ceiling, conserves valuable floor space. Thanks to its multi-shelf design, you have plenty of room to store anything you need. Including a dressing table or a cosy little seating area within the almirah, the unit is another fantastic way to maximise space with your wall-to-wall almirah design. This design harmonises with the room's furnishings and décor. Additionally, the design appears slick and fashionable, so it's a win-win case for you.

Classy And Modern Wooden Almirah with Mirror

Using mirrors strategically may help a tiny bedroom appear more prominent. You may double the impression of space in the bedroom by adding mirrors to the exterior wall-to-wall almirah doors. Since every bedroom requires a mirror, the mirrored panels also serve a practical purpose. The uses of a wooden almirah with a mirror are numerous. This frees up room on the floor and space for a separate dressing table. The light reflections from the mirror provide the impression that the  bedroom interiors  are larger and airier, making this one of the oldest techniques in the interior design manual. 

Timeless and Traditional Wooden Almirah with An Attached Dressing Table

Not to be overlooked are the traditional, conventional almirah designs, which continue to be popular. One could choose more conventional, vintage almirah designs if a bedroom is big enough. Your bedroom may be transformed into a beautiful and opulent boudoir by using heavy hardwood doors with inset bevelled mirrors, barley twist details, and carved brass handles to create an almirah with a design inspired by antique almirahs. This design gives the bedroom decor a trendy and contemporary feel. This is perfect for a bedroom with dark-coloured walls. You can place a rug that emphasises the pleasant, inviting atmosphere. Also, adding green plants will bring the beauty of nature into your sacred sleeping space.

Subtle and Stylish Wooden Almirah with Sliding Doors

Due to its ageless modern style and appealing aesthetic, sliding almirah design is a popular trend nowadays. They can add a modern and minimalist vibe to the room's decor because they often integrate smoothly into most walls. The design creates extra floor space with doors that typically slide into the existing wall. Any style of bedroom interior décor will look well with a sliding almirah design because it offers slick operation. The sliding wooden almirah style is the best option for a child's bedroom. The doors open inwards rather than outwards, so it's relatively simple to manage. This makes it safe with fewer risks of bumping or hurting. 

Trendy Wooden Almirah with Transparent Doors

Adding transparent doors is a clever way to make the room more sophisticated and spacious. Any reflective surface can enlarge the appearance of a limited area. The almirah's doors, which are transparent glass, give the room's interior a sense of depth and space. Additionally, it is a practical decision because it is simpler to view what is within the almirah without opening each cubby and rummaging around.  Shop for  these trendy wardrobes from the  Nilkamal Furniture  website and pick the one that suits your preferences. 


Almirah is necessary bedroom furniture that makes it easier to organise and present many items you need to store. A wooden almirah is your best bet to give your room a classic appearance. Overall,  wooden almirahs  are a blessing since they lift your spirits and provide fantastic, organised storage for all your belongings, including shoes, clothing, jewellery, and other items. They are functional and add a homely vibe to your bedroom design. They go with every interior so; you do not have to worry about changing anything. Now is the moment to redesign your bedroom to leave a lasting impression, so don't wait and start the process. If you are looking for more trending furniture that will complement your beautiful interior,  Browse  Nilkamal Furniture  now from the comfort of your home.
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