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September 22, 2022

A Complete Guide on How to Select the Best Space-saving Dining Table for Your Home

The dining area is the heart of your home. A common place where the family meets, whether for tea or dinner. With changing scenarios, homes have become compact and reduced dining spaces. The small spaces cannot discourage you from owning a dining table. And even if there are large homes, we are in the era of “the less is more”.  So there is a need for a dining table that takes less space, looks elegant and aesthetic. This guide will provide you with all the essential tips that make buying a dining table an easy-breezy experience. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying aDining Table Set

Measurement is the Key

Measurement is the most crucial step. Before diving into the market, measure the available dining space area. If your kitchen and dining area are common, take the measurement and make a proper division for the kitchen and  dining table.  Adding extra inches to the measurement is vital for comfortably adding chairs. There should be sufficient space for all the people. A crowded eating space, where one's elbows bump with another,  will ruin the dining experience. Before buying, compare your measurements with the dimensions of available tables in the market and make sure they will easily accommodate your space.  

Different Shapes are Game Changers

The amount of space taken up by a table also depends upon its shape. Let's look into a few popular shapes available in the market. 

  • Circular table: There is a general notion that a rectangular table is space-saving compared to other tables. A circular table takes up less space and gives a touch of elegance. These tables have three legs instead of four and thus provide more space and fewer chances of bumping into the table.  Just pick a  round table  with a white table top and add fury cushions to add a hint of luxury. But the unique and luxurious circular table might be the wrong choice for you if your dining area is in a corner.

  • Triangle Table: It is the best way to utilise weird-shaped corners of the home.  You can easily place it in the corner of the room. As per the space and your requirements, you can adjust the arrangement. You can customise the table shape as per the available space, adding uniqueness to your eating zone. 

  • Rectangular or square Table: It is the most common shape. It is suitable for corners. one can buy six-seaters, four-seaters or two-seaters per their needs and requirement. Two and  four-seater dining tables  are more in trend nowadays. 


Different Types of Tables

When shopping for a space-saving table, look out for the following features in the table. When you can multitask, why not your dining table? You can use these tables in different ways. A  two-seater dining table  can be used as a dining table,  study table,  or workstation on other occasions. With such tables, you don't need to buy separate tables for different purposes, and thus it saves a lot of space.

  • Folding table: A foldable table is the best option for space saving. These dining tables can easily be folded and kept away when not in use. and thus not occupy unnecessary space. Another benefit is you can carry it anywhere, take it outdoors and have an open-sky dinner experience whenever you want.
  • Expandable dining table: This table provides flexibility. When required, you can expand the table as per your need. If you are someone who enjoys throwing parties, this table will be a fantastic addition to your interior. On regular days keep using the smaller version of the table, which will save space. And when you have guests extend it and have a large dining table. No, need to buy a regular-size table for your home.   
  • Drop-down Dining: They are best suited in the dining areas that are common with the kitchen. They beautifully utilise small spaces. A  shelf  is attached to it, which can be used for keeping crockery and other kitchen accessories. It is designed for two people. The best feature of the table is that You can easily fold it back into the shelf after use. 

Decide the Size of the Table As Per the Seating Requirement

Buying a  six-seater table  for a person or a family of two is impractical use of money and space. Similarly, a small table will not be sufficient for a big family.  Keep in mind the available space and number of family members while deciding the size of the  dining table set.  The size of the dining table should always be per the number of people going to use it.  

The Shape of the Chairs

Along with the dining table, the shape of dining chairs also plays an important role. The best  space saving dining table  should be paired with space-saving  chairs.  The big chairs might look attractive in the showroom but take up unnecessary space in your home. But for efficient utilisation of your interior, get circular dining chairs with small backs. These elegant chairs can easily slide under the table and do not cover extra space. 

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Compact furniture is the new normal. No matter how large your home is, a collection of enormous furniture does not add to its beauty.  It leads to clutter and chaos and is challenging to maintain. Instead, focus on getting a space-saving dining table as the first step toward a clutter-free environment. Moreover, it will be convenient to manage. Now you have ideas about what to look for in your  dining table set.  Check out  Nilkamal Furniture  for a variety of dining tables and other furniture.
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