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May 19, 2022

Buying Guide for the perfect Outdoor Benches

In the tiniest of gardens, decking it with an outdoorbench becomes marvelous in an extension of the property. A  sitting bench is a requirement as per a household’s priorities and needs and is a solution even for indoor space problems. A furnished backyard becomes a fine storage option, particularly for a person who collects memorabilia. Good know-how about outdoor benches can make a person optimize the outdoor area with the furniture. 

Explore now for outdoor benches and  chairs  that match with the backyard, and variants are available for every need, style, and budget, only from  Nilkamal Furniture

  • Wood Benches

In natural surroundings, a piece of suitable furniture is wooden benches. Wood is always a classic irrespective of the design, if it's rustic or refined. The benches that are rustic are made of thicker planks and left to weather. There are classic benches that are a mixture of metal and wood which provides contrast and protection.  

The glow of wood makes it attractive and requires more maintenance than inert material types. An oak, ash, or balau hardwood has a UV finish with a weather-resisting sealant. A vulnerability of sealant and wood is visible in carving, scraping, scratching, and wear. Hardwood is quite durable.        

The wood bench has a seat and a slat which is quite comfortable. As compared to materials like concrete, even hardwoods have a little comfort.  

It is substantial by nature owing to its components of wood and metal. If a wooden bench is not embedded or bolted, it can be moved and, in this manner, they are installed in high-traffic areas. Accidental movement, tipping in weather, accidents, playing on benches in an unforeseen manner, and theft can be prevented.       

  • Metal Benches

The elements of design and structure are provided to metal benches comprising of plastic, wood, or concrete. The details in the design feature gray or ductile cast iron. Patina and porous materials such as wood or concrete from the raw cast iron soak iron oxides that emerge during patination. The red stain that appears requires a finish that has to be applied. Options such as aluminum, stainless, or steel can also be a part of the mixed-material bench. The other benches can be made of metal. Hardwearing and sleek are attributes of a steel strap bench, and it is sealed to safeguard it from corrosion. Stainless steel can be completed or left to stay raw as the stainless portion of stainless steel prevents corrosion. A stainless that is finished is utilized in a high salt environment, and unfinished stainless has a silver shine on it. An aluminum bench is a bit different from the light silver bleachers with more textured and painted designs. An all-metal bench has a modern and industrial or commercial look similar to bleachers of stadiums.  

Generally, a metal bench lasts for a longer time and is associated with low maintenance. Removal for an iron and steel bench with powder coating is required sometimes after the surface becomes too scratched. The properties of metal make the bench stand well to the rigors of public use.  

As far as comfortability is concerned, the metal benches are variable. A thicker slats benches are far more comfortable than grating-type benches comprising of small holes. Such a bench needs a routine treatment as it gets heated up and becomes uncomfortably hot and cold for people.  

Like a wooden bench, a metal bench is a heavy and secured furniture. A lightweight and easier-to-move furniture is an aluminum bench and advantageous than steel or cast iron. They have a presence in places where they can be moved.               

  • Plastic Benches

Bleaching and crumbling in the sun have become a matter of the past, and plastic benches are available in new versions. A very common plastic that is used in such benches is a wood-plastic composite. A natural look is imparted in a plank of recycled plastic and wood. They are functional as a plank in bench design with features such as UV-protected and wear-resistant. 

The plastic and its durability depend on manufacture and type. Thin material  Nilkamal Furniture  plastic benches get deformed as a result of use and heat. Plastics that are polycarbonate usually have a much longer life cycle. Durability is the catch if a person selects wood-plastic composites. Less upkeep and replacement are the benefits of higher-quality versions than inexpensive or wood plastic. A number of factors need consideration in composites while deciding on lifetime use. Deformation will definitely occur over time in sawdust or hollow cores. Plastic and wood are quite similar as it is vulnerable to wear.  

The plus point of plastic is that it is a reasonable insulator. In terms of comfortability, it is as similar to wood and it will be heated up under the sun. Check out more options from  Nilkamal Furniture. 

In a temporary situation, the benches, particularly aluminum, need to be shifted at times because of their lighter heft. Composite wood can be installed and bolted as the traditional wood benches.    

Points to Remember

  • The Space

You can jot down a bench for a large outdoor area or perhaps a small one. A big bench, or a  6 seater dining table, will accommodate in for those who own huge gardens and smaller benches in smaller ones. The design and size of the bench should be compatible and accentuate the garden’s appearance.  

The space on the benches should be enough for family and friends to spend quality time together. Atwo seater bench, at least in space, should make two adults comfortable. The furniture should maintain structural integrity even after it is utilized several times.     

  • Material

Wood can be chosen in case you prefer an all-natural outdoor style. It is suggested to get center-cut heartwood lumber with a consistent grain bench. Harsh weather is managed well by metallic outdoor benches and is significant before buying outdoor furniture. The various types of metals that can be utilized are cast aluminum, extruded aluminum, retro metal, and ornate iron. 


Get a bench that is sturdy and manufactured with good-quality material that handles pressure well. A porch, backyard, or garden with sturdy armrests and  plastic chairs is a fine option to revamp the outdoors. Buy the best quality bench and furniture for your home only from  Nilkamal Furniture

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