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September 01, 2022

The festive season has begun, and we need to liven up our homes to resonate with our culture and tradition. Apart from the usual décor or flowers, lamps, diyas, and hanging lights, we may also wish to move around a few furniture pieces to help enhance the décor of our home. The  center table,  or the coffee table commonly known, is a vital piece of furniture in the living room. Apart from accommodating tissue boxes and magazines, the centre table is the epicentre of all that happens in the living room. 

When choosing a  table for living room,  there are many aspects to consider — the size of the room, the size of the sofa and the purpose of the centre table. If you occasionally have your morning or evening cuppa at the coffee table, you may need a slightly larger one. If you like having accessories in your living room displayed all over, you may want a large centre table. Choosing a  center table design  is dependent on one’s needs and preferences. The below guide to different kinds of centre tables in the market could help you pick one that is apt for your home. 

Different Types of Centre Table Designs for Your Living Room

When it comes to centre  tables,  wooden ones are the most popular ones. A  wooden center table for living room  brings an entirely different charm to the entire living space. Wood has always been a popular choice of material for furniture, and wood has a royal and elegant vibe. Wooden furniture renders a quaint, chic, contemporary, luxurious, and antique charm to home décor.

Concerning centre tables, you could opt for one made entirely of wood or one made with a combination of other materials. You could also choose between timber shades, like dark or light-coloured wood. There are some which come with a self-design too. Below are some different designs that you could choose from:

  • The Minimal Design

“Keep it simple “ – a mantra that goes a long way in home décor. A simple wooden centre table with subtle metallic legs gives the room a charming and minimalistic effect. The blend of wood and metal creates a rustic yet modern effect to lend an elegant and chic look to the room. This one is ideal for apartments or small homes with sufficient space to place objects.From watching movies to sipping coffee with friends and families, the living room is the happening place in a home. The table for the living room must be elegant in design and durable in material to marry the room's décor and usability. 

  • The Alternate Design

Just opposite the minimal design, opt for a centre table with wooden legs and a tabletop of different materials. Metal, ceramic or glass could be ideal for functionality and add glamour to the room's look. Simple and charming, you could mix and match various other materials to blend the look. Choose from marble, granite, and resin to up the levels in style.

  • Complete Wood Design

Wood has its charisma, and all wooden design brings a special aura to your room. A wooden centre table can have a relaxing effect, and you can always add a plant in the centre to reverberate those positive vibes in the whole room. Some centre tables come with racks below, so you can display your expensive  coffee table  books and grab one whenever you want to read!

  •  Cylindrical Designs

Centre tables do not always have to be round, square, or rectangular. Play with different designs. Cylindrical designs are in trend, and you can buy a set of 2 or 3 that can be of multiple uses. Made of wood, these look chic and modern and have an old-world charm. Place accessories on them or use them as a  sitting stool.  Invest in these if you like to be one of many!

  • Light Shaded Wooden Tables

You have either light-coloured wood or dark-coloured wood. But in each of these categories, you have different designs that you can play with. Light-coloured wood feels more playful, casual, and cheerful. If you have the luxury of sunlight just beaming into your room, then a  wooden centre table  in a light shade could make a great addition to your living room. 

  • Dark Shaded Wooden Tables

If you have spent a fortune on your  living room furniture  and décor, you must pick a dark-coloured wooden centre table. It is the stark opposite of a light-shaded one. Regal, elegant, formal, and dignified, a dark-coloured wooden centre table just scales up the aesthetic quotient of the living room by several notches. It is ideal for homes that have large living rooms and follows an elegant and luxurious décor theme.

  • Nested Tables

These have become very popular in recent times. They are generally made of wood or other material and come in two or three sets. The main objective is to have tables of different sizes that can be nested under each other to save space. They also look good as you can place accessories on one of them and use the rest for serving tea, coffee, or snacks.


Festivals are when your homes come alive. You bring out the best crockery and décor accessories to host families and friends. You want everything to be perfect, and investing in a decorative centre table is definitely not wrong. With so many choices and varieties, you can easily pick one to raise your celebration vibes and make the most of the festive season. The centre table brings the living room together and becomes the focal point of many aspects. The centre table is essential for aesthetics and functionality from placing phones, tea cups, or snack plates. Nilkamal has a variety of designs and collections available on its website for you to choose from. Visit the  Nilkamal website  to choose a centre table that will bring positive vibes and become an heirloom in the future.
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