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February 22, 2023

Expert Advised Mattresses For Spine Health in 2023

It is known that we spend about one-third of our lives either sleeping or attempting to sleep. The most important part of each day is the need to pause and recharge yourself. The mattress on which you let your body rest plays a vital role in determining the energy level you experience after you wake up. Studies have shown that sound sleep is directly related to a person's performance and improves attention, behaviour, memory, and overall physical and mental well-being. Spine health is one of the essential aspects which has been ignored, and the  mattress for spine health  is specially engineered to improve spinal alignment and posture.

Mattresses for Spine Health

Different types of  spine health mattress  in the market support the body differently. One mattress that suits a person might not be suitable or another. So let's check out the  mattress for spine health.

Memory Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses  are the most popular, but not all foam mattresses are the same. The density of foam plays a vital role, and a low-density or soft foam will not adequately support the backbone's natural curve and may even contribute to back pain or poor spinal health.

Memory foam is widely regarded as the  best mattress  for back pain. NASA invented it in 1960 to diminish the pressure of atmosphere change faced by astronauts. Slowly it was introduced to people with back pain or immobility issue. It supports the spine by creating an impression that is retained for some time. The ability to adapt to the user's body makes memory foam the most favourable option for keeping the back posture correct. A person with back pain or stiffness will find great relief in the pain. 

Another critical feature of memory foam that improves spine health is the ability to distribute weight evenly. Thus  memory foam mattress  reduces the pressure from heavy parts like the lower back, and this reliving of pressure points helps relieve pain in joints, back and neck. Memory foam is suitable for those who want mouldable support.

Further, the motion control or motion absorption capability of a  memory foam mattress  does not transmit pressure or movement from one sleeper to another, making it an ideal choice for sleepers sharing the same bed. Thus a person can enjoy blissful disturbance-free sleep.

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Latex Mattress

Latex is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option. Latex foam mattresses are firm, bouncy, and highly durable. The latex is aerated for bubble formation, making the latex mattress bouncy and firm. Its unique ability to adjust and contour as per the user's body shape and size is a tremendous advantage for spine issues. Due to its firmness, it tends to perform better for heavy sleepers. It is considered supportive and helps in keeping the spine aligned. It provides a flat surface bed for back pain that elevates and soothes the affected area. 

Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses  have a sturdy layer of coils underneath the soft surface. The type of spring used in the construction of a mattress plays a vital role in determining if the mattress will have a positive or negative impact on the spinal health of the user. There are two types of spring mattresses in the market, pocket spring and Bonnell spring. The combination of Bonnell spring and memory foam makes an ideal bed for back pain that provides optimum back support and relieves pressure points, thus helping relax and relieve muscles. 


Coir Mattress

The coir is made of naturally derived coconut husk, making it environmentally friendly. The primary component in a coir mattress is coir layers made up of coconut fibre. For adding versatility, soft foam or material is used as the top layer to make it suitable for use as a mattress.

Coir mattresses  are popularly known for improving sleeping posture and providing significant comfort to those with back problems. The coir doesn't change its shape and thus helps in keeping the spine straight. The density of the coir absorbs the pressure and movements and does not distribute to the rest of the mattress area. The firmness of the coir provides the required support for the back and significantly improves spine health. 

Orthopaedic Mattress

An ortho foam or  orthopaedic mattress  supports the body's neck, shoulders and other joints. This mattress is best recommended for people with back pain, an injured person, seniors and athletes. The  orthopaedic mattress  was invented to solve back aches. This mattress's firm surface provides push-back, ultimately improving your sleep. It is well-known for spreading your body weight evenly and preventing pressure in your joints. To  buy mattress online,  check out  Nilkamal McKenzie Ortho 6" Coir Medium High Firm Mattress  and  Nilkamal Ortho Comfort 6" Bonnell Spring Medium Firm Mattress.

Smart Profile Foam Mattress

Smart profile foam  is a revolutionising technique that minimises the consumption of natural recourses. It gives a perfect finishing to the mattress. The smart profile foam is made by cutting unique forms into slits, rigid and profiles; This enables the mattress to support all the joints of the body while sleeping. This foam mattress ensures spinal health, and the body posture is not disturbed while sleeping. 

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Different people have different spine issues; a perfect combination of softness and firmness creates a new experience. A mattress that provides the right support and comfort to the user is essential for spine health. Memory foam could be better for some, and hybrid coir might be the best suitable option for others. The best  spinal health mattress  is unique to everyone. Various factors, such as sleeping position, the weight of the user, and other preferences, including climatic conditions, also impact the decision to pick a mattress. So back, before choosing your best mattress for back pain, try the different mattresses and select the one which provides the most comfort and support. Mattresses atNilkamal Furniture  are designed to deliver perfect spine alignment.
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