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April 10, 2023

Tips to Buy Garden Sofa: Best Sofa Buying Guide

When buying outdoor furniture, we look for advantageous options rather than only appealing designs. We need something special to enliven the space of the garden. This can be the perfect addition to the space surrounding our home and cause us to spend time constructively. Some points to consider when  buy sofa  for the outdoors are listed below. 


Practical Sofa Buying Guide for Outdoor Spaces

 Style and comfort are the essential benefits we desire when buying new furniture. But there are additional points to remember when it comes to  garden sofa.  Here is a  sofa buying guide: 


Long-Lasting Furniture

The most desirable aspect of outdoor furniture is its durability. The more long-lasting the furniture, the higher its demand. People would prefer to pay for good-grade quality furniture that will last for a few years. Hence it is essential to consider  sofa material  that are specially made for outdoor spaces. This ensures the durability of the items along with their quality. The weather conditions prevailing in the location of your house must also be considered. This is because the weather will impact the durability of the sofa. The type of precipitation, if any, whether heavy rains or light drizzles, will indicate the type of furniture you have to choose. There are rust-proof furniture types and all-weather varieties that are now available. Whether you need cushions or not is another essential aspect to remember. The type of cushion or cushion cover material required can be selected, keeping the weather factors in mind. 


Furniture Quality

Good quality craftsmanship is one crucial aspect to consider when it comes to  buy sofa online.  Skipping out on this aspect will only cause you to hunt for new furniture options after a few months of using it. Confirm the sofa's material to ensure that it is of good quality before investing in it. There are different types of  sofa material  to consider when buying it online. 


  • Teak Wood
  • Teak wood has a natural charm of its own in a rich colour and alluring texture. It can withstand various weather conditions, especially when polished well with plastic emulsion paint. The natural oil content of the wood is also able to resist different weather conditions. As the teak wood ages, it gets a highly appealing split texture that can thus be a decorative concept. It gives a rustic elegance to the traditional  sofa design.  


  • Rattan
  • This lightweight material is highly artistic when crafted into desired shapes, and it is also extreme and, therefore, highly durable. The material absorbs colours and dyes very easily and is therefore available in various coloured options. Polyethene rattan is a modified variety resistant to water and can be used all year round. 


  • Plastic
  • The sturdy plastic material is what most people resort to for outdoor sofa sets due to its affordable cost. It is also lightweight and waterproof, making it an excellent option to be used in any and every season. The material does not require much maintenance and is thus highly in demand for outdoor furniture. Resin varieties are also available that are similar to plastic and have very similar features. 


  • Stainless Steel
  • This metallic concept is popular in outdoor  garden sofa  and is known for its high strength. However, the heavy material is highly durable and can weather through different seasons. Especially steel sofas that are powder coated are highly resistant to rusting and can be used for many years. The disadvantage of being heavy to shift around makes it a less appealing option. 


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    Comfort Factor

    Although comfort must be the primary concept in all furniture varieties, whether indoors or outdoors, we often overlook it and instead, focus on the aesthetics or cost. Choosing looks over comfort eventually leads to replacing it sooner than expected. For added comfort, you can select some cosy cushions to increase your comfort levels on the sofa. Outdoor sofas often have minimum cushioning for durability, but extra cushioning can always be added if preferred. 


    Easy to Clean

    Maintaining the cleanliness of furniture, although easy to think of, is a heavy chore. It also consumes a considerable amount of time and has to be performed regularly. Hence it is essential to focus on the material of the sofa set when buying to get an easy-to-clean variety. Although the sofa material must be maintained well for durable use, the cushions must also be cared for expertly. The cushions can be covered after every use for better care. It is better to clean the sofa set at the beginning and end of every season and whenever there is a spillage when you entertain guests. 


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    Explore Elegant Sofa Sets Online at Nilkamal


    The brown coloured polypropylene sofa set is made with a unique build for outdoor use. There are matching brown coloured cushions provided that amp the comfort factor of the set. You can place it in gardens or balconies for luxurious seating.


    The water resistant plastic sofa set is crafted with an elegant appeal and rustic design. Three fabric cushions may be removed when washing the sofa set. The set may be placed in lounging spots outdoors, such as gardens, lawns, terraces, etc. 


    The plush sofa set is made from rigid plastic material and comes with 5 comfortable cushions. 



    When selecting to  buy sofa online,  it is crucial to choose the seating capacity of the sofa. This depends on how many people use it and how often you have guests. Confirm the  sofa price  too that fits within your budget and is pocket-friendly.  Nilkamal Furniture  has a range of affordable outdoor sofa sets that you can select online at a desired price.

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