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April 11, 2023

Best Choice between Garden Sofas vs Outdoor Chairs for Your Outdoor Space

Improve the functionality of your outdoor space by using the right kind of outdoor furniture. Whether it is a garden, patio, or terrace, you can use the outdoors best with the furniture type that suits it the most. The aesthetic appeal of the outdoors is also improved while displaying your taste in furniture designs. So transform your outdoors creatively as a new lounging spot where you can entertain guests or dine with family members. Read along to known the best one from  garden sofa vs outdoor chairs  


Simple Tips to Get the Perfect Outdoor Furniture

The following points will guide you to  buy garden sofa online  or outdoor  garden chairs  at affordable prices. 


List Out the Requirements

The first point to consider when buying garden furniture is what kind of space you want to create. Do you want to use it as a dining spot or just a lounging spot? You can choose to plan a birthday party in the garden or terrace or use it as a quiet nook to read with soft cushioning and plush chairs. Whatever your requirements, be sure to list them so that you know just what to buy. The kind of activities to be carried out in the space will determine the furniture you need, whether  garden chairs  or  garden sofa.  

If, for example, you are going to use the space for hosting dinner parties in the garden, then you will have to get a dining table with  outdoor chairs.  A  garden sofa set  will be more applicable if you only use the space for reading or occasional hangouts with friends. 


Consider Durable Furniture

Before buying garden furniture, whether  sofa  or chairs, consider the durability factor; the furniture will be used mostly in the warmer months when there are neither rain nor chilling temperatures. So you have to ensure that the extreme temperatures when the furniture is not used will not cause the growth of fungi or colour fades. Consider leatherette or other kinds of fabrics that will be weather resistant regardless of the prevailing seasonal conditions. 


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Buy In Matching Colour Concepts

When buying outdoor furniture, choose it in colour combinations that will match your home's outdoor decor. There are varied colours available in the outdoor furniture that you can get in matching concepts to your home. Chairs in different colours are easier to find than  sofa  for outdoors. You can also select the cushion covers in matching colours, if not the primary furniture material. The similarity in the landscaping or garden concepts can also be chosen to match.


  • Choose Good Quality Furniture

Check online for customer reviews before buying outdoor furniture, whether  garden sofa  or chairs. Selecting a sound quality that will not fade in colour or get rusted over time is essential when it comes to the furniture's material. Some low-grade plastic furniture, although looking great initially, may only get brittle with time due to exposure to hot sunlight or varying weather conditions. So choose the most appropriate material, whether engineered wood, wicker, cane, polypropylene, etc. A sofa set in a good quality material will last for years to come over cheaper chairs. 


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  • Double Functioning Furniture

Some furniture pieces can be used for more than one purpose. A  garden sofa set  may be used as a lounging area for a single person and also as a seating spot for multiple people. Conversely,  armchairs  can be used only for seating one person. An ottoman can be used as a seating spot or a leg rest. A bench can be used as a dining table outdoors and a seating spot. So getting outdoor furniture with multiple purposes will be cost-saving and ideal in the long run. 


  • Store the Outdoor Furniture When Not in Use

Another essential point to consider is storing the furniture indoors when it is not used. Long winter periods or monsoons will only lead to the furniture items like cushions withering and getting brittle. Hence finding a good storage spot for furniture, like the garage or the attic, will be ideal for extending its durability. 

Buy Garden Sofa Online from Nilkamal Furniture

There are exclusive sofa sets in varied colours and materials available for outdoors online at  Nilkamal Furniture.  Check out the wide range and buy an affordable set for your outdoor space. 


This sofa set can comfortably seat five to six persons as an outdoor furniture option. It is made from polypropylene and comes with comfortable fabric cushions. 


This polypropylene sofa set can be used on the terrace, garden or balcony, and it can also be a particular lounging spot for a single person. The 2 seater sofa is a compact furniture variety for varied uses. 


With lush cushions provided with this sofa set, four or five persons can be comfortably accommodated. Made from polypropylene, you can be assured of tough and durable use. 


    Get Outdoor Chairs Online from Nilkamal


This brightly coloured chair is plastic and can be washed with water whenever required.


 The contemporary-styled chair is crafted from plastic and can withstand different weather conditions. 



Choosing between  garden sofas vs outdoor chairs  is a practical question and must be decided on the functionality of the furniture. Once you know the major use of the furniture, it is easy to zero in on what type you need precisely. Larger seating space can be filled by getting a sofa set, whilst chairs can be bought for limited seating spaces. Chairs can also be stacked conveniently when not used, requiring less storage spaces and durable use. This is only true for sofa sets if they are dismantled and stored away.

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