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May 17, 2022

Sleep Right And Embrace Positivity With These Vastu Tips For Your Bedroom

Getting the right amount of sleep can change your lifestyle positively. From reducing overall stress to getting more health benefits, eight hours of sleep can do a lot for you. However, with the anxieties of every day, sleeping peacefully sounds like a difficult task. If you are looking for a bed or wardrobe that can add more convenience to your life, check out Nilkamal Furniture.

Do you know that Vastu Shastra can help you with your sleep problems? Well, by creating balance in your home, you can optimize your bedroom. Wondering how you can do that? Don’t worry! Below are some of the Vastu Tips for beds that will help sleep better.

The ideal bed position

Yes, the position of your bed greatly impacts the quality of your sleep. Consequently, it affects your health and well-being as well. According to Vastu Shastra, the head of the bed should be in the south or the east direction. Further, your bed should always come with a headrest. For the ideal bed shape, choose a rectangular or square shape only.

Make sure not to place your bed against a corner or under a direct beam. Doing this can restrict the flow of energy and cosmic vibrations in your interior space. What you can instead do is: place your bed in the central part of your wall. You should also keep a found inch distance between the bed and the wall. Also, take note of the wardrobe position to ensure proper free space to walk around.

For your master bedroom or the guest bedroom, keep the bed with its head towards either the south or the west. This will allow your legs to point in an east or north direction.

The ideal head position

The head position has a direct effect on your career and job aspect. Therefore, you should rest your head in the ideal position. There are different benefits that you get by sleeping in different directions. However, you should never place your head in the north or even the northeast direction. This is because of the effects this position has on your blood circulation.

When you place your head towards the north, the strong magnetic field of the earth repels through your body. As a result, there is an imbalance in your blood circulation which can lead to immense stress. Moreover, it can also cause you bad dreams or lead to serious illness.

Below are the benefits of placing your head in each direction:

The South: Placing your head towards the south is considered the best direction for sleeping, as per Vastu Shastra. It is especially recommended for professionals or those in the business field. Placing your head towards the south brings not only quality of sleep but also opulence and prosperity. Along with that, this reduces the risk of heart disease in individuals as well.

The East: This is considered the second-best direction to place your head towards and is especially recommended for students, teachers, and employed individuals. Placing your head towards the east helps in increasing concentration and memory power. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping your head towards the east brings growth in your career and new opportunities.

The West: This is a neutral position, so you should resort to this if you cannot go for any other position given above. Vastu Shastra says that this position can bring you fame, recognition, and wealth. However, it can also delay your appointments and limit you from reaching your full potential at work.

Diagonal/Corner Axis: If you are going in the diagonal direction, you should go southwest. You can also place your head towards the northwest as it is considered neutral.

Some other things to remember

Apart from all the tips that we have mentioned above, there are some other things that you should remember. These are:

Go for wood as your bed material rather than metal. You can find these at Nilkamal Furniture — explore now! Wood is known for promoting positive energies, and wood also deflects negative energies in space. Therefore, you should go for wooden bed material for your king-size bed.

If you need a bigger bed, go for a single mattress rather than joining two small mattresses together. Sharing a single mattress promotes together. Further, it allows the couple to nurture their relationship.

It would be best if you did not keep any mirrors in your room. If you cannot do that, arrange your mirror in a way that does not reflect your body while you are sleeping. Reflection of you lying down can increase the risk of serious illness for the room occupants, as per Vastu Shastra.

Avoid placing your king-size bed towards your bathroom door as this invites negative energy from your bathroom to your bedroom.

Do not place your legs towards the door of your bedroom, as this can lead to bad dreams.

Vastu experts consider it inauspicious to have windows on the headrest of your bed. This is because windows at the headrest can interfere with the quality of sleep. If you do have a window at the headrest, consider getting dark-coloured curtains to block out the light. Further, balance it with light-coloured paint in your room.

Do not keep any electronic gadgets on your bed while you are sleeping, as this creates bad vibes.

Remember to clutter the underside of your bed. For this reason, you can buy wardrobe online that is spacious enough to store all your essentials.


Now you know how you can increase the quality of your sleep and life by changing little things in your room. Following these tips will allow you to prosper even more in life. If you are looking to buy wardrobe online or furniture that adds more life to your interiors, check out Nilkamal Furniture.

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