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February 23, 2023

Bursting Myths Of Memory Foam Mattress

The best possession is a  mattress  that supports all the right places and cradles like a baby so you can drift into a peaceful sleep. Selecting the perfect mattress may be a daunting task, and it is an investment that will stay with you for years, and the wrong decision might completely ruin the purpose of the mattress. The  memory foam mattress  is gaining popularity in the market for its unique features. NASA introduced it in 1960 to neutralise the atmosphere pressure for astronauts. Later it was used for people having mobility issues. Specific  memory foam mattress myths  are popular with so many benefits and popularity. Are these notions stopping you from getting a comfy and supporting mattress? Then first read this post to know  memory foam mattress facts.  and then decide later. 

Let’s Dig Deep Into the Memory Foam Mattress Myths

The  memory foam mattress  is loaded with benefits for spine health, and missing out on such a fantastic mattress because of some misleading beliefs will be an injustice. So here were are debunking five  memory foam mattress myths.:

It Generates Heat

Memory foams are notorious for getting hot when used. It used to happen because foam absorbs the user's body heat and traps it inside. However, it was a fact for an older version of the memory foam. The latest memory  foam mattresses  are specially designed with the latest technology that regulates heat and temperature. They are designed to enhance air circulation in the  mattress.  This free flow of air and ventilation drains the heat and dries the sweat quickly. Many memory foam mattresses use cooling gel that keeps the surface of the mattress cool even in a warm and humid climate.

Moreover, all the memory foam comes with a breathable layer or cover, and this layer is antimicrobial and dust resistant. Thus memory foam generates heat is old news. 

Burn a Hole in the Pocket AKA Expensive

When you search for memory foam mattresses, you will see whooping prices. This myth is partially true. But before you conclude, it is essential to dig deep. The cost of a mattress is high when a few top traditional companies market it. These companies use old ways of marketing, involving the middleman and other additional costs. The final burden falls on the customer. But thanks to budding new companies who have revolutionalised the way of doing business. These brands provide good quality memory foam at a decent price. Generally, these companies directly deal with the customers. They operate from e-commerce sites or company sites and directly deal with customers. This eliminates all the overhead costs, middleman profits etc. You can easily buy the  best foam mattress  online.  

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Loose Shape After Some Time

The memory foam has the quality to contour as per the body shape and size and provide natural support to the spine. But many people complain that mattresses sink in and create cavities and curves over time. A good quality memory foam will regain its natural shape after the person leaves the  bed.  But if the poor quality memory foam will lose its property very soon. Some mattresses are readily available in the market as memory foam mattresses but are cheap in quality. A good quality mattress will never sag; even if it does, it will be covered under warranty. So it is advisable while buying a mattress to ensure it is covered by warranty and check the terms and conditions of the warranty. 

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Bad Odour

Yet another myth drives people away from the memory foam mattress. It is observed that it emits an unbearable foul smell. The new mattress emits a strange odour, but that goes away sometimes. This odour is of a new mattress; the mattress is directly shipped to the customer from the storage; thus, when a brand-new mattress is opened, it emits a strange smell.

But this myth is true for low-quality memory foam because it uses inferior materials. While buying, it is essential to read the label and ensure your memory foam is not made from ozone depleters, mercury, lead, flame retardants and other similar substances. And another aspect to keep in mind is that the Volatile Organic Compound emission should be either equal to or less than 0.5 parts per million. This protects the skin from skin infections and allergies; thus, people with sensitive skin will not feel any discomfort. Moreover, memory foam mattresses have an outer cover infused with aloe vera or other essential oil fragrances like sandal and lavender to combat this problem.  

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Density Is Directly Related to Firmness

It is popular with people who think the density of memory foam determines its firmness. But it is not the density that impacts the level of firmness or comfort a mattress provides. The manufacturing process and method is the key player. Mattresses of the same density will vary in their firmness. So, checking the mattress well in advance before placing an order is essential. If you buy from a store, physically touching and lying down on it will help decision-making. While buying from the online store, checking for the trial period and return policy is essential. 

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The myths arise due to the inferior quality of the memory foam. The new changes in the manufacturing process have, in turn, improved quality and nullified the small downside of memory foam. Depending on these myths, giving up on memory foam will be a loss. It is excellent for spine and joint pain. These were the  memory foam mattress facts.  Check out  Nilkamal Furniture  to find the  best foam mattress;  they have specially designed foam mattresses for improving spine health.
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